Morgan Freeman talks Batman 3. Has “gut feeling” Nolan will return.

morgan-freeman-the dark knightMTV recently spoke to Morgan Freeman, who played Lucius Fox in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, while he was on the rounds promoting Invictus. Freeman says he hasn’t heard anything on the status of Batman 3, but he has a feeling director Christopher Nolan will be working on it.

“I know—I just know—that Chris is working on number three,” Morgan Freeman told MTV News. “He couldn’t possibly not be.” But Freeman made clear that’s he not operating with any sort of inside knowledge—just a gut feeling from one artist to another.

“I’m not waiting by the phone,” he said. “I don’t know anything at all about it. ‘Batman’ is completely out of my mind.”

Not completely, so it seems. In addition to his certainty that Nolan is “working” on ‘Batman 3,’ Freeman spoke confidently that both his character and Alfred, played by Michael Caine, would return for the film—even if he didn’t know any specific plot details.

“What I don’t know is how that story is going to play out—where it’s going to be and who’s going to be in it,” he said. “There’s a good chance he would incorporate Lucius Fox and Alfred.”

There has been no solid news on Batman 3 for a while. In fact I don’t think we’ve ever had any solid news on it. Christopher Nolan is busy on Inception which will be released next July, so I doubt we will be getting anything official any time soon.