Russo Brothers in talks to direct Captain America 2

When The Italian Job helmer F. Gary Gray took himself out of the running for the director’s chair on Captain America 2, Marvel’s shortlist only included two other choices: George Nolfi of The Adjustment Bureau, and Anthony and Joe Russo, two brothers who have worked extensively in television for shows like “Community,” “Arrested Development,” and “Happy Endings.” Now The Hollywood Reporter says that Marvel has made their decision and the Russo Brothers have landed the coveted job. More below.

While many could look at this as a questionable decision – after all, the Russos have only directed one feature film before: You, Me, and Dupree – I think this is actually a great choice for Cap 2. If you’ve ever seen “Community”, you’ll know that show can jump genres with the best of them, and while series creator Dan Harmon was undoubtedly the heart and soul of the program, the Russos have directed some excellent episodes of the show and clearly share that passion.

Their comedy backgrounds prove they can handle the lighter elements of this script, and they’ll be able to handle the action components, too, since they’re soon working with Dwayne Johnson on an upcoming thriller called Ciudad. We also have to remember that these guys won’t be working on a period piece like Joe Johnston was: the writers of Cap 2 have said this story will take place primarily in the modern day.

So what do you think of Marvel’s decision? Are you happy to see the Russo Brothers get their shot at the big time and join the Marvel family of directors?