Prometheus 2 gets a writer

prometheus-2-noomi-rapaceAccording to The Wrap 20th Century Fox has hired Jack Paglen to write the script for Prometheus 2. Paglen doesn’t have many credits in his filmography but he is responsible for the script for Transcendence, the upcoming sci-fi from Wally Pfister which stars Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman.

Last year Prometheus made $400 million worldwide and the studio quickly put a follow-up into development. Variety doesn’t know whether Ridley Scott will return to direct the sequel, but he will still be involved as a producer if not. We should get more details on this as development progresses.

Some fans were disappointed with Scott’s return to the Alien franchise, but I thought it was one of the better sci-fi movies of recent years, even if some of the characters did stupid things and got themselves killed. Prometheus left us with Elizabeth Shaw (Rapace) and a bodiless David (Michael Fassbender) off in discovery of the Engineers’ homeworld in an attempt to understand why they wanted to destroy humanity, so the sequel will hopefully follow on from that and perhaps explain some things people still want to know about the first film.