Joss Whedon shoots down Hulk rumors

hulkA few months back Kevin Feige, Marvel’s President of Production, hinted that there may be some upcoming films influenced by the popular Planet Hulk and World War Hulk comic storylines. This lead to some speculation that a storyline involving Hulk’s banishment from Earth would play out in Avengers 2 and/or a standalone Hulk movie in Marvel’s Phase Three. Joss Whedon address these rumors while speaking to IGN about his upcoming film Much Ado About Nothing, and called the Hulk rumors nonsense.

The Hulk in space storyline is all we really had to go on for Phase 3, but considering that Phase Two will run until 2015 that’s not a terrible thing. Whether or not we will see a Hulk movie with a different storyline in Phase Three is still anybody’s guess. So far Incredible Hulk is the only Phase One movie without a planned sequel. In all likelihood Phase Three will feature five standalone films and Avengers 3, but what characters will be featured is still a mystery.

It’s a safe bet that we will see Iron Man 4, and Kevin Feige has said that Doctor Strange will definitely be there, but keep in mind that Feige was the same guy who started all these Hulk rumors. Thor, Captain America, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man and Hulk all might see sequels in Phase Three as well. To top it all off The Runaways, Iron Fist and Black Panther films are all supposed to be in the works.