Justice League movie being worked on by writer Will Beall

When Green Lantern opened this time last year and only made $220m worldwide it threw a spanner in the works at Warner Bros. Their intention going forward was to fill the void left by Harry Potter with DC superheroes such as The Flash and Wonder Woman, but outside of Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise they’ve had little success.

Last year Warner Bros. President Jeff Robinov confirmed a new script for a Justice League movie was in the works (there was an effort to make one in 2007/08 but it was hindered by the Writers Guild of America strike, tax credit issues in Australia, and concerns about having a new incarnation of Batman running alongside Nolan’s). Now Variety has word that Gangster Squad screenwriter Will Beall is in charge of the Justice League scripting duties.

It’s easy to assume this is a reaction to the recent success of The Avengers, but Beall was actually hired last year and is still in the process of turning his Justice League script in to Warner Bros. Last year Jeff Robinov suggested characters such as The Flash and Wonder Woman may get solo movies after a potential Justice League movie, so Warner Bros. may be following Marvel’s strategy but in reverse (big team-up movie, then the solo outings).

Where Batman and Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman fit into this is unknown. The studio has already declared they’ll be rebooting Batman at some point, so the next Batman we see after The Dark Knight Rises could be in a Justice League movie.

Is a DC superhero team-up the way to go, or will it just be compared to (and lose to) The Avengers?

  • TerrorForce

    It will be a comparison to “the Avengers” and their individual movies, of course. People should take into account the lessons that WB can learn from the Avengers, the different socio-economical climate etc… but we’ve all seen how a good director (and lead actor) can turn a movie into a master piece! Back a Justice League movie and JL member offsprings with good directors and you’re set for an epic back & forth between Disney’s Marvel and well… WB! Too bad on one hand that DC’s writers probably have limited/no creative input.

  • R3last

    WB will screw it up by not letting it get handled “in house” – Let Dini and Timm handle it. Too bad Mcduffie passed away, I’d like to have seen what he could have done with the script. I get writing a cartoon is different that a “feature film” but these people actually understood the “property” which is more than I can say for 90% of hollywood.

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      They will screw it up by reading forums like this AGAIN. Common as GL ? Were they NUTS?

      • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

        Yeah, because there was never an African-American Green Lantern, and Common has one of the greatest speaking voices ever–as well as screen presence–so yeah, that’s crazy talk.

        • http://www.facebook.com/chad.warren716 Chad Warren

          lol there was never a african green lantern u really havent read any green laterns have u lol there was a african american green lantern there was also a gay one lol there were a few green lanterns

          • Janubis

            Sarcasm bro…

          • Spencer Conway

            Use punctuation for God’s sake.

          • Bawb

            the sarcasm flew straight over your head didn’t it….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

        The more I read about People saying that WB is going to screw up DC it just gives me hope. As, im sure they have some poor, unpaid intern scrolling these same web pages to make sure they don’t mess up. They’re going to deliver it just may take a little while longer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dannyblizz Daniel Sala

    I don’t know about you guys, but Having a different Batman and a different Superman for this JL movie, would be horrible. WB would not be able to compete with Marvel, due to the fact that they used the actors that they had playing certain characters instead of coming up with new ones. THe reason why I say that, is because there would be no connection between audience and actors/actress wich it is important. To me, it would be good to get Bale back as Batman and Zack Snider Superman!

    • mrX

      Couldn’t agree more but I am still trying to figure out why the Superman reboot was even necessary.
      Brandon Routh was a fanatic Reaves successor IMHO…and Spacey as Lex – genius! WB seems to be their own worse enemy in doing this. Perhaps they should be the villain! :)

      • Sgsc

        Because Superman with Brandon Routh was one of the worst movies ever made! DC is wise to reboot as soon as they possibly can to remove the aweful taste from our mouths that Bryan Singer shoved down our throats!

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-L-Greenlee/1269130691 James L. Greenlee

          Not even close. It might not have made you happy, but it’s not even the worst Superman movie, let alone one of the worst movies ever made.

          • unik


        • unik


        • Coral Reef

          Your entitled to your opinion – I thought Superman Returns was 100 * better than Man Of Steel. Real plot and characters you cared about, not CGI puppets in action scene after action scene to try and disguise the gaping plot holes.

    • Bradley J. Timm

      False. Nolan’s Batman was not Batman. Nolan’s Batman was Batman for 8 months then he quite because of a girl. Batman never quits, least of all for a girl. Also, no super or metanatural elements in Nolan’s universe. Batman is special in the comics because he can take down super powered foes as cunning mortal. No powers diminishes his prestige. No my friend. Bale was a weak Batman, a psuedo realistic Batman, and does not belong in a Justice League UNiverse. The characters don’t begin and end with Nolan’s ostensibly cool but ultimately soulless vision.

  • Ravster

    Hey WB, get Bale and Cavill to sign for this and you have my money!

    • arun279

      Bale has said he won’t do a fourth unless Nolan is making it. Don’t know about Cavill but that film is made by Nolan’s production house who has said publicly that he does not envision Superman and Batman to exist in the same world. So, for the studio to make a Justice League movie, they need to reboot Batman for sure, and maybe work out a way to use the same Superman. But these are things they need to think in advance. If they wanted to make a justice league movie, they should have started out with a plan. Adjusting to things after the fact is going to ruin it. Also, team up movies like this are really not going to work unless you have the right people writing and directing it. Marvel hit a homerun when they choose Joss Whedon for Avengers. That is the best decision they made with the whole series.

      If they can’t get Nolan brothers, they should at least have David S. Goyer on board for the justice league movie.

      • willc6075

        I could foresee the Dark Knight Saga being the beginnings of a JL story. Work with me. Even with the hyperrealistic tone of the Nolan Films (which I found was perfect), the idea of a billionaire vigilante beating up criminals in a rodent-themed alter ego is far fetched for our world. The tech is a little too advanced, the idea a little too far out. Then, have some of the more ‘out-there’ super villains show up, in a more realistic light. Killer Croc, for instance. Have his mutation caused by toxic runoff from a Luthorcorp plant and you’ve brought in the overall universe. Also, if you show the Superman film as concurrent with the events of The Dark Knight Rises, you’d have an excuse for Supes not showing up. It would be difficult to do, but I think it could be done.

  • arun279

    Wow. They are so going to screw this up. I am almost waiting for it. :D

  • Someone

    Please make it happen-but let Cavill be superman and keep bale…unless they can find someone better…as for a WW movie i say go for it-just choose right unlike the actress they had chosen for the TV show

  • Mr. E

    I smell an epic fail! There isn’t even enough room in the comment section to list all of the reasons. I’d have to write an entire article. Mark my words, this will look comical ‘no pun intended’ in it’s comparison to what Marvel has accomplished.

  • anf711

    I love DC. I really really do, but I feel like this is going to be a fail… learn when to leave well enough alone guys.

  • Whats a Cooter?

    Well pretty much everyone here has said enough about the epic fail potential for a Justice League movie.

    What I think would be the best call for Marvel is to “not include Batman” on the Justice League team.

    Very much like how Spiderman had its 3 films in, and was not included in the Avengers movie.

    It would have to be just Superman, Wonder Woman, GL, Flash, Aqua-man, and Jean the Martian. With Nolan’s Batman being in its own “universe” the transition would be too if not nearly impossible for Batman to be a part of the JL.

    Hell for all we know before TDR comes out, Nolan may give us the ultimate surprise ending of killing off Bruce Wayne/Batman.

    Another thing about Justice League, (although I’ll admit im not a hardcore fan so i know very little of the comic books except for the cartoon network’s series, lol) is there a Nick Fury like character or an organization like SHEILD that will bring them together? Thats one thing about the Avengers genius marketing tatic is having that “one thing” that brings DC heros all together.

    so thats my 2cents.

    • Mattyb1t

      you switched DC and Marvel, you silly goose.

    • The marvelous DC Avenger,lol

      You are so wrong on so many statements made in this post, besides switching DC/Marvel. Good Luck DC making the JLA Movie. Do It & don’t make it stink, ask me for plot line info as well as character development.

    • Red Robin

      You’re right about one thing, this movie shouldn’t have Batman in it, more so it should have a camo of batman in line with Wolverine’s cameo in X-Men First Class. But you forgot to add Green Arrow to your list.

    • Zodis Great

       If you’re a fan of the animated series, then you already know that Batman was voiced by Kevin Conroy for a few seasons before they even brought Superman in. then after they went back and forth for a while, they brought in more League members and a few seasons after that they went full blown with the unlimited series. There’s no reason they can’t follow the same basic formula here. Batman has been running for a few years on his own. Get someone to talk some sense into Bale. Nolan is great, but perhaps Batman needs to evolve beyond where Nolan is willing to go.  There’s no reason why we can’t use what he already created as a base. WB needs to take a close look at the success of the animated series and make sure it picks people who are true fans of each of these characters, but also fans of the group to help maintain a seamless continuity that respects existing work. I would love to work on this type of project.

    • Cyborg Movie for JL!

      Batman pretty much IS the Nick Fury, as he holds the League together with the watchtower. His money holds them together lol

      • Bawb

        He also kills Darkseid and like 100000 other top villains so no……not like Nick Fury. Also he’s their leader and tactician. Also he can actually fight and can upgrade his suits if he wants to….most of the time he backs his normal suit – brave lil human. Please don’t insult Batsy by calling him Fury, it’s hurtful

  • TheWriter

    I can write it.Where do I sign to do it, I can make a perfect one where all of you will love it and want more…

    • TheWriter

      For real..I want to do it and they could pay me cheap,I want it for the fans,who do I sign to or write to so that I can do this…

  • jds

    i will defintly watch but you gotta admit its a rip off from the avengers

    • Stencil

      A rip-off? By that logic, Marvel was a rip-off of DC because DC was founded 4 years prior.

      • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

        Only 4? I could do research here, however, off the top of my head, Detective Comics #1 debuted in what, 1935? Are you stating for the record the first Marvel Comic came out in ’39? There’s probably a Wikipedia entry on all this info, however, I don’t have the time or the inclination to look it up, therefore, I leave the proof to the reader….

        Didn’t you hate that in Geometry class? ;)

        • Coral Reef

          Marvel was completely original – sure you can argue that DC did super-hero’s first but what Stan and Jack did was create a new vision of superheroes as the common man, someone more relate-able than millionaire playboys with gadgets and aliens. They focused on the human aspects of the characters. Marvel created some great characters that have stood the test of time which wouldn’t have happened if they’s just tried to cheaply cash in on DC’s success.
          On the other hand DC’s plans for JLA have “cash-in” written all over them!

          • Bawb

            If Marvel was original after coming out after DC then JL is just as original as the Avengers. You can’t argue one point without jeopardising the other. And Marvel ain’t as clean as you think, we almost would of lost one of the greatest heroes of all Captain Marvel because of Marvel’s jealousy and cheap underhanded tricks. Although DC claimed Captain Marvel using cheap underhanded tricks so hahaha again, can’t argue one point without jeopardising the other

          • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

            Actually, that would be cash out, and as we know, the next movie is Batman vs. Superman, and who’s going to play Batman? I don’t know, but I do know it won’t be Christian Bale….

  • MasterZach

    I love how everyone said this stuff about avengers and then look how it turned out I mean at least give it a chance I think as long as thy get bale as batman and cavil and it will most likely be amazing

    • kgt0778

      well Bale has said that unless Nolan is directing he is done with Batman and what if Batman dies at the end of TDKR as has been hinted upon in some media

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Xoandre-Moats/1570382288 Xoandre Moats

    What really upsets me is that most of the great DC storylines and writing have been used up with the animated direct-to-DVD films Warner Bros has released over the past 10 years. So many opportunities for great live-action Big-screen entertainment have been spun out already that it leaves little for them to work with, if the fans have seen many or all of the DC Animated Films.

    Certainly the alterations to some of the characters and plots from comic to DVD animation are a bit extreme and narrow-sighted, but they have burned through so many stories with the animated films and television series, I am wondering what they could possibly do to top it…?

    With the advent of yet another reboot of the majority of the DC universe with the new 52 stuff, it makes it even more pathetic, IMHO, and short-sighted.

    What needs to happen is a competition between fans to come up with the greatest story arc and plots possible within the Justice League or individual character universes. Then the best writers and artists and character development “dream team” ever must be assembled to compile a concise and focused story where every character has their moment individually and together within the League.

    The setup must be perfect and WITHIN CANON, respecting all that has come before in print and on film and television, yet fresh and astonishing.

    While the Nolans have proven they can do Batman, that does not mean they are the only option for something truly amazing. Bring in Kevin Smith, the Nolan Bros, and the Wachowski(sp?) bros. Twist the story until it is wrung dry of all weakness and stupidity. Make sure the villain is powerful and destructive to the point of utter despair. Then bring the heroes in and let them do their best to conquer or barely survive the worst the villain may throw at them.

    Note that I did say Villain. Singular. Not plural. Having too many enemies in one film can be distracting and will weaken any other villain, unless that other villain is a minor back-burner type of character for the story being told and it sets up said back-burner villain to take the reins for a sequel.

    Do it right. Write it well. Direct it with focus and pizzazz and you will attract the fans.

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      The only problem with your plan, is that if you do it your way, it will ONLY appeal to fans, and not have the cross-market appeal that Avengers has now.

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      What if they got Woody Allen & Clint Eastwood to Exec. Produce/Direct? now you get the non comic book fans in to the theaters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lj.austin.16 Lj Austin

      I agree that DC’s Animated Films, Series, and Games have had some major creativity and success, but that is no reason why some of those same ideas can’t contribute to the DC Live Action Films as well.

      I feel after the Superman reboot, they should run with him as the catalyst to give birth to a Worlds Strongest Live Action Movie, which will eventually lead to JLU movie. Use Superman as Marvel used Iron Man and introduce the government project and branch of Cadmus; Amanda Waller; Dr. Thrawne; and Doomsday as one of the villians in Superman’s Second film. Cadmus seem to be almost always in the middle of JLU problems. Weather they have knowledge of something coming and is trying to prepare by doing left handed stuff, or they actually where the thing that was happening..haha

      This will not only give Nolan’s version of Batman a proper time to solidify itself into Legendary Status, but it will also give Waner Bros 2 films to begin the creation of a DC Universe adding in different elements in which these JLU super heroes could coexist. Especially since Superman’s villains seem to one way or another attract the attention of other heroes. Also by this time fans will be wanting to see the Dark Knight back on the big screen. This is when you give them The World’s Strongest, and introduce not only Batman, but Martian Manhunter as well. Maybe as a captive or as an investigator of Cadmus. The conclusion of this movie could then give you a JLU in the very next film.

      Waner Bros do not have reintroduce the Green Lantern or reboot the movie franchise. They just have to make him bad-azz in the JLU film enough for people to want to see Ryan Reynolds in another feature movie alone. After the Nolan films, we all know the recipe for these good super heroes movies is reality based character development. And lets stay away from the cartoon-like special effects with the Lantern Ring..haha The whole movie almost looked like a live action video game. You might have fictional and lager than life character, but just like Marvel did, you can still ground them with great character development with good special and visual effects that look like they belong in this world. Like Transformers Iron Man, and Thor.

      Point is.. Warno Bros wants a JLU movie RIGHT NOW to ride this Super Hero Team up wave the Avengers started. I believe this way or something similar would be the fastest without upsetting the current fans and to attracting new ones. Also giving more time for writers to come up with a JLU storyline even better than the Avengers while fans are giving the World’s Strongest as a appetizer for the JLU movie.

      Trying an actually reboot of the Batman Franchise would be a no-no with inside this decade with Nolan’s Trilogy. Plus it would take too much time. But lets face it, Batman, Superman, and Martian Manhunter in The World’s Strongest together are enough alone to attract the attention of fans to a JLU movie. Adding in Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder can still be done right in a movie without upsetting fans. Plus a Wonder Woman or a Flash movie could take too long and no one has scripted a way to do it right yet. Especially Wonder Woman!

      Even the TV show was thrown away before it even aired in late 2010 because it looked too cheezy in live Action. Finding a the right writing and female lead to play that role convincingly without people laughing will be hard. That’s why I believe she should only be introduced in a JLU Live Action Movie. Because she will really have to be a BAD-AZZ writer and actress in Live-Action to stand with Batman and Superman as she easily does in the comics and Animation Features.

      • davethecoworker

        and it will help if she has different attire, with all the previous television incarnations (that I’ve seen) of Wonder Woman, she has big boobs long legs in a skin tight swimsuit (basically), how can that ever be taken seriously? Like getting rid of Superman’s external bright red briefs, major costume changes need to happen for WW.

      • http://twitter.com/49erJojo Joel

        What if Superman tanks like Superman Returns did? Then what? Do you stay with Cavil or go with Tom Welling which I think fans will be more inclined to see as Superman than Cavil in a JLA film.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Footkisser2010 Mike Baker

          I’ll give Cavill the benefit of the doubt until I see the movie, but I was in favor of Tom Welling long before even seeing Superman Returns. I think the challenge is to make Superman the ultimate do-gooder WITHOUT making him seem like a nerd or a dork. The whole “I hope this doesn’t turn any of you off from flying. It’s still the safest way to travel” line in Superman Returns came out kinda’ dorky. A little more tongue-in-cheek delivery would have worked better.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

          I heard if man of steel tanks, so does the JLA and all future movies except Batman

      • http://www.facebook.com/Footkisser2010 Mike Baker

        MMA fighter Gina Carano has had her name tossed in the mix as a possible Wonder Woman. I don’t know if she can act, but you know she can make the fight scenes look good, and she looks great herself. Plus, she’s not tiny & petite like some of the beautiful actresses some noobs have suggested, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Bilson, etc. Although they’d look hot in a Wonder Woman costume, they’d never pull off the look of an AMAZON because they’re hovering around 5’0″ tall.
        They’d also have to go with the less popular but more modern redesigned costume, just to be practical. Seriously, who can fight bad guys in short shorts, stiletto boots, and a tube top without either (1) having her legs slashed, (2) breaking an ankle or at least tripping and face planting, or (3) having her chest fall out of her top? At least modify the boots so that they’re a low heel, give her long shorts instead of short shorts, and put her in a tank top style shirt. Might not look as hot but it would be practical.

      • willc6075

        Here’s a thought… and I’m just putting it out there, don’t hate me for it…

        What about the Green Arrow?

        The Justice League is kind of overpowered; Superman is arguably the most powerful superhero ever, the Martian is right behind him with all the added telepathy, shape shifting, etc, Wonder Woman is pretty damn close, and the Flash is so fast he makes Supes at full speed look like he’s standing still… (Flash is physics-breaking fast… he’s a walking–or rather running–plot-hole)

        So, what if, to avoid adding in another god-like superhuman that is Green Lantern [and to avoid the negativity surrounding the GL movie), bring in the Green Arrow, both as additional funding for the League and as a sort of foil for Batman… a man who is willing to kill when necessary, versus Bat’s staunch non-lethal policy. I think that the CW series has done a good job at portraying the tortured aspect of Queen, and has made a pretty decent action series too.

        Now, I won’t lie to you. This is mostly to just have a chance to see Batman and Arrow fight. But still… it could work.

  • Nathan McGrath

    JLA? Don’t make me laugh. The JLA characters are waaay to shallow. Look how much they had to transform Batman to give him enough gravitas. The other JLA characters have an even longer way to go before they have real-world credibility; something Marvel delivers as second nature

    • Red Robin

      you’ve got to be joking…..or you’ve never read a comic book in your life, the average DC character has more depth then the average Marvel character, Marvel takes a more ‘fun’ approach to their characters.

  • GLfanforever

    If they did it right and similar to Avengers they would have a great Movie that would make buckets of money but they are gonna try to push it so fast that it will fail, trying for 2013 with no movies for the main characters yet(GL which is my fav Dc character) was terrible and superman isnt out yet, need to get a Superman out splash the next Batman in near the end maybe as Bruce Wayne only, do the reboot of batman where he tells him he knows who he is and get them talking , redo a good GL and have WW and Martian Manhunter at the end bringing them all together(he is the telepath) But 2013 release means no development and a poorly developed set-up, this could be every bit as good as Avengers but they are just gonna try to get out as quickly as possible and we get junk, too bad

  • Jonathon Besanko

    Why does this feel the same to me as the ‘Space Race’ leading up to the Moon Landing in 1969. America triumphed over Russia the same way The Avengers has triumphed over a Justice League film. Accept the fact WB and don’t make a weak and rushed film merely for the money it’d entail.

    • kodie dunn

      umm we didnt exactly trump russia im a history teacher to be (in college) but they were the first TO space not us, first man IN space, we just found a hard surface!

  • esnkd

    so far none of the DC heros have any stay power cause they keep remaking them after one movie, even BATMAN has had to go through many movies before they almost got it right, the XMEN and AVENGERS THOR ETC….. all are pretty good on their own without having to start over all the time even SPIDER MAN had a good run with TOBY before they went with the decent looking super skinny kid in the outfit. Perhaps if SUPERMAN wasn’t port-raid in such a stupid manner the FLASH will have no big screen presents and really WONDER WOMAN probably is the only viable next DC movie that might not suck. Don’t worry DC marvel did fuck up pretty bad with FANTASTIC FOUR if they do a remake they need to stay more serious instead of going the kid rout which always destroys a movie that wants adult monies.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-L-Greenlee/1269130691 James L. Greenlee

      Um, what about HULK? Swing and a miss twice, right?


    Crime Syndicate V Justice League

  • David

    All the comments I read prove that people expect them to prep and re-boot and line up the universes etc. When we already have a 50 year set up from the comics world. I would love a studio to have the balls to say “Everyone knows these characters, let’s just start the movie”. No solo movies beforehand, no origin build ups.

    Plenty of successful franchises have just jumped in and started up the credits, Indiana Jones, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, Terminator, X-Men. Many of them with little, less or no literary precedent to “prepare the masses” for the films.

    • that guy

      I agree with David. Hollywood has a bad case of thinking its audiences are drooling morons. More storytelling less special effects dammit! Oh wait I’m living in 2012, nevermind, sigh.

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      James Bond was a series of books before Dr No hit the big screen, FYI. Back when people actually read books….

  • KnighDark84

    I think DC should make two superman movies and have the second one show Darkside. Then make a Justice League movie where everyone has to join forces. Like the Avengers use Thor brother to Loki. There has to be a reason for them to really come as one. As we all know Batman from the Justice League cartoon he did not want to leave Gotham unless the world was in trouble.

  • http://twitter.com/tsepisch Richard

    The DC Heroes have been mostly treated as jokes by Hollywood. Stan Lee retains enough control to insure the marvel characters are taken serious. If Hollywood would do the DC heroes justice then they would do MUCH better but they seam to take every thing from the past as a joke and and seam to think that we have no fond memories of them. Just look at how the old TV series remakes have gone… DISASTERS………….

  • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

    This sounds like a really, really bad strategy. Sure, the comic geek contingent is a lock, though what about those people that aren’t all that familiar with the characters? The strength of Marvel’s approach is that solo movies introduce you to the members of, in the case, the Avengers.

    Expectation builds with each solo movie, till movie fans can barely restrain themselves when the characters are assembled.

    To work in reverse sounds really bad because there’s nothing leading into the Justice League (never mind that Batman will probably not be played by Christian Bale), and people will not feel the loyalty to it that they feel with the Marvel characters.

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      Umm there was never a solo Hawkye movie so your pint is what? did they do 4 movies featuring one of each of the Fantastic four? Or solo films for the X-Men? NO! Gee looks like another “expert”

      • http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepr1xp/index.html unsean

        You lack of knowledge is only surpassed by your cluelessness, it appears. Of course there was no Hawkeye movie, but Hawkeye was introduced to audiences in Thor (it was little more than an extended cameo, but he was there) while Black Widow was in both Iron Man films prior to The Avengers.

        You’re making another non-point in reference to the Fantastic Four as well. They’re a team, and–in movies at least–essentially don’t exist as individuals, which means that there wouldn’t be ANY Thing film, or Mr. Fantastic movie.

        The Black Widow and Hawkeye are icing on the cake, though the cake itself is Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk.

        Or are you trying to say that the rest of the Justice League is less important that Batman, Superman (who’s movie, if it tanks, will alter this equation in a very significant manner) and Green Lantern (who has shown us that, so far, he cannot carry his own movie.

      • davethecoworker

        but there were 5 (even though different actor, Incredible Hulk is still counted as MCU) solo movies, along with that buzz, Dr. Pepper did a lot of marketing for Avengers, something I doubt WB could get. Plus, hawkeye wasn’t really doing much for the movie anyway, I’m not sure whether to blame Jeremy Renner or Joss Whedon, but the way I see it, he didn’t really have much to work with on hawkeye’s part. So who really cares about a solo movie? The mystery of his cameo in Thor was good enough to want to see the marksman assembled.

      • Markus Negative (RIP Peter)

        The problem about your point here is this- Hawkeye was not a founding member of the Avengers (of course, nether was Cap as his first appearance was in Avengers #4). The main characters- Iron-Man, Hulk and Thor, had solo movies to help establish the character and everything the movie viewer (those who know nothing of comic books)needed to know about them, while setting up the Avengers movie to be focused on the story, NOT character introductions. The same can be said about the Black Widow, of which were two characters that were secondary to Cap, Iron-Man, Hulk and Thor.

        As for the Fantastic Four? Other than the Thing featured in Marvel Two-In-One (a team-up issue), the FF have always been featured as a team, as it is the case with the X-Men (Wolverine the only character I know to have his own title), but then, Hollywood (in my opinion) seems to have this belief that comic book movies have to be realistic, to have characters that audience would like, instead of going with the characters that actually make up the team. This is probably one of the reasons there are so many reboots, because MAYBE- just maybe- the audience can’t relate what is on screen to what is in the comic books. I have no problem with changing the story to update it to current events, but if Galactus is a 100 foot giant man in a blue-purple armor with a big bucket-like helmet, then THAT is how he should be seen on screen.

        The FACT is this- it’s a Hollywood super hero movie, seen mostly by those who have no idea what a Ant-Man is, and have no idea who the actual team members were for the X-Men and the Avengers. To them, I don’t think it matters.

  • John

    It will never happen. WB is too top heavy with phony execs that do nothing but fly low so that no one will notice how inept they really are.

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      Good point, John. And allow me to add that most if not all of them have never even read a comic book. Which is amazing, considering the studio’s origins….

  • Azrael the Cat

    There’s just a giant problem with a Justice League team movie: it’s too all-powerful to be anything more than a transformers-level action/cgi flick. It can work in the comics where you can have major inter-galactic story arcs, but it doesn’t have the capacity for a grounded action film that you could hang drama and human emotion from. Heck, that’s part of the reason why Superman films are so damn hard to make – it’s been done twice, but still it’s a much tougher property to translate to great film than Batman simply because you’re stuck between trying to create a credible threat and trying to create a good film.

    The Avengers almost falls into the same category – even with 5 films to establish the characters – and they still make a point of dropping Thor down a few power notches compared to the comics so that the only character with superman-like invulnerability (the Hulk) can be played as a threat, a hero and (most importantly) a basis for interesting drama.

    I’m not expecting much from Avengers sequels, and a Justice League film would be completely ass-backwards. Sure, they can make great cartoons that draw upon the comic base, but they’re largely aimed at kids together with folks watching it at home as a guilty pleasure – a film for a broad audience needs greater character nuance and thematic impact, and I just can’t see how a Justice League film would allow for that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DawnTreader Alan Tonn

    I feel for DC fans. so few good live action movies out there of thier beloved characters. i really think that they are going to have a hard time competing with Marvel as WB and DC can’t seem to find someone who knows how to handle the properties. I am fairly certain we are going to see a lot of cash thrown at these movies and WB and DC are going to see little return.

    • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

      If DC fans would stop viewing LA as the be-all-end-all of superhero-dom, they might be pleasently surprised. You want the Justice League? Already done brilliantly by Bruce Timm! In fact, the TImm-verse is the single best take on the DCU outside the books EVER!

  • Frizz

    It makes sense why!!! DC got pissed off With the fact that Marvel is rich with thier movie Avengers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sdphoto35 Steven Davis

    why do you have a post that contradicts another post saying its one of the movies that will never happen?

  • Alex

    They can’t do it honestly. Christian Bale will not be playing Bat-Man again unless Christopher Nolan is directing. And guy’s lets be honest, Christian Bale is the best Bat-Man so far. It would seem like a horrible attempt to get a new guy simply because you can’t do anything with him anymore. And he’s had no contact with any other DC heroes before so why now? Wonder Woman has been tried to be put on screen so many times it’s not even funny. All of them were either OK or not good at all. Green Lantern wasn’t even all that good. The only hero I’d be interested in seeing with his own movie besides Bat-Man is Martian ManHunter. Justice Leagues cannot be done since these movies are so scattered.

  • an expert

    I Disagree, Marvel has done the 5 movie build up to the assemble! been done! DC need to take a new aproach, i reckon do man of steel with cavill then do justice league in a trilogy with superman as the main character recruiting and for the first one introduce batman maybe the flash……….. spin off batman introduce a new member near the end….. superman 2 introduce another member….justice league 2 with 5 members now,… batman 2 no new members, justice league 3 full team….. superman 3 then spin off other team members if any good!


    Oh who cares! at least they will make justice league and I’m happy with that! and I don’t really care about the “STRATEGY!” coz it will work out fine!


    I change my mind what if that is a bad strategy! :P

  • John Lowry

    Ok, here is how it should go, and WB execs LISTEN UP.
    First Movie: WORLD’S FINEST! Yes pair the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel together in one movie. Two reasons, 1: with 7 movies each you don’t need to re-introduce them and it lays the groundwork for the JL 2: you can also sew the seeds for the JL villain (Darkseid maybe)
    Second movie: Wonder Woman, introduce the world to the Amazon Princess.
    Third Movie: Green Lantern 2. DO NOT REBOOT just go on with the Sinestro story line, it will give the possibility of introducing alien races like the Thanagarians.
    Fourth Movie: the Flash. Give us a good intro to the Speedster, don’t go with Wally West, do the Barry Allen flash. Barry could run across the path of a private investigator named John Jones.
    All the while have Bats or Superman show up at some point to recruit each of these characters.
    Fifth Movie: Justice League. Core 7 characters only, they band together to fight an Apocalyptic battle.

    Oh and dont hire directors of kids movies to direct these films. Tap into the directors of the animated films.

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      Your plan gives us a JLA movie oh, we’ll say conservatively 7 years from now. If they’re going to do this right, they can’t have any introductory movies, they just have to do it, and let it stand on its own.

      I do agree with the poster than mentioned going in with a plan was a good idea, which the fine folks at WB Entertainment didn’t really do.

      I’ll be returning to Earth-37 now….

      • Barack Samson

        Bypassing introductory movies is what will kill a justice league film. If DC jumped right in with a JL movie, it would only be seen as a pale attempt at their own avengers. The audience outside of the comic community won’t have any investment in their characters other than batman and superman. If you want an amazing justice league movie you’ll have to wait, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a mediocre film attempting to ride the avenger’s nuts. If you think about it, rushing out product is what’s killing all of DC’s new movies.

        DC is trying too hard to catch up to Marvel without taking into account what makes their movies work. Marvel is in touch with their characters and puts effort into figuring out exactly how they will all fit into a movie universe. Marvel’s movie universe is extensive and has been carefully crafted to give each hero’s respective movie a place in it. DC is just trying to pump out as many solo movies as they can without even trying to tie them in to some form of coherent universe where they can all reside. A big budget blockbuster that contains all of those heroes will fall without a foundation to stand on.The best thing they can do is take their time.

        • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

          Another one who should NOT quit their day job. Hollywood making films for those who are not into this Genre of film is what’s killing the movies as it is. you don’t see Chick flick film writers making chick Flicks that would get guys interested in them so why waste time on those who don’t go to Sci-Fi Action films? If it was up to you we will be waiting for another 90 years.

          • Lex Walker

            Except the reason Marvel’s films have succeeded is because everyone and their parents and grandparents could appreciate them. Credit it to Marvel’s forethought or just to the likeability of Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth, but either way the foundation movies pre-Avengers did fantastically well BECAUSE they appealed to a broader audience than comic book geeks, not in spite of it. Catering to JUST fans of Sci-Fi or Comic Books is doom for a blossoming franchise, but then maybe that’s why you favor it, Mr. Sheep.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

          You do realize that half the people that went, saw, and The Avengers didn’t really Know anyone other than Iron Man. If WB called out right now with a Bats and Supes movie for next year. I bet that would tank the Avengers price standings in ticket sales. Add a few extra characters to that and WHY NOT call it a JLA movie? People have literally been waiting their entire life’s for that.

      • JaiGuru

        Your Earth 37 comment is proof of why the rest of your post is nonsense. Movies are not made to pander to core audiences, pretty much ever. ESPECIALLY not big budget movies. There MUST be mass market appeal. We comic fans take the merits of our slower paced, longer lasting medium. We forget sometimes that we’ve had years, in some cases literally generations, of material to flesh out the nuances of our favs. We can carry the comics anywhere and either bnge on piles of them or take them one page at a time as our current life circumstances allow.

        A movie, on the other hand, has FAR more stringent demands. It must tell it’s story in 2-3 hours. It must have mass market appeal. It must balance the need to present a decent story with the need to exploit the benefits of it’s own brand of story telling (which are as far away from the merits of comic book story telling as you can get, frankly.)

        If DC just jumps right on in with both feet, more than half the potential audience for the JL movie wont have a damn clue what is going on. Half the core audience wont either because they wont know what series/timeline/universe/etc their favs are from and thus have issues relating to the motives for their actions. DC must build up to this or we’ll lose our opportunity to see a decent showing of our favorite DC characters in a way that does them the justice our own imaginations did them when we were younger and flipping the pages.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

          I can’t name one person I know that went to see Captain America, Thor, or the horrible Hulk movies. Let alone rent them months later. Yet, the Avengers were a great success?

          • JaiGuru

            You’re like the only one in America then. Because that movie was all everyone was talking about. Virtually everyone went to see it. it was a gigantic success, in terms of box office sales.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

            Yeah. That could be. And, I’m aware that those movies all did decent in ticket sales. I personally don’t know anyone who went to see them. Avengers though, everyone I know was there opening weekend. So, i guess my point is that people don’t really need those movies to be built up to a grand inclusive cast of super heros. WB can just call their shot and hit it out of the park if it’s done right and then go from there. I do understand you skepticism with WB though.

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      Suggestion.. Don’t quit your day job.. What part of TEAM do you NOT understand?

    • Cool Poppa Dell

      This is an awesome idea! Seriously, Ignore Marvel. Do things your way and starting with Worlds finest is the perfect entry into an expanded universe.

    • Chad

      You actually DO need to reintroduce us to Batman and Superman as they will be new actors and therefore new interpretations of the characters. Christian Bale’s Batman (who is done after Rises anyway) would not fit in a Justice League movie with Superman. You have to completely reinvent the DC onscreen universe and build each character from scratch. Marvel did just that and ignored the previous installments like Hulk. When Marvel decided to finance their own movies and introduce each character in their own movie (with a few exceptions) they demonstrated the formula. Now DC needs to commit 4 years to using that formula. Batman must be re-imagined and Green Lantern needs to be amended (keep Reynolds though). They can start with Man of Steel. Begin planting seeds like rumors of other heroes. Wonder Woman seems the logical second character. Super strength on par with Superman and it would give room for The Dark Knight Rises to solidify its legend before they re-imagine Batman. If they don’t rush it and begin with a vision of where they want to end up and they can do it

      • dante

        everything that u said is great except for the Reynolds part. he was a horrible choice for the movie because he makes a horrible hal jordan. if they do a sequel to GL they should introduce Jon Stewart even if they dont put him in JLA.

        • apollo

          great idea they should do that, and coming from a viewer perspective not a GL fan i thought Reynolds was great but the movie sucked due to poor supporting cast, crappy script, and bad direction but reynolds was fine. In reality i just want a flash movie thats all i ask

          • MassTrafficPhil

            agreed, reynolds was fine, just crappy everything else

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

          I heard somewhere that the sequel could have something to do with introducing the John Stewert character. The Green Lantern Corps!

      • http://twitter.com/49erJojo Joel

        What IF the Man of Steel tanks for some reason? Do you still go with Cavil or change the QB (maybe have Tom Welling play Superman) since the JLA feature could take place further into the future.

        • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

          Welling, IMO doesn’t have the presence to pull of a big screen Superman. And half the audience will expect his low-key “Smallville” portrayal if they use him, which won’t play well in theaters.

          • JaiGuru

            I’ve often said Superman is one of the hardest characters to write a decent script for. He’s entirely too much. He’s nothing but a giant ego stroke to little kids who want everything their own way. His personality is based in now antiquated forms of american nationalism. His appearance has the double whammy of being both ridiculous beyond reason and entirely too iconic to mess with. He is so cartoonishly over powered that you have to set up these scenarios which are 20x MORE cartoonish than he, simply to squeeze a tiny bit of tension out of the arc. This is damned problematic for a JL movie because no other character really comes close to Supe’s power level. How do you even write a JL movie that doesn’t devolve into a “we had and hour and 45 minutes of these other try-hards attempting to kick bad guy butt…but superman just swoops in and does all the real work. He’s the worst case of Desu ex machina since the original God. And THAT is plain poor story telling.

            You know what else? That is COMPLETELY okay. It is okay for Superman to be childish fun. But don’t fool yourselves; Superman, and perhaps by extension, the Justice League, CANNOT be childish on the big screen. Audiences are too invested in this “gritty reboot” crap. There’s no room for camp in this anally retentive society. I don’t want to say it’s impossible to write a decent script for a movies with Supe’s in it, but until such a time as he is RADICALLY reinvented, I sincerely doubt we’ll see one.

          • simon parker

            The Hulk is harder to do than Superman

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

            YOUR WRONG

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

            First off! The original member of the JLA I believe is Martian Manhunter. Who has all the powers of Supes plus extra abilities, like shape shifting and such. And, as far as antiquated Americanism sure seemed to work for Captain America movies…. Don’t be so down. DC Will give us what we want.

          • JaiGuru

            Yes but the Cap movies were set IN those times. They were period pieces. Superman will have to undergo some serious rewriting where as Cap’s anachronastic mentality lended a further layer of depth to his persona as he struggled to deal with modern america. It’s not DC I’m worried about. It’s Warner Brothers.

      • http://www.facebook.com/al217 Alvin Padayachee

        Will definitely need to reintroduce Batman because Bale won’t be playing the character anymore. Plus there will be no input from Nolan. Superman maybe not so much because of the movie next year. Wonder Woman will definitely have to be modernised a bit. To be honest I think that the characters can be built up in one movie – no need for separate movies. Aside from Superman and Batman the rest of the characters are not really dense enough character-wise to warrant wasting money on character-building movies.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

        No, they ignored previous installments of the Hulk and it still worked! The Hulk is a heavy hitter, but yet seamlessly the bad movies just don’t matter when you boil it down. Because WE wanted it that much. WE believed that what they gave us was going to work this time, AGAIN. Things don’t need to be re imagined that much. Sinestro in a GL sequel can still be great, that, solves that problem. WB doesn’t need to follow marvels strategy. As, that would be be blatantly unoriginal. It’s been done before. (ANYBODY CAN BE BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.harbison.39 Michael Harbison

      dont forget martian man hunter and green arrow

      • MassTrafficPhil

        john jones = martian manhunter
        ” Barry could run across the path of a private investigator named John Jones.”

      • Janubis

        The Guy from Arrow should be… Arrow…

    • Douglas Hale

      Don’t follow Marvel’s roll-up. It totally sucks. I prefer the trilogy idea, cleaner and better.

      • John

        Yeeeaaaaah bull shit. Not olny does it all fit. It also leads up to Thanos the most bad ass mother fucker in the universe… he destroys half of it btw. He almost kills all of the avengers except the fantastic four. I mean it kind of sad how DC is going right now to me. A universe full of a bunch of Gods and awesome characters shouldn’t be in a pitfall like they are/were. At least Marvel has twists and turns they can do. Spiderman can die right now >.> <.< nope nothin can Superman die? I hope so… overrated pansy. Doomsday needs to come back and show some woop ass. The Flash and Green Arrow are your best assets. We have Hulk, Spiderman, Hawkeye, Deadpool, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and all dem other niggas…

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

          The new fantastic four! And, Marvel hasn’t worked spider-man or wolverine into those positions YET. WE need a superman. Now if more than ever! And as far as your argument about incapable superheros! Well, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Star Girl, Hawk guy/girl, AQUAMAN! Yeah I said it! and, you will probably be the first in line for tickets when it happens

        • JaiGuru

          Doomsday is the one Superman story arch I genuinely like. They need to make THAT movie.

    • Kristina

      I like the way u think :)

    • MassTrafficPhil

      they should hire you

    • Dj Scott

      This Actually is one of the best ideas ive heard in a long time, but i think they should keep bruce wayne they have now, maybe have Superman recruit him in the man of steel about something big happening and it’s a big dispute b/c he’s retired and that leads off into a World’s Finest Movie

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

      I AGREE DO NOT REBOOT GREEN LANTERN! What they have now is something awkward, but sometimes those are the things that pay out in the end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Miriavila Mirie Avila Martinez

    The strategy is a no-no by itself. I really don’t see it going anywhere good.
    Seriously DC? The Avengers is just way out of your league, quite literaly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696459521 Zuhayr Jamal

    Why not keep the same Batman actor? I would like to see the same actor in solo and group movies.

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      Bale has stated he no longer wishes to play the part.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dakota-TheViking-Parks/100000886984021 Dakota TheViking Parks

    they need to stop rebooting shit after its only been around for 5-10 years. first it 2003’s Hulk, then again in 2008, then again in The Avengers. and to ad insult to injury, they rebooted the franchise that was fine the way it was…yes I’m talkin about the Spiderman franchise. the only reason they rebooted it is because there were disagreements with the script for the 4th film, but who ever said there needed to be a 4th. they couldv just left well enough alone. and now theres talk about rebooting Batman…AGAIN!!! if they’re gonna reboot the bat, then I say dont even bother making a Justice league movie. we’re doing just fine without it. besides, Nolan’s Batman is the only good thing the DC universe has goin for them right now.
    I have spoken

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      I don’t believe Batman will ever truly be a reboot at this time, as it’s part of a larger franchise. I’m probably the only guy that would truly want to do Batman the rest of his life. Nolan should be allowed to move onto other things.

      • JaiGuru

        What are you even….did you WATCH Nolan’s Batman movies? It damn sure is NOT part of a larger franchise. That was the whole point! It’s an insular universe, the story told as NOLAN and his writers envisioned it, embracing the merits of the big screen and without the baggage of all the other DC stuff tacked on. It was stripped down in a way Batman never could be within the context of a universe populated by gods, supermen, aliens and other cartoony things.

        For a JL movie to happen, Batman, one of the most central characters to the story, MUST be rebooted as Nolans Batman simply cannot coexist with these other elements.

    • xJANDERx

      So say we all!

      • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

        I wonder if there’s a board somewhere that people argue about James Bond in the same fashion.

        Don’t we get that characters grow and change over time?

        The brothers Warner have figured out how to do a good Superhero movie, now they just have to figure out the best way to get one made without all the half-breed interference.

        And, if you don’t get the reference, I suggest you go back to remedial fandom school.

      • MassTrafficPhil

        bsg 4 the win!

    • Pezdrake

      Those weren’t Hulk reboots, they were all continuations of the same storyline. A reboot is a new beginning that rewrites the story and changes it. not just changes actors.

    • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

      Your kidding right? Nolan tossed out everything from the Batman universe that could not be “based in reality”. Well guess what Comic Books ARE NOT REAL.

    • DALE

      VERY WELL DONE I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID! as for the hulk if ed norton was not such a punk and as i understand he was not comfortable sharing the screen with the big actors in the avengers so for the avengers to work they needed to reboot him, but if you have seen the 2008 hulk and the avengers Mark ruffalo was far superior to ed nortons hulk in every way! but I do not want another batman… just say he died and leave him out of the justice league

      • EyeDigress

        In comics, DC has had different versions of Batman existing on shelves at the same time, i.e. Frank Miller’s grim Dark Knight series while the character co-existed in other books on the shelves. As good as Bale was under the cowl, WB can easily throw just about whoever in the suit and it will still be Batman. Maybe not your favorite personage of Batman, but it will be enough to suspend disbelief and allow JLA to happen.

      • nyghtflier009

        I usually never reply to these, but seriously dude leave batman out of the justice league, that is the most idiotic statement i have ever read. You can not leave batman out of a jla movie

    • davethecoworker

      i think a batman reboot is necessary, Nolan’s interpretation of batman isn’t really the kind to be in a team, it won’t be good for DC to reboot this early, but it’s kind of a necessity. Maybe don’t have a movie, but reboot the batman character, just take a scene or two and explain the changes subtly.

  • Jack Carlo

    Here’s who should play the roles it perfect:)

    Henry Cavill as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman

    Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman

    Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern

    Jessica Biel as Diana / Wonder Woman

    Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen / Flash

    Laurence Fishbourne as J’onn J’onzz / John Jones / Martian Manhunter

    Channing Tatum as Orin / Arthur Curry / Aquaman

    And Michael Clarke Duncan as Darkseid

    What do you think people?:)

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      Yes, and after you’ve spent your entire budget on these stars, how much will be left to make the actual movie?

  • Jack Carlo

    Here’s who should play the roles its perfect:)

    Henry Cavill as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman

    Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman

    Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern

    Jessica Biel as Diana / Wonder Woman

    Bradley Cooper as Barry Allen / Flash

    Laurence Fishbourne as J’onn J’onzz / John Jones / Martian Manhunter

    Channing Tatum as Orin / Arthur Curry / Aquaman

    And Michael Clarke Duncan as Darkseid

    What do you think people?:)

  • Manny

    Or you could hopefully find a way to keep Bale and Nolan to team up with Kevin smith to make a storyline to start out with Batman getting recruited like Wolverine did to the X-Men in the first movie. It will move along the movie and to build upon that in sequels and spinoffs. It is definitely possible to accomplish, noting how far the X-Men series has taken off. But it does need that big villain to bring batman to the already existing JLA.
    And to make the stories and origins of each hero more relevant to the mainstream audience is to darken the whole entire movie as Batman was, and change outfits accordingly of certain heroes to less corny, generic spandex onezie with a cape. Not too radical to make sure you stay true to the characters, though. That’s the difference between Marvel and DC movies, costume customation and dazzling the viewer to make appearance more appealing, as shallow as it sounds. I personally think it will work, taking into consideration that in the comics, Batman was open to becoming a member when the world was in danger. So it would appeal to comic fans AND the general public by already following the widely loved Christian Bale as the Dark Knight on his recruitment to the JLA.
    It will open up countless opportunities for more movies, and good actors.

    PS Green Lantern Doesn’t need to be replaced but he should get a costume makeover and ditch the corny lines which shouldn’t be a problem with ideally scoring the right writers, directors and staff

  • Stefan

    It would fail because WB doesn’t have a Kevin Feige to bring a unifying vision. Feige was on board for the Marvel movies since Iron Man. Think how remarkable it is that you could get the third biggest film of all time from multiple characters in one film who, let’s be honest, very few people outside the comic book core fans had any interest in originally. The Avengers was always a poor man’s Justice League, but WB has really fumbled their DC properties except for Batman. And unfortunately Nolan’s Batman would never work in a JL alongside superhuman characters and aliens.

  • spanky890

    I love Batman but not having Bale in it just doesn’t seem right. It needs two things, a build up and a cause to unite the heroes. Otherwise it’ll fail

  • Logik

    In my opinion the DC universe has such vibrancy and depth it’s a shame there hasn’t been any decent movies beside the original superman movies with Reeves, and Nolan’s Batman. I vote they make a 6 hour JL movie or as someone said before you can have team ups in jl intro movies like Bat/SuperMan (maybe gotham can be under siege by a new high tech gang run by *insert villian idea* who is being supplied by lex who has deeper motivation and the Bat seeks superman’s aid since no one knows Lex better than big blue…. yada yada and the end. It really isnt hard to come up with an idea for a solid super hero movie since you can let your imagination run wild.

  • manny1

    Start with the main three…. Wayne gets a government contract from steve trevor and diana (W.W.) with the media covering this from newspapers (the daily planet) with the obvious kal-el covering this to all major news networks. clark gets an exclusive with wayne and the amazon wonder….. then all of a sudden the first semi not really major villain appears( keep the big villains for the sequel and threequels) makes an appearance does something bad and then start the story from there its not that hard people

  • DC/Marvel Comic Fan here!

    Warner Bros. For you’re own sakes & fans aswell, Don’t rush a Justice League film. Keep Man of Steel Seperate just incase. We don’t need another redo of Superman 2 as Superman Returns looked like a rehash of Donnor’s original Superman film.

  • OhYeahh!

    Marvel Should buy DC and do the same thing they Did with avengers LOL!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SabakuMuse SabakuMuse

    I’m more of a Marvel girl, I liked Green Lantern, but Superman or Batman movie are enough, and regarding Batman, Nolan’s films are going to be really hard to surpass.

  • http://twitter.com/sheepodoom SheepODoom

    IF Done RIGHT it would kick the Avengers Ass. Sadly so far they have done everything WRONG with Casting, Costume & Script.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tylorchapman.chapman Tylor Chapman

    I think you should make movies of the original seven in the order the joined the justice league and for green lantern 2 I think it should branch out with the other emotion spectors like war of light or mabey even blackest night (make it more interesting) in the flash defenitly use Barry but have max mercury train him superman and batman are old no one wants more but that’s to late but WB needs to take there time in creating these movies I don’t want another green lantern with the others like my favorite The Flaah

  • chuck maverick

    Start with Kingdom Come then move backwards

  • erratyc

    Here’s my idea. Make Man of Steel. Introduce Luthor and have him prepped to be a major factor in the future. Make GL2 with the whole Sinestro Corp deal. Post credits scene Superman shows up and basically says he’d like to speak with Hal. Next up, the Batman reboot. My pick for villain would be Clayface. Have a very similar post scene to GL2. Continue down this path for Flash, WW and Aquaman (yes, Aquaman. If you still think this character is a joke then you haven’t read a comic in the last 2 years). Throughout subsequent movies have easter eggs, like newspaper articles or tv reports talking about the Justice League. Post credits for whichever movie is last reveals each villain from the previous films approaching the last villain asking him if he wants revenge. Revealing the Injustice League and setting up the JL movie. This also gives us a perfectly legitimate reason to FINALLY put LL in his giant armor and become a physical threat to Supes. This is how I’d like it to go down, but there are several possibilities and as long as Geoff Johns is at DC, I have faith in there ability to produce quality entertainment

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

      So who plays the Penguin in your story? That to me is the key. A real life guy, not a freak, that is freindly to Bats, but yet operates on the darker side of the law. HEADS the IJL

  • jason of argo

    I think the main problem with any attempt to bring the Justice League to the big screen is outside of the geeky comic book world (of which i am a very proud member), not enough of the JL members are known even in passing by the general public. Everyone and their dog has heard of Superman and Batman, even if they have never read any of their respective comics. Maybe some have heard of Wonder Woman and The Flash, but away from that you will struggle to get mainstream recognition (Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern etc). While I fully understand that these comics are made primarily for the fans, it would be stupid of the movie studios to completely alienate the non-geeky comic book reading audience.

    Also, when you compare the DC comic book world to Marvelverse, Marvel has long had a tradition of having it’s characters cameo and team-up in other titles, mainly because most their heroes live in and around New York. DC tends to keep all it’s heroes apart, except on rare occasions outside of established teams (Teent Titans, JLA, JLS etc). By having all your main characters so totally isolated (except for Bats and Supes who meet up arguably more often than any other DC characters) it makes it very hard to have a believable movie storyline that would bring them all together.

    Bringing DC characters together works well in animated series and in the comics, but (and I believe it was Bryan Singer who said something similar when he was making X-Men 1 & 2), just because something works well/looks good in a comic book, doesn’t mean it will work in a movie; they are two very different entertainment mediums.

    If they were to reboot Batman for a JL movie, I think they would be devalue what Nolan has done with his movies if they changed much, apart from the actors involved. Franchises such as Bond has shown you can have different actors play the some character, keep it fresh and still take it in another direction.

    I do agree with one comment on here that says that DC should have a plan or goal in mind; stepping stones if you will, that they need to do before they get to a JL movie. While they are two different companies, Marvel has shown how successful they can be by having a clear, well thought out plan in place.

    Comic Book Movies is a bonafide movie genre in it’s own right now, and there is no reason why DC cannot bring more of it’s characters to the big screen with the same success as Marvel. While Marvel has shown that you can bring out movies featuring slightly less well known characters and have them be popular with the viewing audience, there’s no reason why DC can’t do the same. All that is required on their behalf is some fore-thought, patience, respect to the original source material and hiring the right writers and directors who truly understand the DC universe and it’s characters.

    If you make good movies, people (both fans and muggles alike) will go watch them and you’ll make bucketloads of money.

  • Raptor Centauri

    The reason that The Avengers and its preceding movies worked so well is strongly due to the fact that they are part of a self contained universe, and pieces of each have direct effect on others. This needs to be done for the DC Universe. Now to the specifics: (I’ll start by honestly saying that I’m not fully versed in many of the Justice League arcs or its ever-changing lineup at the moment.) Who should get (read: needs) their own movies? Obviously Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. ALL rebooted and rewritten for a DC cinematic universe. Yes, Christian Bale has been a phenomenal Batman, and Nolan has done more for the character than many could have asked, but it’s a contained world in which the rest of DC isn’t real. (For lack of better explanation, it’s an elseworld story arc). Aquaman and Green Lantern (done properly and not necessarily Hal Jordan) seems like the next logical steps. I don’t think that The Flash is a strong enough character to have a solo movie before an ensemble appearance, and I feel that the introduction of The Martian Manhunter occurring simultaneously to the audience and the characters could be really entertaining.

    Truthfully though, what I would much rather see happen is a Justice League film of the team established in Smallville (same actors).

    • http://www.facebook.com/Kutche Eric Kutche

      Flash has some of the deepest story lines next to Batman, if anything we don’t need anymore Superman movies. We get it, indestructible alien with superpowers with boy scout morals, but Flash can be funny and also have great struggles with secret identity and trying to keep his loved ones safe, trying to solve his parents murders, possibly time travel, and the awesome rouge gallery Flash has second again only to Batman. If you think Aquaman could do a solo movie and not Flash, you don’t know enough about Flash or don’t know how much of a joke Aquaman is.

  • DALE

    without the batman/christian bale that everyone has shown how much they love him by the $$$$ the J/L movie is DOOMED to FAIL miserably, ppl like the marvel continuity and will not like it if the mess this up, this batman is the best one ever and ppl will not respond well if he is not the same… MARVEL did it right and DC does nothing but make LAME cartoony movies EXCEPT NOLANS BATMAN, I cannot wait to laugh at this gIANT FAILURE

    • http://www.facebook.com/lj.austin.16 Lj Austin

      Nolan’s version of Batman would not fit inside this DC Universe with aliens and Meta Humans. Nolan wanted his movies to be more modern reality based to the point you could really believe there is a man out their who could pull off being Batman.

      They need a new Batman for this JLU movie that will fit properly with the aliens, meta humans, and Star Trek like technology. Your talking about a space center that orbits the Earth or military type bunkers in mountains with teleporters.

      Not to mention every city in the New York and Jersey areas (Gotham, Star City, Central City, etc.) seems to have 3 or more Super Heroes that reside there. No, Nolan’s and Bale’s version of Batman has no place in this DC Universe. And I wouldn’t want to confuse fans to think that is the same Batman. Let the Nolan Trilogy stand alone and lets move on. Because no matter how many times WB and DC get it wrong, fans will always be waiting to see these heroes come together and stand alone.

      • DALE

        I do understand that, but the way marvel did their movies worked just fine! and iron man was concieved to be the same as nolans batman, why couldnt they make 1 more of nolans batmen to introduce some of this other stuff from the comics? I just cannot see another batman! they are gonna wear it out! things do get old! and after 10 batman movies to REintroduce him again is getting rediculas! dont you think? I want a JL movie too but damn just leave batman out and say he died then cause WB is wearing us out on batman, does anyone know if the new superman will be in line with the JL movie? or did they screw that up too! OR intrduce all the other characters first and wait for the JL to intro a new batman in 4 or 5 yrs! maybe that would be the way to go, because with the success of nolans batman ppl will be disappointed if they intro him too quickly.

        • BatFreak

          You can’t have the JL without Batman! Seriously! There is no JL without the main heroes. Superman, Batman, WW, Martian Manhunter, Flash and Green Lantern! Leaving Bats out of a JL movie is a ridiculous idea.

          • DALE

            the whole JL idea is stupid! WB is just scrambling to do what the avengers did! So now they have to reboot batman AGAIN, are the top dogs at WB not smart enough to have thought of this idea b4? so now completely ruin a character that ppl OBVIOUSLY love (look at the money the 3 nolan batman movies brought in) they could have done this smarter and I hope they pay for it when ppl hate the JL or a new batman, ppl are sick of differant batmen being pushed out because WB SUCKS

  • DALE

    they need to use this next superman then for the first installment and wait the 4 years to re-introduce the next batman AGAIN (getting very old) DC/WB wait about 6 yrs to go full justice league, it will take time to get used to ANOTHER SUPERMAN/BATMAN and dont make your movies so childish make them like marvel did, and get some damn continuity find someone that has a long term plan and that does no just want to make a quick buck MAKE IT FEEL REAL WB…..PLEASE i grew up on batman and superman, wonder woman, but I LOVE what marvel has done and im a straight up HULK man all the way THOR, the captain and Iron man will kick justice legue all over this planet, especially since WB/DC cannot get their heads out of their BUTTHOLES and make a good movie

  • kenny

    This will not work. DC Comics are just not hot right now except for the Chis Nolan version of Batman. I’m fine with a batman reboot, but it shouldn’t happen for at least 10 years. Many current batman fans will resent a new version of batman so fast whether it’s a serious Christian Bale imitation, or a campier version. If Warner Bros. goes through with this as planned, they will lose a lot of money.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lonny-Plock/100001183020880 Lonny Plock

    Batman Forever and ever and ever lol

  • Randal

    I really don’t think Warner Bros. has any choice other than to produce a JLA film — although it MUST be a trilogy — filmed all at one time (like Lord of the Rings) to cut costs and speed production. They could then release one chapter for three consecutive years. They simply don’t have the time to go the Marvel route of making solo hero films then combining them. The studio needs something big to make up for the loss of income from Nolan’s Batman, Twilight, and the Harry Potter films.

    The idea can work, but (as with any motion picture) everything depends on the quality of the script, the filmmakers, the marketing, and the actors. Superman: Man of Steel will probably be a success story. For the sake of continuity, they really need Cavill to star in the epic — even as he goes on to make one or two more solo pictures. The same would hold true for Reynolds if WB plans on a GL2 film. Otherwise, I think the cast should consist of unknowns since the story is being created from the ground up. Using big-name stars would not only cost more but known actors would bring too much baggage to a film that would be touted as groundbreaking.

    The audience is familiar with Superman and Batman. Wonder Woman had a TV series, as did The Flash — although this was some time ago. My preference would be for the script to not go very deeply into each character’s origin. Origin stories are really not that interesting. They’d have to address who came from where, but they shouldn’t spend more than a few minutes on the subject. A more entertaining approach would be to show where each character is in present time (and like The Avengers, keep a good distance from all the boring angst).

    For those that are adamant that each character needs a solo first, I would have to remind them that not everyone saw Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or possibly neither of the two Hulk films. Maybe some people saw Iron Man, or they saw Thor, or they saw Captain America, but not the entire retinue. Nevertheless, the public came out in herds to see The Avengers, regardless if they caught all the solo films or not. So, this idea that Marvel executed a brilliant plan that paid off big time is hypothetical. Remember also that Marvel did not have a lot of luck with The Fantastic Four, Daredevil or Elektra. Marvel can mess up just as easily as DC.

    An epic-length, grand-scale JLA film is entirely possible, but it would require an extraordinary story and exacting execution. If WB acquires the best talent available for all aspects of the production, it just might turn out to be amazing. The talent is out there if the studio chooses to be discriminating (almost to a fault). Then, if this pool of talent works synergistically, we may have something to look forward to.

    • Diezel

      Randal you said that “Remember also that Marvel did not have a lot of luck with The Fantastic Four, Daredevil or Elektra. Marvel can mess up just as easily as DC”. Actually, you are incorrect. Marvel Studios had nothing to do with these films. Therefore, they didn’t “mess” them up. 20th Century Fox did, as they own the theatrical rights to these characters in film.

  • davethecoworker

    if they rush it (and they will) for a 2015 or 2016 JLA movie, it’ll burn, it wont even crash, just burst into flames…BUT if they do it right, wait awhile, have wonder woman, gl2, flash and aquaman movies (getting a wonder woman movie that works would be a miracle), then around 2017, THEN it might work,

  • cujo13666@yahoo.com

    question did anyone ever read death of superman if they followed the comic and just introdeuced different heroes instead of booster gold (replaced by green lantern,maxima(replaced by wonder woman they could have a hell of an idea the death and birth of superman by doomsday and the birth of jla being started by batman gathering all the superheroes to fill the the void left by supermans death then they could also do the rebirth of superman

  • Sarodvedne

    Ryan Reynolds would have made a better Flash than being Green Lantern. But besides the point, heres my choices for dc characters in justice league. Superman should be Henry Cavill again. Batman should be Thomas Gibson (Hodgens off of Criminal Minds). Martian Manhunter should be Brad Garret from Everybody loves Raymond, for his size and his voice, sure he is older but his face will be a fancy mask and covered with make up anyway. Flash should be Neil Patrick Harris, just because the voice is perfect for the Flash, and Flash shouldn’t be muscular, but should be skinny like a professional runner. Wonder Woman should be Megan Fox. Aqua Man should be Bradley Cooper. Darkseid should be Michael Clarke Duncan. Green Lantern should be Ryan Reynolds still, as he is fresh on peoples minds as GL, or should be Michael Fassbender from Prometheus As he would look great as Hal Jordan. If they go the Stewart Route, L.L. Cool Jay would be a great John Stewart.

  • Kenowa

    They have to reboot if a director and star are not willing to continue on with a legendary character. Find people who will or set it up to pass the torch. There can never be enough accomplished with such huge characters in only a trilogy.

  • Dark Knight

    I think that DC should just go for the Justice League movie, but make it part by part… like the lord of the rings style. Giving them plenty of time to lay out the story between say, maybe 3 movies. The lord of the rings did it, so did the Matrix and don’t forget Star Wars.. and look at success those movies had. The Avengers might have made some money, but it could never stand close to the titles i just mentioned. It will keep the fans and viewers on edge and it will give plenty of time to tell the story properly. I think the Justice League should do it.. P.s SUPPORT THE DARK KINGHT PEOPLE!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1314138492 Albert Lewis Jr

      This is the best idea I’ve heard regarding a Justice League movie. All of the people saying that DC should follow Marvels rollout plan are not thinking creatively or sensibly (no offense)

      Matrix, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars trilogies are absolutely excellent choices for how this could be rolled out as a group movie. Brilliant in fact.

    • http://www.facebook.com/al217 Alvin Padayachee

      I don’t think the studio would be willing to splash out so much money to make a movie series that has no credibility as yet. Sure the comic book franchise is well respected but how good would the movie be without a good screenplay and director? I think its better if they do one movie first – to establish the characters and then maybe think of something back to back if they have a solid enough storyline. Remember – LOTR was already written by Tolkien. The Matrix was the magnum opus for the Wachowski brothers and Star Wars is the life’s work of George Lucas, not to mention the vision is completely backed by Lucas arts. These unique elements are not available to the JLA production – atleast not in the same capacity.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZRKVVUR5RNEE5DRX4PLZOGTJZA kurtis

        Are you kidding me! There isn’t 70 years of comic arcs to feed off of here? To say the story isn’t is just plain ignoring the fact that it is.

    • http://twitter.com/Luvagoo Tallulah Alice Mae

      I agree, good idea. “Copying” Marvel in any way, even something as inane as a general structure, is bad, lazy, and just going to get people making even tougher comparisons.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=886595407 James Vetzal

      the avengers didn’t just make some money though, it’s the 3rd highest grossing film ever (considering only 12 movies in history have past the billion dollar mark(not including inflation) thats even more impressive) and the ‘rollout’ approach did just what you say the trilogy should do, introduce all the characters and their stories, except in the marvel it’s only those characters and their individual stories with the sole plot of the avengers being them coming together. though dc shouldn’t do that approach because it would just be the most blatantly ripped off idea, in my opinion what marvel is doing with their movies (all in one universe, all connected and individual) is the perfect adaptation of comic books too the big screen in that one of the core things that makes comics so awesome is how interwoven and connected all the characters are.
      and too my knowledge Marvel is in the process of getting as many rights back as they can (like spider-man recently was) now that they have their own movie studio and don’t have to delegate it out to whoever is interested, they will be able to make characters that other companies don’t think will work and hopefully all their movies from here on will be connected (i’m certain now that they own the rights again the amazing spiderman sequel will connect in some way too the avengers world as spiderman also is a primary avengers member now that would let them bring him in, the same could also happen for x-men and not mention joss whedon is apparently doing a marvel comic tv show, which could change things again by using the advantages a tv series has for including a wider range of characters and stories than a movie ever could

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sol-Invictus/100000532310749 Sol Invictus

      The Crisis on Infinite earths storyline would make a great trilogy ….

    • Mike

      the story have to be just write, it should last maybe 2hrs run time…. i seen so many bad story lines. if your going to it do it right….

  • http://www.facebook.com/Footkisser2010 Mike Baker

    If they do introductory movies on the individual characters, there’s still no need to push a Justice League movie off 4-7 years. Didn’t Marvel put out Thor and Captain America within a few months of each other, and follow with Avengers barely a year later? They can make this work, but they’ll just have to get moving and quit stalling. For example, June 2013, Man of Steel. Let’s get a Wonder Woman movie by December 2013, Flash by May 2014, Green Lantern sequel June 2014, and maybe either Aquaman or Martian Manhunter December 2014. With appropriate cameos for recruting and tie-ins, they could crank out Justice League by June 2015. Of course, if they just want to introduce Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash first and bring in Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, etc as part of the group (like Hawkeye was first introduced in the Avengers), then that could lead to an even earlier release for a Justice League movie, possibly even as early as June 2014. All this assumes scripts can be green-lit and actors cast in a timely manner, but I’m just saying there’s no need to stretch this into the distant future if people can just get things moving.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=712875553 Robb Sturtcman

    How dare they not plan on Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman solo franchises first. Batman & Green Lantern don’t need reboots before a JL. Audiences are familiar enough with Batman. The new Batman can be introduced in this JL and spin off from there.

  • Nolanverse Fan

    WB: PLEASE DO NOT REBOOT THE DARK KNIGHT!!! the best most iconic and realistic batman series to date.
    Other than that TJL movie is an awesome idea, just take your time by making the movies for each “main” hero in the league. That way you can have more time to shape and develop the story for TJL and making epic masterpiece. and please please please keep the dark knight trilogy tied in to the DC Justice League universe!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Sanchez/100000491835565 Justin Sanchez

    I couldn’t care the hell what they do with Justice League. As long as Bale’s the batman, I’m good. I’m good…

  • http://profiles.google.com/superg05.jeremy Jeremy Washington

    it was my understanding that it was cancelled

  • funkypotato44

    I think they should make a nightwing movie

  • Kristina

    I think the idea has a lot of potential I think it should be a trilogy the first of which being an origin story of the justice league focus on batman superman wonder woman ect. Then give them a big reason to even meet and decide to form the league maybe give wonder women her own movie first to introduce her ,plus there has not been a female super hero movie out yet so that would be cool .

  • Justice Blaze

    Its either DC waits another maybe 16 – 20 years to build their characters each, into movies before the JL proper, or they could put all hands on deck to write a good suspence filled action packed thriller script, that gets the whole Justice league showing the best of themselves in combat highlighting all the leaugers especially batman and superman(becos they are already known), they could also decide to break it into two or three sequels of JL movies, when thats done then they can concentrate on building individual stories of origin for each of the leaugers in seprate movies, just like marvel is doing with the xmen origins now. DC really needs to focus on really developing their universe if they really want to be a good competition with marvels.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edward-Diviney-Jr/1181300319 Edward Diviney Jr

    DC should instead do what another article said. That was go for a TV show. They fail to much with their movies lately. Batman they finally fixed and got right after screwing up after Keaton’s Batman movies. I liked Green Lantern.

    • Armchair Legend

      There’s already been plenty of TV series (or attempts at such) based on DC characters with varying success over the last couple of decades.

      – 1990: The Flash — cancelled after one season.
      – 1993: Lois & Clark — fairly successful but rather forgettable (IMHO)
      – 1997: Justice League of America — failed pilot.
      – 1999: Bruce Wayne — dropped and turned into Smallville
      – 2001: Smallville — a huge but rare success.
      – 2006: Aquaman — failed pilot
      – 2011: Wonder Woman — failed pilot.
      – 2012: Arrow — We’ll see this Fall…

      Note that a variation on the JL appeared in the last season(s) of ‘Smallville’, but even with the budget of such an established show, it was obvious that there were financial and time constraints that put a somewhat noticeable limit on the quality. (I’m looking at you Hawkman.) Also consider that depending on the success of ‘Arrow’ this year, that character’s inclusion in a JL movie soon would be in question as I the TV vs Film debate is part of why ‘Bruce Wayne’ never materialized. I simply hope the characters get the budget, screen time, performers, writers, and directors they are due…. some day…. hopefully sooner vs later.

  • thedcbat

    Everyone has a valid point, but… What if they didnt revamp the batman movies? What if they just picked up where dark knight rises left off and have gordon-levitt play more than likely nightwing as hinted, but even dick grayson had a small stint at batman. I say let levitt play the next batman in the nolan typ universe and make him the jla batman.

  • Mark W.

    Marvel has their genre and it works for them. They rely on shallow readers and viewers who care more for art, flamboyance, huge ADHD, cocaine induced spectacles, fast turnaround and traditional 1950’s stories retold 8000 different (but not) ways.

    DC is cutting edge, dark and incredibly relevant in their philosophical approach to worldview questions and modern issues. DC doesn’t do “childish” and shallow. Th
    at’s why their books are often NY Times best sellers and not up for the teen awards each year like Marvel.

    Where DC goes wrong is in their movies. Other than Burton’s and Nolan’s Batman, they have allowed the more flamboyant and cheesy directors to ruin otherwise incredible story-lines and bring bright, ridiculous spectacles to otherwise very dark, honest and believable stories.

    P.S. DC, if you ruin Justice League I may never watch another DC movie ever again. And I will wear a big DC, U SUCK! t-shirt to the Marvel movies I go see. It’s your call. Just saying.

  • Justsomerandom_girl

    I think individual movies first is the way to go – I’m in their target age bracket but none of the characters except batman have had a good movie recently enough, so I have no connection with any of them. I really think a good Flash movie would be the best bet, with a really excellent actor to do what Iron Man did – give us a really enjoyable character  we knew and loved already before we saw Avengers.

  • Richard

    I am not sure about a Justice League film. However, after seeing Dark Knight Rises I have recently had a few possble ideas of my own. **SPOILER** With Bruce Wayne going into retirement we see that Bruce Wayne was declaired ‘dead’ but THE BATMAN is an idea, an icon, those dont die. And there is the possibility that Joseph Gordon Levitt symbolized the next batman, or night wing. I had the idea of while Bruce is away in Italy (I believe it is) with Selina Kyle in his retirement batman or nightwing is making sure Gotham stays safe. But possibly things in Gotham start to go back to the way things were. The new batman/Nighting can’t handle the problems. As Bruce returns to see if he can help out ‘politically’ or in any way he meets Superman, who like the League of Shadows believes Gotham is becming too dangerious. Of course Superman isn’t s extreme as the League but still tries to save Gotham himself. Which causes conflict because Bruce is still like ‘this is my city, this is my duty’ and that way there is that hero-hero conflict that we saw so greatly in the Avengers. Anyway just a thought. However, I know Nolan wont return to direct, the ending scene was him passing ont he torch, but I am sure Zack Snyder would do it with the help from Chris Nolan. Any ideas?

  • esnkd

    it wont work, people who don’t know who the hero’s are wont swallow this, only so many super hero’s you can throw into a movie and expect it to fly, flash and wonder woman need their own movies before they can do a feature with all the rest, not to mention some of the other hero’s that will be hard enough to sell with out a cameo option or their own movies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dctrvd DC Thorn

    it really don’t matter what DC/WB does with live action movies because with all the hype of the Nolan movies,i’ve seen them they really sucked and with the next epic fail from WB/DC “man of steel” i will never see any other nolan films after how he screwed up batman for me. DC said they will not have a new live action movie until JL in 2014-15 so they can just fade away and let Marvel own live action movies and DC can do the only thing they can get right cartoons. if JL has any chance of being good they will need all hands a deck with Geoff Johns, Bruce Timm, and Paul Dini being they are really they only really good DC people that i know of.

  • kenan little bi

    i would love it ^^

  • qkb

    i dont know why tom wells just dont play superman he already had ten seasons of expierence doing it and he was very good they should just keep him

  • Miss Emily

    I love the idea of starting with a World’s Finest movie, maybe with a couple of cameos or mentions of other heroes here and there. (Detective John Jones. A new program in the background talking about the re-emergence of Themyscira. Something small like that.) Then they can do team or individual movies..

  • Bob

    Laff-A-Lympics: The Final Contest: (Avengers vs Justice League vs Hanna-Barbera)

  • MovieMan

    I think that is stupid that they are wanting to reboot Batman already! The problem with Hollywood is that they have to reboot everything now, instead of coming up with original movies or new written scripts, they have to either take a superhero franchise and reboot it a few times or make remakes of older movies and basically screw most of them up. They could easily get with Nolan and work out a deal with his batman character for the Justice League movie, it could be easily written as a time period happening before The Dark Knight Rises. They do have a gap in between of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises and in the time between them when Bruce Wayne did not do anything as Batman in Gotham City, he could went and joined in the Justice League group for a while. Why do you want to reboot Batman, after Nolan’s trilogy has already made millions! and have made history in the Motion Picture Society!. Hollywood needs better writers, and fresh and original idea’s on making new movies. I heared they were wanting to Remake the 80’s classic martial arts movie “Bloodsport” but not put Jean-Claude Van Damme in it. I mean shit! Bloodsport was JCVD’s landmark movie and in my opinion one of his best movies. At least give him a part in the remake if your going to remake a classic and then screw it up, at least put the original star in some kind of part in the movie. I thought they did a good job at Remaking “The Karate Kid” with Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith. That was a great spin on the tale and more up beat and current, but they are other remakes that have just sucked!! I am glad they have rebooted the spider-man movies, thank God for that, The Amazing Spider-man is the movie that they should have made in the first place, Tobey Maguire is a good actor but I thought he made Spider-man corny and a sour puss! Plus Sam Raimi made his Spider-man movies more cartoonish!!! The Amazing Spider-man was more by the original comic books and alot more serious and it worked!!! To reboot Nolan’s Batman series would be really dumb because I just don’t think anyone else will be able to any better.

  • MovieMan

    I also agree with the other comments, I think they should do it like the Star Wars, Matrix and Lord of the rings. That is a good idea!!!

  • jj

    You dont need to re-introduce characters like bat and super especially if there is no civilian alter ego`s in the movies

  • devin eggins

    who’s the villain?or villains?the injustice league?the legion of doom?darkseid?BRANIAC?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.davis.18041 Bob Davis

    The big issue with DC is that their needn’t stimulated aren’t as well known as those at Marvel. Perfect fodder for the need of unoriginal hollywood writers to inject their “artistic liberties” and most will not be wiser.

  • Exxor Delight

    As long as it has the Wonder Twins, I’ll see it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kaufmangang5 Tori Kaufman

    michael keaton as batman. then they dont have to relaunch anything

    • http://my168project.com/ Matches Malone

      He wasn’t right the first time, what’s changed since then?

  • Movie maker

    Is there any talk of the wonder twins?

  • EJC_74

    I think this would ROCK!!! I want to add that I think that Bale should play BatMan in this movie too! He was THE BEST BatMan EVER! If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! I’d however say that I think Routh could return as Superman though, as he did a great job in ’06’s Superman Returns, as well as Spacey as Lex Luthor as well. Also, as much I like Reynolds as an actor, I wouldn’t be against someone else playing Green Lantern for a JL flick.

    Also, splitting it up into more than 1 film as suggested would be col too, as there are more characters than in the original incarnation of the Avengers, & the movie would be like 4-5 hrs long just to set everyone’s character up. Either way, as far as directors go, if they choose the right director & producer, & the right script, I think it’d kick as much ass as all the other top comic-based films!

  • Domheart21

    I think the next movie has to be flash… And Neil Patrick Harris is the only actor I see that has the witty arrogant personality that I love abt the Flash. Not only will having him star in the movie bring in a wide variety of fans but the ticket sales will more than make up for the sorry to say horrible ones by the green lantern

  • yezzzsir

    The whole reason Avengers worked was because of the build up the solo films gave the characters… Doing it in reverse will only lead to disaster like Spiderman 3!

  • Miscellaneous

    Outside of Batman, DC characters just don’t work as well on their own. We need to stop looking at the Justice League like we do the Avengers and see them more like the X-Men, a group of heroes who, on their own, don’t translate well to the big screen. Wolverine is the Batman of the X-Men, with enough fan appeal and can be related to so gets his own movies. But despite all the background and lore other X-Men probably couldn’t have their own movies. I say it’s the same for DC. As soon as you separate them you remember that they all exist in the same world and wonder why they aren’t helping each other. I think that going straight for a Justice League movie is a great call by DC, but they should not go for individual spin-offs. Just focus on the Justice League. Do sequels, make it a four parter if they need to.

  • Dragon girl

    Since Christian bale is not playing batman anymore they could have Joseph Gordon Levitt take up the cape and cowl

  • concerned

    people whom go to see these movies look for flaws and mistakes made in movies.
    DO NOT ruin this one, for fans are not dumb

  • http://twitter.com/AntDubOH6 Anthony

    DC and Warner Bros. should just go for the Justice League instead of making all this little movies for every single character like Marvel did. The Justice League has small superheros, they aren’t as big/known as Marvel superheros, Iron man, Hulk, Thor. Or just add this superheros in with other DC movies like Marvel did with Thor and Hawkeye. Batman is the only franchise that has actually brought them money back!!

  • Nima

    Have the writters follow the 52 series justice leauge comics… or at least have the villian to be Darksied…

  • Glenn Parson

    nobody wants to see them, Superman writers are to blame, you have turned the man of STEEL into a use car salesman, you have to bring some real villains into the game, put LEX on the shelf, you fail because Superman has to fight, not save planes&trains we have EMS for that..@idopix4doe.. I have the script”doomsday”

  • JustSayin

    ok if they do make a justice league movie, they really need to redo that Green Lantern movie, because that movie was a joke.

  • mike

    how about making braniac the main bad guy? hes (its) been one of my favorites for many years…..and after that (dont kill him, keep him around for maybe a later movie?) then introduce darkseid as the next baddie…. and keep it clean and simple for everyone…. not everybody reads comics…. the avengers did it PERFECTLY, by introducing each hero, then elaborating on them throughout the movie, and not telling everything about them at the beginning…. WB needs to build the heros SLOWLY….then WHAM!!!! SUPER CLIMATIC FINISH….(and HUMOR needs to be in this as much as possible too!!) i hope they get it right, they screwed up Green Lantern, but they can fix it if SOMEONE else writes the second story with sinestro corps….and back off of the “campy” humor some… and add a few more GL’s that wernt seen in the first…. WB needs to LISTEN TO THE FANS!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bennett.schneider Bennett Schneider

    no no, sweetie, you do the solos first to whet our appetites for seeing them all together. Basic storytelling.

  • bronson

    Quick question, in this JLA movie where you revamp batman and maybe superman, do you still follow the relateable batman that Nolan created and superman that Snyder is making? If not, versions of the characters like Superman Returns and Batman Forever sucked.

    • Barffy Spewsalott

      None of the above. Imagine for a second Donald Trump as a “real” Batman. Now imagine Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson as Batman. Or Vin Diesel? where these movies fail with DC is they keep thinking a Sci-fi DRAMA NOT a Sci-fi action film. The characters are written for the Justin Bieber Fan Not a 17 & over crowd.

      I’ve been developing my own JLA franchise & the one key feature is it HAS to be done with an R-Rating & Released also in a more kid friendly PG-13. Imagine an R-Rated Joker. 10 times more violent & insane. A Batman who no longer has to hold back. More eye candy.

      • james

        i think your an idiot.

        • anon

          everyone thing the same

          • anon

            sorry think

    • Patrick

      I look forward to this movie and hope they cast Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern again. While the Green Lantern movie was not too bad the story itself was dumb. Growing up I thought there was only one Green Lantern not 40 million of them. How about Selma Heyak as Wonderwoman, Vinn Diesel as Martian Manhunter, ?

    • Tresix

      SUPERMAN RETURNS isn’t nearly as bad as most people make it out. BATMAN FOREVER is my second all-time favorite Batman movie after THE DARK KNIGHT. I do think that at least some of the other characters should have their own solo movies before going to JL: Wonder Woman definitely needs one. Flash and Aquaman should too. Martian Manhunter could be introduced in one of the other superhero movies (preferably Superman’s).

  • ComicMomma

    Why compare it at all. For those of us who like both DC and Marvel worlds, it will be fun and exciting simply to see our favorite heroes come to life.

    • mike

      waitin for somebody with more money measurable to come along buy the right to both and rightfuly marry them together!
      come on people

  • darth_vader

    The first thing I have to say is
    dark Knight rises wasn’t everything I was hoping it be, and who are they going to find the right person to play Batman you just can’t have any old person playing him

    • Barffy Spewsalott

      They need to find someone who fits the Olympic Gymnast, Heavy Weight Boxer build. Outside Pro wrestling or Bodybuilding your NOT going to find him. though I admit so far Michael Keaton DID set the bar pretty high.

    • mike

      bruce willis
      bring back keaton
      not serious here but id like to see a non serious acting actor play bruce/bat like keaton did. Like dane cook, jerry seinfeld,

      id like to see Steve carell, is that how its spelled?, play a villian
      Phillip seymore hoffman acts great and would fit most character roles, be it a supporting actor
      Mike myers can sertainly play a loon say, Deadpool esk?

  • Kmc

    The main thing about making a Justice Leagur movie is having and sticking with a great story line. Go with the comics, DONT make up your own crappy fantasy movie!!! Ugh! Thats what happy to Superman returns and if you want to talk about Marvel all the X-Men! Stick with comics and go with it like the Avengers did!

  • Antonio

    As the ending in Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be Batman in the Justice League movie.

    • Barffy Spewsalott

      I hope NOT. He’s not right for the role.

    • TheStyxCrossing

      No he wont. He’s confirmed he’s not involved nor will he be involved in any other Batman franchise.

  • Vulkain

    JGL is Robin, not Batman.
    Anyway, a new Batman for JLA, yeah why not, but I still hope they’ll be able to make THE Batman, the tactician and powerful one, because that’s the main role he should have in the JLA, but without making him a second movie character.

    • Harley Quinn

      I completely agree: Batman is the contingency plan master extraordinaire & should be casted as one. I hope they do this movie with the animated series in mind. I loved the dynamics in that series between the Bat, Supes & WW. Every one had the utmost respect for Batman knowing that he had a back up plan for almost any scenario. If Marvel can do it so well why the heck can’t DC for crying out loud???

    • Barffy Spewsalott

      Robin needs to be no older than 17 Can you see him doing a TEEN Titans film? No because he’s too old.

    • Squall

      Actually, his name is Robin. HE is not Robin. The movie implied he would take on the Mantle, which would give him more of a “Batman Beyond” likeTerry McGuiness, or just Batman as the first Robin did when he took over the mantle.

      Personally, I say give JGL a solid trainer, put him on the Spartan work out that the fellas from 300 did, and see where it can go. I think he could pull it off.

  • http://findcheaperinsurance.ca/blog BD Williams

    If they do a Justice League movie they need to do it right. Start over with a whole new Superman, Green Lantern and Batman series. The Avengers was done over five years, not two.

    • Barffy Spewsalott

      WRONG. They have had Five Superman series of films with Six actors Seven Actors for Batman Three for Wonder Woman how many more do they need? I think Characters that have been around for over 40 years are established enough we don’t need 3000 movies on how every DC character was born. If you recall there was not a Hawkeye Origin Film.

      • Nate

        Hawkeye was in Thor, so his “origin” was seen there. He also isnt a “super hero”, he is a spy/agent for SHIELD. Same as Blackwidow being a SHIELD agent in Iron Man 2. All the previous movies leading up to Avengers gave the origins of the main characters specifically.

  • HUGO

    They’re really gonna have their hands full, trying to match the Avengers success, but who knows if the scrip is good and is not another fight against evil forces from outer space, it just might have a chance……..

  • L.Luthor

    The only reason I found the avengers watchable is because of Robert Downey jr. and the fact they used humor ( both verbal and physical), I laughed my ass of when hulk hit Thor or when Robert Downey talked to Loki about performance issues when the speartrick didn’t work.

    A movie about the Justice league sounds a bit like they want a ride on that succestrain, but everytime people tried to copy an earlier succes it failed.
    I also dislike the fact that they disregard Nolan’s Batman this quickly, it is the best one since Burton’s…if they have any respect for the movie Nolan made they either wait 10+ year ( which they won’t do I might add) or they use a Batman beyond storyline where Bruce wayne has become an old man ( would love to see clint eastwood as an elderly bruce wayne :P ) and has a Terry mc Ginnis do the fighting for him.
    Snyders Superman sucked I also didn”t like the actor who portrayed Superman ( and Lex Luthor for that matter), he lacked depth.
    I actually like Bruce Willis in unbreakable which was kind of a retelling of Superman albeit toned down severly with regards to superpowers, but I liked the angle.
    I don’t like Ryan Reynolds, not personally ( don’t know him) but his performances are always the same, he is the main reason the Green Lantern sucked.( and he will ruin Highlander to if he doesn’t get ridd off his witty performance he always does…. )

    SInce they are copying from Marvel…I don’t think they will go for the originality awards;)

    • b. wayne

      Snyder’s Superman sucked? How can you say that when it hasn’t even come out yet? Or did you mean Singer as in Bryan Singer?

      • L.Luthor

        Sorry meant the one that came out earlier, although I don’t have Zack Snyder in high regard his result remains to be seen so I can’t judge that

    • filmie007

      Actually They have been talking about doing a JLA Movie for over 10 years. I remember they were talking about doing one when Thor was just a whisper. Unfortunately they sat on their coat tails too long and we now have a Thor movie and many others plus the avengers movie. the original JLA movie was supposed to come out the same year as the then proposed Avengers movie. so to say they want to ride on the success of the avengers is inaccurate, they wanted to do it years ago, unfortunately they dropped the ball over and over again and it never went anywhere. and even if they do make it now, it probably will fail. I think they should make a JLA live-action tv series and cut their losses.

  • Ronnic

    They are going to have their hands full even attempting to compete with Avengers, There is simply no way to compete with Avengers, it is in a league of its own. When the Director was hired (Joss Whedon, best ever) there was a partial script that was thrown out and he wrote an entirely new script nad somehow managed to fit all of the characters big personalities in with enough screen time. From what i’ve seen so far, Warner Bros cannot manage their time well enough to have a group superhero movie that ends up goo, the tv show was great because they centered on one or two heroes per episode

  • Sarcasticool

    I have always been a Marvel fan first and especially Avengers, as I have collected the comics since childhood. I loved the Avengers film and I can relate to Marvel characters because their characters aren’t always unbeatable, they do have limits and they are displayed often. I do however like the Justice League a lot and I think DC need to ignore what Marvel did with the Avengers and do their own thing while taking note of past failures. The reason the Batman films worked was they managed to insert humour while keeping the plots serious and not turning the films into complete comedies.

    As for Batman, to be honest I haven’t seen a single portrayal of Batman that does the character justice in terms of his fighting abilities and tactical skills. That’s not to say the Bale as Batman films weren’t good, I’m just saying, Batman should be a hundred times better fighter than anyone who has portrayed him so far to be. He always seems too bulky, sluggish, unfit, that annoying armour and lacking in martial arts, gymnastics etc. He needs to move fast, sleek and give respect to the true abilities of the character. I felt Keaton and Bale captured the dark side of the character, his persona, but has anyone really displayed the true potential of The Batman’s true fighting skills? I really don’t think so, I hope they can put that right in the JL film.

    Each character needs to reveal their own unique personality and power correctly, Stay as true to the comics as possible. I really think DC can make up for all the crap mistakes from the past and learn from what has worked for them, they could pull it off and I hope they do. Create a threat that is powerful enough to warrant the formation of those heroes, but also a believable threat that doesn’t verge on total stupidity.

    As for the Avengers, if they use the Antman film (which will more than likely include the Wasp) to introduce Ultron, and in turn lead to the creation of the Vision, I will be very happy!

    • adam

      Those are some good words. Batman is the man with the plan, has a perfect athletic body, and is a master in almost all forms of fighting. But I feel when it comes to the live action screen, we almost go into it knowing he’s not going to be doing crazy fighting acrobatic maneuvers like Bruce Lee on steroids. Instead it looks like he took some pointers from some kick-boxer and figured that was good enough. I never felt so refreshed to see the bat show just how truly awesome he is at kicking ass than in the Batman Arkham Asylum/City games. I realize these aren’t movies with real people, but if DC and WB would try to approach a new Batman with the athleticism and detective skills we saw in these two games I bet I would leave the theatre a happy fan. And heck, if the cape is a problem when it comes to fighting scenes, why not make it CG? With what I see in movies now, I don’t see there being a problem with believability. I think we deserve a Batman like this, and I feel its totally doable.

  • kenneth

    I think it would be good to have a Justice League movie and I need to make more DC movies like Wonder Woman, flash, green arrow all the DC superheroes we had Batman how are going to have Superman but I would pay money to go see justice League movie. DC Comics and Marvel comics is totally different so it would be good to have more D C comic movies and I would go see thim

    • Dale

      THE MAIN problem is WB/DC does not know how to make a good superhero movie!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE, other than NOLANS batman, BUT they are not using that itteration! and that was ALL NOLANS DIRECTION not WB/DC! growing up I loved the DC superheros, NOW i hate them because they have ALL been ruined or will be with another NEW batman and superman when we HAVE a new SM getting ready to come out! they ARE GONNA F this up too, and someone said they are not copying marvel! WRONG just because they have been thinking about doing a JL movie THEY HAVEN’T! and with the success of the AVENGERS NOW THEY ARE GONNA DO IT? that is straight up copying! all about the benjamins buddy! which they will FALL WELL SHORT OF EVEN TDKR! because ppl are getting sick of their re-imagining of the same characters over and over and over again, I really want a JL movie but I already KNOW they will blow it so I will wait for the DVD because I will be busy spending my money ON ALL THE GREAT MARVEL MOVIES, which I already know will be very good if not great and their has not already been an antman or a black panther or guardians of the galaxy, and the 5 movies they have made are all very good! A JL movie then spinoff into the solo movies? does not make much sense??? TAKE A NOTE FROM MARVEL AND TAKE YOUR TIME! your real fans will be here waiting, WW movie, Flash movie,snyders SUPERMAN, maybe do a better job with a GOOD GREEN LANTERN 2 word of mouth will get the fans back if it is GOOD!! THEN A JL MOVIE TEAMUP, wait for joss whedons contract to expire after avengers 2 and GRAB HIM UP dont be cheap either PAY THE MAN HEAPS AND HEAPS OF MONEY you will earn it back DC

  • Tony

    I like the Dark Knight trilogy more than the Avengers and most of the movies Marvel has put out. It would be a shame to have them reboot the Batman series so soon but that’s what has to happen unless a JLA is going to be just as dark and gritty. The reason the Avengers worked is because the movies were all created with this team up in mind. The individual parts were made to fit. It was not rush (as far as I can tell). If DC is going to have success with a JLA movie they are just going to have to be patient and do things the right way. Start with another Green Lantern movie, Wonder Woman, Flash, and then do the reboots of both Batman and Superman before the team-up happens. Even though most of us know the heroes’ origins, I don’t think it would be a good idea to jump straight to a team up movie without explaining them and shaping these characters to fit within the same universe ( because Batman from the Dark Knight does not fit in the same universe as the Green Lantern we have now — they simply clash when put beside each other )

  • Jacques

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry about either Batman or Superman. Think about it, neither of them were the original starting members of the league when they first appeared, there was only the Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. I would be fine if they just kept Batman in the Nolanverse and Superman should entirely be his own entity. For now, let’s just work on the characters who didn’t have movies of their own, have Starro appear as the main villain, and even bring in Hawkgirl or Static Shock. Or if they really want A Batman, just rehire George Clooney or Val Kilmer.

    • Blackwell

      What are you? Retarded? Klooney and Kilmer? I can’t even try to imagine which one of those was worse! Each of them destroyed Batman in their own way. As far as Lantern goes that needs a total reboot that DOESN’T include an idiot playing the lead role. What ALL these superhero movies need is some seriousness. A joke here and there is ok but the movie shouldn’t be one gag after another. Nolan seems to have pulled this off with Batman and Whedon pulled it off with Avengers. Main characters that can get hurt and die, a serious script, actors that don’t suck and stories that adhere more closely to the comics is what is needed.

      • Commented

        The Avengers movie had a “gag” at least every five minutes. Hulk and Thor, Black Widow’s opening scene, everything said by Stark, everything said by Hawkeye (post-possession), half of the things Captain America said, “Puny God”, “Shwarma”, Black Widow tricking Loki, Agent Coulson as a character, The Hulk/Bruce showing up on that tiny moped and Cap paying off on the bet to Fury. Great film. Absolutely stuffed with gags.



    • Dale

      cMON A MEXICAN WW??? omg your stoned!!! yess TOUGH but HOT! not saying rodriguez is not hot SHE IS but we cannot have a mexican WW!!! NOOOOOOO!!! and I do kinda agree about the whole story thing about a team up first.. FAILLL…Andrew lincoln is a GREAT RICK GRIMES, but you need to get off the WD kick, A BATMAN HE IS NOT!!! NO TO DAMON AS WELL, Im not saying I can even imagine who it might be because I HATED THE IDEA OF RDJ as iron man and NOW he is the best of the cast! They do not need a big name for BM I think a lesser known actor could do just fine!! I also agree aout SM use the same guy PLEEEZ DC/WB!! also use a new actress for WW HOT YOUNG-ISH not 35, and not someone we know well maybe not a brand new actress but not a veteran

      • Janice

        Oh Dale! I’m sorry did you not know that Linda Carter who portrayed Wonder Woman in the TV series is 1/2 Mexican and speaks fluent Spanish?! LINDA JEAN CORDOVA CARTER is her full name. So get your info straight! Michelle Rodriguez by the way isn’t Mexican, she’s Puerto Rican/Dominican. Ingnorance runs rampant once again! All you had to say was Michelle R. isn’t right for the part and all would’ve been peachy.

        Now having Linda Carter play Queen Hippolyta would be pretty cool since it would most likely be a cameo appearance anyways. :)

        • kelly

          ww was a tall amazonian brunette
          rodriguez is hot but not nearly tall pale skinned or blue eyed enough for the role. would really seem to change the look of the character to cast her in the role

  • Thorstan

    Personally I feel like a Justice League movie deserves a good 2.5-3 hours tops on the screen. This movie should not be rushed in anyway. If people can sit through Lord of the Rings, there should be no problem with a 3 hour long superhero movie like the Justice League.

  • Aaron

    Even though I’m a little more biased towards Marvel, I believe that a solid JL can definitely be made. Copycat comments aside, I think the movie depends heavily on Man of Steel. The Nolan Batman trilogy was stupendous, but has so little room for more divine characters…you know, like the ones that take up 4/5th’s of the default Justice League. With WB pushing a next year release, with only a realistically gritty Batman trilogy, Green Lantern flop, and in-production Superman film to use, Man of Steel is the only medium to determine whether or not supernatural characters can exist in a Nolan-esque universe. And, if they’re going for a completely different universe away from “The Dark Knight”, then they can go ahead and assume that Justice League won’t be at its full potential, because DC’s two stars are already over there. It would be unfamiliar ground.

  • Bill

    Batman – Christian Bale.
    Superman – Henry Cavill.
    Wonder Woman – Gina Carano.
    Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds.
    Flash – Ian Somerhalder.
    Aquaman – Robert Pattinson.
    Martian Manhunter – Dwayne Johnson.

    Director : Zack Snyder.
    Producer : Christopher Nolan.
    Music : Hans Zimmer

    • Dale

      how about Ronda Rousey she is a smoker and a badass but can either one act??? prolly not so it will need to be a real actress but an unknown relatively speaking! agree with the 2 from BM and SM but hells to the NO for robert Pattison as aquaman and I dont know the other dude, and if you really wany serious NO ROCK either! plenty of actors VIN DIESEL maybe at least he can act!
      anyway Bale and Nolan are OUT which has been reported so do the rework on that cast!! see what you can come up with now

  • KCranfill

    Am I the only one that hope with Batman being rebooted again we will get to see the rest of the clan? I mean I know most of us try to forget the last time Robin and Batgirl were in a live action movie, but maybe this time they will do it right? That’s kind of why I loved the Batman comics, i think the rest of the clan adds so much to his character.

    Plus a Nightwing movie would be awesome.

  • Jon

    Ok..Ryan Reynolds is an “ok” Hal Jordan in my opinion but i would much rather see John Stewart as the Green Lantern in the Justice League Movie.

  • Battybat

    They just need to go their own way.
    They should bring back some of the characters that hardly get any notice.

  • Jackie

    They should make a Birds of Prey movie :OOO

  • Peter

    Batman reboot sounds nice. But to make the film more interesting, the villian has to be powerful and deadly enough to unite all of the JLA Team. I had heard that Darkseid will be the villian…but he can be easily defeated by Superman. So what’s the use of the other superheroes?? Pointless!!

  • Still only 75% VH

    “or will it just be compared to (and lose to) The Avengers?”

    Well, it might be a competition for the movie studios and perhaps DC/Marvel, but for the fans is a win-win situation. The more super hero movies for us, the better.

  • King Carter

    DC & Marvel should team up and make a real “Ultimate Alliance” with the X-Men & Avengers and the Justice League & Young Justice teams. It would be a classic !

  • Bruce Wayne

    I think what they are doing is right in making it a trilogy and build the characters like that first and foremost. I also think that Christopher Nolan needs to be involved in this movie somehow because I think the dark image he brought the DarkKnight trilogy brought a completely different aspect on the movie which brought a younger and older audience to the theater. A JL movie in my opinion needs to be darker then Avengers, although the Avenger movie was good, I would still choose to watch DKR any day of the week over it. If there is a JL trilogy and is successful maybe after that you can have spin offs with different characters like Green Arrow ( which currently has a tv show that is pretty good in my opinion), Aquaman, Flash etc. The Justice League Needs to be separate but if they do make individual movies after the Justice League one, they need to have the same actors play the roles in spin off movies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/blue.lucero Blue Lucero

    i love the DC heroes, they’re MORE iconic than the MARVEL cast, not to say they are better but they are more recognized and have been for generations. that said, the DC strtegy will cause the J.L. movie to pale before Avengers 2. MARVEL got it right, build excitement with individual movies that hit or miss will be more than the sum of their ticket sales come the big team movie. the first avengers movie was a hollywood milestone. now other studios want to knockoff of the formula. tsk tsk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.price.1654 Greg Price

    WB/DC has no track record to run on. A huge part of the success of the Avengers was the massively positive buzz from all the films leading up to it (bar Hulk).

  • Amina M.

    Listen, Marvel gives us movies that we actually are awake watching while DC comics have produced snooze movies recently which is sad! DC comics have got to work up their antics to come close to Marvel movies. Let’s see what comes out and excites the audience going forward :)

  • LiveProject

    Of course people will compare it but I will do my damnedest to simply watch it and appreciate it for what it is, It’s own movie. One thing would really go a long way in helping it to achieve it’s own individual praises and merits without all the comparisons; If it’s actually a great movie. That would really help it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.p.kennedy Nathan Paul Kennedy

    If all they do is try to copy the Avengers, even in reverse, it’ll fail. They need to do something different, like introduce a totally new Superhero (and something better than Hancock for Christ’s sake!) or fake us out by doing it on TV but with Henry Cavil and Christian Bale.

  • http://twitter.com/wethrowpie we throw pie

    DC has absolutely no idea wtf it’s doing.

  • John Jonez

    Frankly, I think the movie thing is a good idea, but its not DC’s corner of the market. DC characters do not, frankly, make great movies. How many DC origin movies are there out there? How many did we need? One maybe two each if its well done. TV shows though allow for character development in the way that DC’s characters need it. Marvel has the corner on superhero smash and bash movies. DC could take the corner with character. Movies could be a good accent to the rest, but they will not be the best thing out there. I need to know why I want to see a Aquaman or a Green Lantern movie and thats because Hal Jordan is hilarious or John Smith is Badass

  • Dennis

    Here’s the best way I can picture making a Justice League film franchise work. First, WB should release a Flash film to introduce Barry Allen and his origin story. A basic idea for how the plot could unfold that I have involves Central City being terrorized by a serial arsonist (a.k.a. Heatwave), while forensic detective Barry Allen tries to track him down. When he’s struck by the “lightning” and gains his powers, he becomes Flash and takes Heatwave down. The second half of the film can involve Reverse Flash, time travel, Speedforce, etc. This film would need to be written and helmed by someone decent who can take it in a slightly grittier direction that fits in with the more realistic Dark Knight/Man of Steel style which we’ve seen lately. The next film they should release would be a new Batman film that continues with the Nolan series, with John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) becoming the new Batman. This film would explore how Blake takes over the reigns of defending Gotham, and possibly introduce another Gotham character like Helena Bertinelli (a.k.a. Huntress.) After these two films, I think The Justice League film would be ready to be released. JL would reunite Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and Huntress, as well as Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter and Green Lantern. Green Lantern should be recast and reimagined, sort of like Marvel did with The Incredible Hulk, but doesn’t need its own reboot origin film. Folks are familiar enough with who Green Lantern is, but we don’t need to be reminded of the failure of the first film by continuing with Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the character. The film’s first act could basically be an origin story to introduce Wonder Woman. However, I see WW being reinvented in a more modern (less cheesy) way. Here’s what I imagine: Diana Prince is a young woman who works as a Las Vegas showgirl at Paradise Island Hotel and Casino while putting herself through school at UNLV. (This could help explain how she ends up adopting her iconic skimpy corset WW costume…) When (insert more realistic modern version of some DC villain here) attacks the Las Vegas Strip, Diana has no choice but to use the super powers she’s had all her life but kept hidden to put a stop to it. After a big showdown, she saves the day, but when the flashbulbs news cameras are all over her once she’s succeeded, she flees to her mother’s house. At this point, her mother finally reveals that Diana is a Demigoddess, and the result of an affair with Zeus. At first reluctant to embrace this identity, she is visited by Zeus who transports her to Themiscyra and gives her her lasso and wrist cuffs. At this point, she chooses to embrace her powers and become Wonder Woman. After this, the story can revert to Superman and Batman, who are trying to figure out the cause of some mysterious events back in Metropolis. At this point, the rest of the film can be modeled after the first episode the Justice League animated series (“secret Origins”), with the aliens who were responsible for wiping out the martians on J’onn J’onnz’ planet invading, and the team of heroes uniting to save Earth. That’s how I see this franchise happening to best effect.

  • Comic Book Hero

    I can see the Justice league ending very badly in comparison to The Avengers.. I know people say you cant compare these 2 awesome groups together but thats just how the general public and comic book geeks and gals will see it.. They Avengers took out a portal with a whole army behind it.. The Justice League will need to do something BIGGER and take out something even badder to make it not look like a general rip-off of The Avengers I can see a 3 Part or even 2 Part movie working quite well but In the way that if you watched all the way through the credits of The Avengers it’s as if it’s just lead it into a 2 Parter movie with SPOILER: Thanos… It will be very interesting to see how these DC and Marvel Groups movie’s play out who knows The Avengers 2 might tank and be really bad or Justice League may just not be what everyone is expecting and lose sight what the characters are actually able to do and be able to literally fix it in a matter of minutes but take the long way around to do it.. I’ll be watching closely to see how all this plays out.

  • unik

    they cant compete with the Avengers

  • booby bear

    marvel comics did there sub plot movies 1st and in order soo Lets start At the End…..The death Of Superman

    superman and doomsday fight it off and superman is killed and doomsday ( subplot)

    doomsday body was never found who has taken doomsday body?

    but the death of superman is used as an arch or thread that brings in the other movies Hero united plot

    2nd Green lantern movie or reboot the guardians of the uinverse send hal to to stop a strange plante sizie weapon that was created by the gaurdians themslef years ago.

    Hal is sent in to find its in control of a being called mongul now that superman is dead mongul is up to he’s old tricks again with he’s warworld the planet with enough fire power to destroy a system is on its way to earth but now that superman is gone he only sees mars as the only threat left

    Moungl is finally stopped but at the cost of mars totaly wiped out all but one left.

    because at the point mars is being destroyed martian is teleported to earth.

    Hal Thinks he has failed and the guardians explain all is not lost one surrived hal set of to find the the sole surrvoir.They expalain to hal that superman is dead,he cant belive that supman is dead so he head’s for earth

    The next movie would Tie in the flash, aquaman, martain , wonder woman,batman ( the orignal justice leauge members)

    martain manhunnter drops into the ocean confuse and in pain he lashes out with psyhic powers and assume a form of monster that aquman the flash & wonder woman and batman

    and In the end we find out that Themyscria has in fact been destroyed by doomsday who was sent there my cadmus who actually being controlled by savage & batman tells them they need to bring superman back

    Green lantern come’s to earth and help’s them say if he places superman directly in the sun it may bring him back?

    savage clocks on and sends doomsday to stop them
    green lantern shoves superman into the sun in time to bring him back to life in time to help out the others to stop doomsday

  • Patrick Paquin

    DC can’t rip off avengers the JLA was first do your homework. How many awesome JlA animated series have there been and movies. Man of Steel looks amazing and should help get this Justice League movie finally made.

  • DC fan

    Shouldn’t it be with John Stewart (Green Lantern) as the 7 original founding members of the Justice league? It would seem easier for those who watched the animated series.

  • tman418

    They seriously need to reconsider a 2015 release date. I think whatever DC superheros they decide to use all deserve a solo movie before it comes out. And perhaps a reboot of “Green Lantern” is in order.

  • Shinigami-hime

    It’s too bad Bale won’t play Batman anymore ( I hate how they ended DKR) but still I have a bad feeling this movie is going to fail

  • Coral Reef

    JLA seems very much like a knee-jerk “me-too” reaction to the success of the Marvel franchises. No joined-up thinking at all, and doing it “in reverse” makes no sense. It takes time in a movie to build characters that you care about, and Marvel’s movie success hinged on building those characters in their solo movies before throwing them into a mix. By that point you’re familiar with the back story and care about the characters, and actually are eager to know how they will interact. That interaction is a major part of the success of the movie. It would never have been as good without those solo movies, and JLA will fail miserably if it seriously attempts to do it back-to-front.

    In many ways it’s worse for JLA because people have their own favourite incarnation of Superman and Batman, and many will remember the Wonder Woman tv show. I just read that JLA won’t even be connected to the “Man Of Steel” which will confuse people more. Without a clear vision for each of those more familiar characters people will bring their own back-story. Green Lantern was generally panned and Flash will be new to most viewers so I think all in all it just won’t gel.

    Looks like just an excuse to throw some CGI together and forget the characters and the last thing we need is yet another crummy soulless CGI super-hero movie just when the genre is gaining some credibility.

  • Allan Hall

    DC sucks outside of Superman/Batman (who are awesome).

  • Michael Vain

    If they do a Wonder Woman film, or a JLA film, I nominate Lynn Collins (Dejah Thoris from John Carter of Mars) for the role. She can act, looks the part, and handles action scenes well.