Will Smith may be President in Independence Day sequels

Earlier this year there was talk of 20th Century Fox moving forward with potentially two sequels to Independence Day, which made over $800 million in 1996.

Now MTV has posted some details which they forgot to post last year (why I don’t know). Director Roland Emmerich apparently wants to call them ID4-ever: Part I and ID4-ever: Part II with Will Smith’s character Steven Hiller as President of the United States of America.

First off, he describes the story — which would be set in the present day, over a decade after the alien invasion of the original film — as an “alternate reality” film.

“It’s an alternate reality kind of movie,” he said. “We pick up the story, what would have happened after this kind of attack? Naturally, the alien technology has changed everything.”

Did they rebuild the White House? Who will be president? “Or, who will be president?” Emmerich answered. “Who will be president? See?”

He’d just dropped us a non-too-subtle clue with that drawn out “will,” and the implication was clear: Will Smith, the fighter jet-flying hero of the 1996 film, at some point became commander-in-chief after the attacks. Whether he remains Mr. President during the course of the sequels or is eventually elected during the new films is an open question.

The problem back in March seemed to be money (as with most movie problems). Will Smith and director Roland Emmerich (who made $100 million from 2012) don’t come cheap, and even though 20th Century Fox made over $2 billion from Avatar they don’t particularly want to sign a deal whereby their star and director get a huge chunk of the profits.

Bill Pullman, who played the President in the original film, told MTV Emmerich “is one guy who may be able to pull it off. He doesn’t let it die”, which means if Smith and Roland Emmerich want it to happen, it will probably happen.

  • Peterpulp

    I think you mean Bill Pullman. I really hope this project never happens.

  • Warnerbrown.com

    That sounds awful, so PC and silly.

  • http://blog.deadlycomputer.com lord xeon

    you know how they can make this movie awesome?

    by not making it.

  • Mr. E

    I’ll go to see it as long as Will Smith doesn’t use this movie as yet another excuse to pimp out his annoying ass son.

  • joeschmo

    pushing religion to the side and introducing Aliens,ET’s,UFO’s Etc, look for yourself and find the answers