New Movie Trailers 2014

Behind the Props of the Next Smurfs Movie


Don't click away just yet. As you might know Sony are rebooting The Smurfs and so the next installment will be fully animated, so no more live-action. This video, which is actually quite interesting, … [Read more...]

You Should Check Out Song of the Sea


So technically this movie is in theaters right now in very very limited release, like so limited you could count all the screens on just one hand. This is the US release trailer for the Oscar … [Read more...]

Sean Penn is The Gunman


Such a stupid name for what might ultimately be a pretty awesome action flick, The Gunman. This is the international trailer for Sean Penn's upcoming movie from the director of Taken. … [Read more...]

On the Set of Insurgent


Action is the key word in Insurgent, the sequel to last year's young-adult hit Divergent. Lots of green screens and probably many bruises later we have this behind the scenes video for the new movie. … [Read more...]

Nicholas Cage is The White Ghost in Outcast


If there's one thing we seem to have plenty of it's bad Nicholas Cage movies. Outcast ,as you'll be able to see in the trailer below, is nothing short of a tour de force with the famous actor in full … [Read more...]

The 2nd Trailer for Get Hard


Warner Bros. released a second trailer for their Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell comedy Get Hard. For the most part it's new footage and it's pretty funny, watch it below. … [Read more...]