New Movie Trailers 2014

Accidental Love, Politics of Love or Nailed


Gather around because I have a story to tell, one about a movie once lost and now found. But first you need to watch the trailer below for what is now called Accidental Love, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, … [Read more...]

Chappie Wants to Live


The second trailer for Neil Blomkamp's sci-fi action flick Chappie is out and you should watch it, like right now. Let's just say this latest preview solidified Chappie as one of my most anticipated … [Read more...]

Raising the Dead in The Lazarus Effect


Despite the very similar premise The Lazarus Effect is not Flatliners (1990), at least as far as I've seen. Now before watching the trailer I have to warn you about spoilers, this one basically goes … [Read more...]

The First Trailer for Entourage


Fans of Entourage probably heard about plans for a movie since the show went off the air, more than three years ago. Well they don't have to wait much longer since the first trailer for the feature is … [Read more...]