The Hangover Part 3 will be a very different film, says writer

the-hangover-part-3 The Hangover Parts 1 & 2 were huge commercial successes and are largely responsible for propelling two of its stars, Bradley Cooper and Zack Galifianakis towards A-List superstardom. Now, the Wolfpack’s series of drunken antics and temporary amnesia will start all over again with The Hangover Part 3.

However, the film’s writer, Craig Mazin, claims that this latest instalment will be completely different to the others.

From Collider

It’s not so much that the criticism makes you make different choices. Rather, the criticism makes you start anticipating the reaction to your choices, and you’ve gotta get that out of your head. We always knew the third movie was not going to have these guys waking up from a night that they’ve forgotten because we understood that it needed to happen twice, so that the third movie could end it by addressing why it happened twice.

The Hangover Part 2 was met with a considerable amount of criticism, largely due to its overwhelmingly similar premise to The Hangover. There was clearly a lack of creative freedom allowed to the filmmakers who were under immense pressure to exceed the success of the first film.

Although the sequel failed to match the entertainment values of the first instalment, expectations for it were always huge, making it an impossible task to win over critics and audience simultaneously. It was a safe sequel, the format was popular and effective, and more of the same was an absolute necessity to ensure franchise longevity. If the filmmakers had taken an ill-advised risk, and restructured the format, it may well have achieved higher critical praise. However, a move such as this may have also alienated fans, leading to it potentially becoming a box-office disappointment, which would have been inconceivable.

The Hangover Part 3 is due for release in the US and UK on 24th May 2013.