Michael Keaton

The 3rd Official Trailer for Minions


It's not easy being a minion, especially when you're constantly looking for a new master because you accidentally killed the last one. This is the origin story of Despicable Me's Minions. … [Read more...]

The Minions are Going to Villain-Con


It's like Comic-Con, only for villains, so exactly where a minion would start looking for a new master. This is the second official trailer for Illumination's Minions, the Despicable Me spin-off. … [Read more...]

New Need for Speed trailer


There's a new trailer for the upcoming racing movie based on the famous game series, Need for Speed. Unlike the first preview, which I found sort of laughable (not in a good way), this one gives me a … [Read more...]

Michael Keaton meeting about Beetlejuice 2

Keaton Beetlejuice

Seth Grahame-Smith wrote Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a movie for which the teaser was just released earlier today. A while back, news came out he was in talks to write a sequel to Tim Burton's … [Read more...]

Review: The Other Guys

The Other Guys Filmonic

When Adam McKay and Will Ferrell release a film, it's pretty clear what the audience can expect. But I am always pleasantly surprised with how high their movies rise above gimmicky plot descriptions … [Read more...]

Michael Keaton In Toy Story 3


Michael Keaton has joined the cast of Toy Story 3, and will play Ken (as in Barbie’s boyfriend Ken). Jodi Benson also told IESB that she will be back to voice Barbi, although the two dolls will not … [Read more...]