New Movie Trailers 2014

Here are Some Funny Trainwreck Clips


I mean you hope clips from a comedy are funny, right? No seriously, as I write this I've yet to watch any of them, so basically we're doing it together, also Trainwreck opens today. R-rated comedy, … [Read more...]

The Story of a Boy Who Can Fly in Pan


Warner released a new trailer for their Peter Pan and Captain Hook origin story, Pan. This one is focused on the adventures awaiting in Neverland, which is probably why they call it the "adventure … [Read more...]

The Best Fantastic Four Trailer Yet


This is probably the last trailer we're going to get for Fantastic Four, so I guess it's a good thing that it's the best one yet, at least in my opinion. If you weren't sold before, this might just do … [Read more...]