The Avengers 2 villain confirmed?

Those who stuck around during The Avengers end credits will know that the Mad Titan known as Thanos was behind the Chitauri Earth invasion, and many suspected that he would be The Avengers 2 villain.

Well Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, recently confirmed to Cosmic Book News that not only will the character feature in The Avengers sequel, the villain is also set to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy which James Gunn is set to direct.

Marvel has spent the past 4-5 years connecting each of their movies and making them part of the same universe, and it looks like that will continue with Phase 2. With Guardians of the Galaxy set in space it would make sense for them to come across Thanos first. In the comics Thanos gets hold of the Infinity Gauntlet (a powerful glove) and wipes out half the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy then band together to defeat him.

There was also a retelling which involved The Avengers fighting Thanos. There’s a clear connection here, and given that the Infinity Gauntlet was already hinted to be in Odin’s Vault in Thor, we can see where Marvel might be heading. We can probably expect clues to pop up in Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, followed by the big reveal in Guardians of the Galaxy in August 2012.

What do you think of Thanos being The Avengers 2 villain, along with an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy?

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  • Dominic Haggerty

    Knew this was going to happen, also Thanos is connected to Drax the Destroyer (The green guy with the swords)

    • JonB

      I had a weird feeling when I saw thanos at the end there and the fact that they have so many marvel movies out that are connected it might go into an Infinity Gauntlet movie.

  • moviebuff456

    Im not much of comic book reader but I’m so excited for this .phase 2 will be epic

  • Vitor Domingues

    Um dos mais interessantes personagens da Marvel… e isso promete :)

  • Guesty

    While this is kind of obvious given the end of Avengers, but I’m really curious of how Starling knows since he hasn’t had anything to with Marvel in a decade.

  • http://google martha

    Awesome!!!!! XD!!!!

  • Karim

    What I want to know is why isn’t Apocalypse being brought in? I mean nothing against Thanos but can you imagine the kind of epic war that would be wrecked upon Earth and everything in the known Universe with Apocalypse and his 4 horsemen giving everyone from the Avengers to the Fantastic Four to the X Men a run for the money?? Who hasn’t clashed with Apocalypse & his minions??? That’s at least a story arc that would hold the attention of audiences everywhere for anywhere from 3 to 5 films. Plus there’s real potential for crossover – especially with the likes of the X-Men.

    • Louis

      Would love to to see Apocalypse in a real life movie.

      • Ryan K

        Apocolypse is an X-Men villain and would not be the most logical choice to be an antagonist in an Avengers movie.

        • Josh C

          On top of the fact that X-Men are owned by Fox and not Marvel Studios so it would be IMPOSSIBLE for the two teams to crossover

    • Ravinus

      By “audience”, you mean you.

  • Jimmi

    Sadly.. The answer is money. Marvel no longer owns the film rights to X-Men characters or Fantastic Four. They sold them to big time movie companies when comic book movies became the number 1 blockbuster choice. It kind of works out though because without selling a lot of key characters they wouldn’t have really had the money to make movies for the characters they did still have as cool as they were and are…. And will probably always be.

  • Ghost Rider

    Dead right about Apocolypse! There needs to be a movie with that badass in it… Also, the fact that he can not be killed warrants many more movies with him and many different adversaries would make for epic box office hits.

  • Skyfather

    Hope the fight in the comics will happen.

    THANOS vs. The All Father ODIN

    Well, thanos is going to steal the infinity gauntlet right?

  • abby

    i believe the end culmination will conclude in asgard as thanos attempts to retrieve the infinity gauntlet

  • Darkhour

    I honestly think they should save Thanos for the 3rd Avengers movie keep building him up Guardians of the Galaxy and maybe a Pulsar and Nova movie. Cause he could be basically billed as the unstoppable force in the galaxy

    • Ryan K

      I believe thats what they’re doing… he’ll be a kind of ‘behind the scenes villain’ or whatnot in Avengers 2, possibly with another villain in the forefront, then Avengers 3 will feature Thanos all out, Infinity Gauntlet style.


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    • Darkhour

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      • The-Pheonix

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      • Thomas

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  • Chuck99

    Does anyone actually fact check these articles? The Infinity Gauntlet story took place over 15 years before the Guardians of the Galaxy (the version in the upcoming film) were even created.

    • Eric

      Comic book continuity means squat when it comes to the movies.

  • Jobe

    I hope Thanos is in the Avergers 2, and i hope the avengers lose. When considering the powers that Thanos possess, it spells doom for the avengers and anyone else in my opinion.Thanos is the most powerful super natural villain in my opinion. How can anyone defeat him. I geuss the only way they could is “good guys win” I hope the avengers loose as well as any and every one else.

  • TheMan123

    I wonder if Adam Warlock is going to be in it? He is Thanos’ arch rival after all.

    Also, Apocalypse can’t be in an Avengers movie because he’s from the X-Men universe mostly.

  • Atte T

    I just hope that the guardians movie will not be linked to the Avengers too much. Maybe they face Thanos, but I don’t want to see them and Avengers together. It would get too messy with too many characters when they clearly are going to add the Ant-Man to Avengers too.

    I’m just sayin’.

  • Rossana

    I think he is HELLBOY! i know… nothing about comics.

  • Jay, you’re way off the mark with your comment. I’m a happily married man with a cool beautiful girl who was in modeling. Everyone has their own taste in movies. With that said, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next segment in the Avengers! I think they know what they’re doing, and will come out on top!

  • anthony

    i cant wait for avengers 2 to come out either i know the story is gonna be awesome and im extremely happy that spiderman is gonna be in this one too

  • Anthony awsome

    That would make a awsome movie :):):):):):):)spiderman great choise

  • uppermoststeezy

    @ anthony: Where did you hear Spiderman would be in The Avengers 2? I was under the impression that since Sony had the rights to Spiderman that they wouldn’t have him in the Marvel owned films. Don’t get me wrong. Spiderman joining the Avengers would be an awesomly epic moive. Just don’t get my hopes up.

    Hey Your mom says “hi”. Hows that for a girlfriend!?

  • TenshiChan

    I want Loki. Where the hell is Loki.

    • logan2231993

      loki was in the first avengers movie, obviously you are deaf and could not watch closed caption either… -_- or you are just being devious and trying to be an ass…. in other words.

      Shame on you tenshi

  • Kyle

    I think its on the right track when it comes to the avengers, iron man, Thor and captain America BUT…. obviously you cant make a movie 100% based off comics but they need to be basically right on the same line. The Hulk is confusing. Can we please stay on the same actor for a change? And The Amazing Spiderman, Im nervous to see what the 2nd one is about. I keep hearing “Electro” this and that when in the comics Rhino is his next villain and eventually he comes into the Avengers and it becomes the ultimate alliance… etc… Idk about all of this but im starting to think this might not go the way it should…..

  • camlabar

    They need to do the Masters Of Evil for 2 and leave thanos for 3.

  • Wailmer

    Galactus was a disappointing in the fantastic four, i hope this will be better. Small prayer Nova is included.

    • Kurt

      This will be the best I hope they put Adam Warlock in the movie also and mistress death so they portray it correctly. Thanos is basically not killable because mistress death wants him to balance out the amount of people dead because there are more people alive than ever before. They could make a lot of movies out of this series.

  • Matt

    Has anyone here even read the story reguarding the Infinity Gauntlet? Even if Thanos is a main villain in Avengers 2, I doubt they will or could even leave the end of the movie with Thanos’s defeat by the Avengers alone. My guess is that all these movies will filter into another 3 or more part series aptly named The Infinity Gauntlet since I would hope that the battle would take up more than one movie alone. I mean, the entire Marvel Universe takes on Thanos and his gauntlet. That is not something that can really be summed up correctly in a 2-3 hours and it make sense and/or be good.

  • logan2231993

    well as it was stated before, they cannot have a crossover with fantastic four, and as well as having X-men is definitely not going to happen (because they sold the rights)
    im getting to the point of the avengers 2 that i kind of want to see something in the new iron man movie and see if it does indeed become a power gauntlet in the next avengers movie, i would like to think that they would wait at least until the 3rd movie to make a huge bang, however on the side you want something to keep you busy, im thinking not apocalypse because the fact he is “UNBEATABLE” people dont like repetition, plus in order to take him down would mean that you would have to have a cross with at least the X-men in order to have the beast, im not really sure who else would make a great supervillain. anyone got a galaxy bad guy? uhm i mean with odin you could have loki (which has already happened) now with the adaptation you could bring the rivals of each hero (for example batman has the joker (yes i know i just went to DC.).)

    so you could bring their rivals to the scene , using their powers. but this would only last one movie… if that, guess we will have to see what happens

  • All-Knowing CluelessGuy

    Wells connecting the Avengers to the Fantastic Four may be impossible right now, but i read a article before saying that since FOX is attempting a reboot to Daredevil and need more time to make the movie or so(I forget), they were gonna offer Marvel back the rights to Silver Surfer and Galactus in exchange for something (again i forgot what it was). If this were true things could be interesting in a galactic scale for upcoming Avengers/ Other Marvel Movies when it comes to cross-over Characters :D

  • Jonny

    Errr, it says Thanos “will feature in”.

    Not, Thanos “is the villain”.

    He also “featured in” Avengers. Ultimately, yes as the villain, in a way.

    He could still be in a strings-pulling capacity in Avengers 2 and step up to the plate as The ACTUAL Villain in the third one. Infinity Gauntlet is big enough to take it over a trilogy.

    Just pointing out you may (or, I admit, may not) have jumped the gun.

  • Dawsonova

    I just hope the writers pick up on the well known fact that Thanos doesn’t ever die. F*** Drax! Someone above mentioned other possible galactic bad guys… Magus??? Oh yeah, why is there no talk of Adam Warlock in any of the Guardians stuff, especially with Thanos triggering the “phase 2” avalanche?

    • Dawsonova

      Matthew McConaughey for the Adam Warlock role! I said it first!!!

  • Dawsonova

    Booo yeah!! I’m up alone.

  • Mya

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  • Mya

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  • Mya

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  • Mya

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  • BrooklynPhoenix

    “In the comics Thanos gets hold of the Infinity Gauntlet (a powerful glove) and wipes out half the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy then band together to defeat him.”

    Uh, wait what? That’s not how I remember it.

    • Jason Bouchard

      I haven’t read the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, but the upcoming movie is actually based on the 2008 comic reboot, not the one in 1969.

    • John

      Seriously… I thought it was Adam Warlock and his motley band of peeps (Moondragon, Drax, etc…) who took down Thanos.
      And anything with a frickin talking raccoon is going to go over like HOWARD THE DUCK… sheesh.

      • Chad

        Agree totally! They have to get rid of the talking raccoon. The original Guardians of the Galaxy were badass! Bring them back! And an Adam Warlock sighting would not be a bad thing either.

        • AL

          What ?!?! the original guardians sucked ! You really wanna see Vance Astro and Charlie 27 in a movie ?

          • shaner

            Uh, yeah….Martinex, Yondu, Starhawk….yup, definitely would want to see them over a talking raccoon.

          • maximalmaercury

            yeah … that would be awesome :D

      • Tony Frisco

        Actually it was the entire Marvel universe, the ones that didn’t disappear when Thanos causes half the universe to wink out of existence that is.

    • Bradley J. Timm

      To be fair, the Infinity Gauntlet story was one of many encounters with Thanos. Without the Gems he is still dangerous but not invincible.

  • Melvin Douglas Perry

    Thanos would wipe the floor with the Avengers. They would have to include Adam Warlock into the mix.

    • HoneyBooBoosRightArm

      Yeah right, Thor would wipe the floor with him.

      • Nick

        Thanos with the infinity gauntlet is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe… Without it he is still incredibly powerful, more than likely powerful enough to beat Thor in a fight.

        • Someone


          • Robert Bayer

            Not true .. Thor has beaten Thanos head to head .. even when Thanos had Mangog to double-team Thor with .. Think about that! So no .. not easily in any sense ..

      • AL

        1 on 1 thor would get the crap kicked out of him by thanos

        • Robert Bayer

          Not true .. Thor has beaten Thanos head to head .. even when Thanos had Mangog to double-team Thor with .. Think about that! So no .. not easily in any sense

          • Matt

            Yes in the storyline your talking about Thor did beat Mangog and finally Thanos only when Odin sent him a shield and a sword that he (Odin) empowered to do it. also remember that wasn’t the true Thanos it came out later on that was just one of many clones he had made and was activated when he was thought dead. Thanos is more than capable of beating Thor and ruthless enough to do it!!

    • Chad

      Great point.

    • mhm

      The best way to get rid of Thanos is to convince him to pursue something else. Trying to beat him up isn’t a good plan.

      • RbtCln

        Convince him to give up his lifelong servitude/adoration to
        Death herself? He killed his own mother in that pursuit.

        • AerosmithNirvana

          Yeah, but you make him think there’s another, better, way. Misdirection.

  • doogansquest

    Thanos was also the chick’s adopted father in one storyline.

    Hopefully they peel it back to low-key for each independent storyline. I liked the subtle tie-ins during the first two Iron Man films and Thor. I hope they don’t go too overboard and make the next phase a giant Easter egg hunt.

    I also think it will be best to keep the core cast of The Avengers small. Ant Man and Wasp, sure; but start adding too many characters and it will become a mess. Whedon did an amazing job with the first film, but there’s a delicate balance once the cast becomes too large.

  • kiafjkeef

    In Marvel’s world of far-too-overpowered heroes and villains, I think the Infinity Gauntlet takes the cake. It’s just a ridiculously stupid concept.

    Let that sad part of Marvel’s history rest in peace, among the many other sad parts.

    Like when the Incredible Hulk held apart spheres of matter and antimatter; picked up a black hole; held apart a collapsing planet; etc.

    • thanos of titan

      I didnt read the issue of the hulk you are talking about
      but i get the concept and i dont think you dont
      the hulk is like a force of nature
      he feeds of gamma radiation
      which is more aboundent in the universe
      mater of fact just before a star go’se nova
      i believe it gives of a GRB
      and i also believe thata Black hole gives off
      alot of GR which inturn would
      make the Hulk very powerful
      but who cares
      it’s about just using your imagination
      and dreams of fantasy

    • AL

      It’s funny you should say that. Marvels next big comics event is called infinity and the villain is Thanos. so not only are they not gonna let it rest in peace, they are gonna do it again.

  • abhinav

    i think that the fantastic four should also come

    • not nerd just idiot w glasses

      but the actor that plays johnny blaze is also the actor the plays Cap’n Murica

      • kevin

        Captain Ameriblaze!

        • Chris Kevin

          Kevin you’re silly man. Captain Ameriblaze does not exist. Nerd had Chris Evans mixed up with Nicolas Cage.

      • Chris Kevin

        Not the nerd just idiot with glasses. Johnny Blaze was not the actor, that played Captain America, and Human Torch. That was actor, Chris Evans. Academy Award Winner Nicolas Cage played, Johnny Blaze aka “Ghostrider”. Human Torch’s alterego was Johnny Storm.

        • avgnoix

          You know what I think I remember Nicolas Cage did played Captain Amurica once, back in the 80’s lol.

  • omgnoway

    that concept art for Guardians is kind of changing my mind about having a movie about them… looks awesome. I guess they need more heroes, since X-Men, F4 and Spiderman cant be in them! I wonder if they’ll have the whole Thanos and Death thing since thats what sort of drives him….

  • TerminalSanity

    Thanos is a character tricky to work with his single-minded obsession with Death and nihilism make him a character that could easily lose credibility if not treated and presented correctly as his mixed track record in comics shows. When he’s done right he’s among the most cunning, ruthless, determined, dangerous, and powerful foes in the Marvel universe representing a cosmic threat so vast that he’s than an adequate match for the avengers alone. But when done wrong he comes off as one the most banal poorly motivated stock alien villains around: Evil big-bad alien does big-bad things but his hubris brings him down in the end.

    • mhm

      I don’t agree that he is single minded in any way. If you’ve followed the character he’s pretty much trying to figure out what everything is all about and what goals are worth pursuing. He’s tried a variety of ways to live his life.
      Totally agree with the second part of your post though. I’m sure Hollywood will mess it up as they always do and then I’ll be pissed because he is one of the most intriguing characters in comic books imo.

  • ajinferno

    waaaccckkkkkk. Thanos might be super powerful, but he isnt very interesting. Try galactus, or Enchantress/ scurge the executioner or maybe just add the rest of the avengers in, ie; Black panther, (the best avenger) antman, the wasp. Oh and find someway to throw in luke cage and iron fist. just for the fuck of it.

    • Ken Proracer Soun

      But antman turns into YellowJacket later on….

    • avenger defender

      Yes, u finally said it. We need Galactus!

      • Mannie Grant

        se fantastic 4…we don’t need galactus…

      • avgnoix

        Yea we need a big guy in rubber tights to fight against the Avengers.

    • Tom

      How about Red Skull and Hydra, the believable villains…

  • WFUnDina

    Thanos as a character is up there with the Joker. He ostracized himself from his family and people, because he looked different. He is incredible smart and clever, those 2 things are vastly different from each other. He love Death, so much so that he wanted to make her reality possible, so he amassed enough power to wipe out half the population of the galaxy. But in doing so, he became more powerful then Death, so she was no longer worthy of his love. Thanos, like I said was smart, he also realized that no one should have absolute power, so he continually sets up his own defeat. He is a very complex character. I think they will severely water him down for the movie. Which will be quit sad, to me atleast.

    • Tom

      You’re kidding. I understand that Thanos has a PhD in killing stuff, and that he has a weird attraction to skeletons, but as far as story-telling goes he’s NOTHING compared to Joker. While Thanos would be willing to blow up a bunch of soldiers in an instant, that’s nothing compared to the cruelness of Joker-he slowly kills innocent people for fun. If I had to choose between being blown up by Thanos or being kidnapped by Joker… I’d say “Thanos, shoot me”. If you get kidnapped by Joker you will either die painfully and slowly or be crippled for life. I understand that Thanos is capable of more destruction, but Joker is just much, much darker. And scarier.

  • deftonesrocks

    this is not marvel is disney who makes this movies noooow , and who care this

    • Jonny Ordaz

      Bro do you even grammar? Also while Disney does own Marvel, the movies are produced by Marvel studios, which is a subsidiary. Either way, they only thing Disney asks of Marvel, besides a percentage of the gross earnings, is that they make their movies child appropriate. They do this so that they can have a more broad audience.

      • Ken Barrette

        I cannot believe my eyes here! Why would you comment on someone else’s bad grammar when you yourself have atrocious grammar!

        • John

          Look in the mirror!

          • avgnoix

            All of you guys have grammar. Me no do not have gramar at all. I me know how to spel and kdish lskalsif;ojsag&(*)%$#@YzKJuzzz………….

          • Manny


  • The mad Titan

    I am Thanos of Titan

    you will now bow down and kneel

    With but a mere thought

    I will crush these so call Avengers

    beneath my heal

    and destroy these Terrains

    on this pease of rock for

    my love


    ok people

    this is the Thanos I know

    the avengers by themselves can’t

    take hime down

    not going to happened

    normally Thanos give up intrest

    and leave

    like in the Infinity Gauntlet

    he had to reboot the

    univers because he destroyed

    it and death was pissed off

    because with a destroyed universe

    there is no more death


    now grovel before the Mighty of Thanos

  • scott

    i would like to offer this up…we should stop thinking of them as movies…and yes therer movies..but there comming from a diffrent place then typical hollw wood..and the stroies are not going to be the norm..if we take them as we do in the orignal comic books..we followed them as a story line..lives unfoling along with ups and downs..and ever in the story was connections to continue it ..thoese of us that know the sorce meterial ..know that this is just a start..there is more going on here then we know..and im sure some were its bee written out and is just waiting to be done..welcome to a new world of cinema,people.

  • D_Mack

    Damn, I love Marvel!!! Thanos, huh, I thought it was Darkseid for a minute but that would be DC and superman etc.



  • davon

    ssssssssttttttttttttttppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd thing

  • davon

    is ghost rider going to join the avengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please be

  • Keith

    Perhaps they’ll call on Jim Starlin, creator of Thanos, as a script consultant.

  • excelsior1974

    Um, where’s the connection with all the Spidey movies and the other Marvel films? I don’t see it…..

    • DashZillah

      Disney owns the main Marvel movies which are basically everything that connects to the Avengers. Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. Fox owns the rights to X-Men, Daredevil, and Fantastic Four. Lionsgate owns the rights to Punisher. It sucks, but unless those companies sell the rights back to Marvel/Disney, they won’t connect with the Avengers.

      • RandomB5

        Actually Daredevil, Punisher, and Blade (for some reason I am thinking Ghost Rider too, but not sure) just recently had the movie right revert back to Marvel.

  • Crudmuster

    Thanos is nothing but a Darksied ripoff- Jim Starlin said it himself!

  • Chris Kevin

    I think “Thanos” is a perfect character portrayal for “Avengers 2” following “Guardians Of The Galaxy” in 2015. “Guardians Of The Galaxy” will be the in between spinoff film series to the “Avengers films and Thanos will be in “GOTG”, and “Avengers 2 after that. Thanos is a mad Titan intergalactic tyrant who is obsessed with the “Infinite Guantlet” powerglove that gives him ultimate power to destroy half of the Universe which, he tried to in the comics and the Avengers stopped him.

  • zzXzxx

    The gauntlet is more a vessel for the real deal the infinity gems (space, time etc..). I’d like to add also he’s missing one which he replaced somehow artificially. Even without the gems and gauntlet he’s been known to literally bash a planet to pieces with his fists, death itself is literally attracted to him forming itself in a female like form, he’s not allowed to enter death’s realm, he’s an immortal, ability to take planet destroying blasts and shrug it off. Yeah game over. And yes it was Adam warlock not the guardians of the galaxy.

    • mhm

      Actually Drax the destroyer of the guardians of the galaxy killed him in the reboot.

  • zzXzxx

    BTW Thor nor any avenger ever beat him, he took on Thor and the hulk and screwed them up. the avengers get taken by thanos actually. Imo I think it would be sweet if they did a movie about H.AM.M.E.R or the symbiotes. The symbiotes could make their own string of movies alone.

  • Avenger Defender

    I want DOCTOR DOOM!

  • eddie86

    Great as long as he takes on all the Avengers and defeats them in a movie.

  • Chris Behellmorph Beckett

    I can’t wait to see Thanos in action.

  • USNavySquid

    How about an R-rated Dr. Strange movie! By Chris Nolan!

  • Vincent Ledesma

    i think they should use the thanos portrayed in the cartoon series super hero squad, in fact they should reboot all the heros and make a super hero squad movie, that would be AWESOME!

  • Son of Thanos

    Thanos………….fraking awesome….warlock would have to be a part in it somewhere…i remember the comics back in the day and how all the celestial beings where up against thanos…yea the glove was a bit over kill like the cosmic cube but it was good for the comics back then the crossovers etc….marvel has stepped up to bring us some great films as of late, so many good characters out there in the marvel and dc world to base a flick on….keep em coming

  • PantherCrane


  • Los Pistoles

    Guardians of the Galaxy are not the ones that band together to defeat Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet…it’s all of the surviving heroes of earth that are left over after Thanos wipes out half the universe. The only members that I recall from GG that fight are Drax and Adam Warlock

  • Kashmire St Peter-Brown

    I think it pretty cool and love how they can connect these movies are awesome! I do kinda wish they didn’t use Thanos just yet. Yeah he’s a cool guy, and seems like a big fight but I guess I don’t know… Just hope everything ends well for The Avengers along with the Guardians!

  • Erik Foerster

    please god let tim curry voice thanos

  • Ryan

    “…The Guardians of the Galaxy then band together to defeat him…There was also a retelling which involved The Avengers fighting Thanos.”

    You shouldn’t write articles without getting your facts straight.

  • Ryan

    I’d love to see Thanos going after the Tesseract first before the gems, because that was how it was in the comics – he first used the Cosmic Cube.

  • Tom

    I want Red Skull, dammit.

  • Tom

    Enough with the aliens. The Shit-auri were okay but I have 3 reasons why Hydra would be better:

    1: A band of technologically advanced terrorists is more believable than tall gray aliens with Egyptian style clothing

    2: Dialogue between Avengers and Hydra, speaking about conflicting views and why either side is right (can’t do that with aliens)

    3: Hugo Weaving was awesome as Red Skull and him returning would be way cooler than purple Hellboy from space.

  • Tom

    Oh, and if Hydra comes back, they better be using real-life firearms instead of those stupid Plasma guns. I want to see Tony Stark get shot with an HK-G36C.


    Now is Ultron :)