New trailer for Cars spin-off Planes

planes_movieIn 2011 we saw the first sequel to a Pixar movie, Cars 2, and this summer the series will get another installment, but it will not be another sequel, rather a spin-off called Planes. Unlike Cars and Cars 2 Pixar will not be behind the film, instead DisneyToon Studios will produce it. Planes will follow a crop-dusting plane name Dusty Crophopper (of course), played by Dane Cook, who dreams of entering an aerial race despite his fear of heights.

The trailer is below:


John Lasseter, who directed Cars and Cars 2 will produce the film. The Cars franchise is one of Pixar’s most profitable franchises, however it’s also their worst critically received. Bearing that in mind it’s not surprising that Planes, which was originally set to get a direct to video release, has been bumped up to a theatrical release on August 9th.

  • Jack Robert Riordan

    Toy Story 2 was definitely the first Pixar sequel…12 years before cars 2…

    • Derick

      Wow, can’t believe I forgot about that one…my mistake