Paranormal Activity 2 poster

Empire got their hands on a new poster for Paranormal Activity 2 which features dogs and a baby…or does it? A closer look at the poster shows two dogs, one being a reflection, but the baby cannot be seen in the mirror. Phantom baby?

Check out the full poster below:

Paranormal Activity only cost $15,000 to make but managed to gross $193 million last year. Paramount were practically printing money, so a sequel was guaranteed. Katie Featherston returns as the female lead, and Tod Williams is the director.

Check out the teaser below:

Paranormal Activity 2 opens October 22nd.

  • Cal0406

    The Dogs tails are actually different as well

  • Cal0406

    yeah, nevermind. just realized the angel on it. lol

  • sinner666

    the baby doesnt appear in the mirror when its standing up but when the baby is gone or laying down it appears in the mirror