Wrath Of The Titans

Writers hired for Clash of the Titans 3

Wraths of the Titans doesn't hit until March 30, 2012 but Warner Bros. isn't wasting any time in developing the third film, as they've hired writers to get started on the script. … [Read more...]

Clash of the Titans sequel title confirmed

Late last year Liam Neeson appeared to confirm that Wrath of the Titans would be the title to the Clash of the Titans sequel, however when announcing the start of production in March Warner Bros. … [Read more...]

Clash of the Titans 2 plot details

Today Warner Bros. announced that principal photography has officially begun on Clash of the Titans 2 (expected to be titled Wrath of the Titans, but the studio hasn't made it official). In a … [Read more...]

Rosamund Pike joins Wrath of the Titans

Rosamund Pike, who was last week said to be in contention for a role in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, has joined Wrath of the Titans. Pike will play Andromeda, a character played by Alexa Davalos in … [Read more...]

Wrath of the Titans release date set

According to Box Office Mojo Warner Bros. has set the Wrath of the Titans release date for March 30th 2012. Clash of the Titans was released April 2nd 2010, so it will hit roughly two years after the … [Read more...]