Joe Johnston says “there is going to be a Jurassic Park IV”

Are you ready for another Jurassic Park trilogy? Because one is currently being planned according to Jurassic Park 3 director Joe Johnston. Late last year the director said “there is a great story for the fourth one” and that he would be interested in getting involved. Now he has confirmed to that we will be seeing it in the future, and that it will start a whole new trilogy of dino-films.

You mentioned to Ain’t It Cool that there might be a good script.

Did I tell him? Was it me?

You said that there was no way to get people back on the island for a fourth time and have it make sense, but that 2001 was the last installment and we’re due.

Well, there is going to be a Jurassic Park IV. And it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve seen. It breaks away from the first three—it’s essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy. It’s going to be done in a completely different way. That’s pretty much all I can tell you.

A second trilogy?

If you think of the first three as a trilogy, number four would be the beginning of a second trilogy.

That’s big. So not to lock you in, but there’s a possibility there might be a total of six films?

Well, you never know. If they keep working—and if audiences keep going to them—there’s no reason why there wouldn’t be. We just want to make them justified in their own right. We don’t want to make sequel after sequel just because there’s a market for it. We want to tell different, interesting stories. You don’t want to just sell hamburger.

Johnston’s The Wolfman will be released next month, and then he will be getting ready for Captain America which will begin filming in June. It has not been confirmed that he will be directing the next Jurassic Park film, so they don’t necessarily have to work around his schedule. If things work out and they hire a director we could be seeing dinosaurs back on our screens in the next few years.

  • John

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring the T-Rex back!

  • Steevoger

    I miss dinosaurs on the big screen ;( Bring em back!

  • vcurtz

    We've been hearing about a possible Jurassic Park IV foreeeeever. I hope this one actually goes through. :( I <3 dinosaurs.

  • simwood

    I have all DVD's of Jurassic Park series.i watch these movies many time,i really want to see its part iv.i wish that Joe Johnston bring Jurassic Park IV very soon and once again we can see dinosaurs on big screen.

  • GrotOtter

    I say bring back the amazing Stephen Spielberg. He made a godlike movie with the original Jurassic Park.

  • buy r4i

    I just hope in the new Jurassic Trilogy that if there are idiots kids doing idiots thing, they need to be eaten. Like in the first one. Hey there goes a T-Rex lets go pull out a flashlight and waving it in its eyes.

    The Lost World. Hey Im on a island with dinosaurs why don’t I start a fire and cooking some bacon.

    Jurassic park III….the kid was the smartest one….lol. babay pterodatyls harassing you, give them a right cross and stick and move.

  • Hebah

    OMG! really?? i do hope they make a second trilogy. I’ve loved those movies forever!!!! Make a 4th movie!!!