Jason Isaacs discusses the end of Lucius Malfoy’s story in Deathly Hallows

lucius malfoy deathly hallows Image Not only will the two upcoming Deathly Hallows movies draw to a close the story of Mr. Potter and his close circle of friends, it will also be the end of the road for all the supporting characters. Most haven’t had that much of an arc throughout the previous movies, but there are some such as Lucius Malfoy, played by Jason Isaacs, who have had a few small storylines over the course of the films, and they will be resolved one way another in the final film.

The following will contain spoilers, which those who haven’t read the books may want to avoid.

Lucius Malfoy has always been the slightly evil school parent who used to be among Voldemort’s inner circle during his reign of terror. In Order of the Phoenix we saw Harry and co. battle Lucius and some Death Eaters, which resulted in Malfoy being locked up in Azkaban. In Half-Blood Prince we saw the effect this had on Draco, who broke Harry’s nose in revenge and was given the task of killing Dumbledore without his father around to stand up for him.

At the beginning of Deathly Hallows we see that Voldemort has freed Lucius, however he has taken over the Malfoy residents and demands Lucius hand over his wand. By the end of the film both Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy no longer care for Voldemort and his campaign, and simply want to make sure Draco isn’t injured or killed during the epic Battle of Hogwarts. We see that while Lucius wasn’t the most pleasant of characters, he was only trying to protect his family. I think J.K Rowling wanted to show this, and that’s why she didn’t kill him off.

Although…during a recent interview with BBC Radio 2 Jason Isaacs hinted that Lucius’ story may not go along exactly with the one in the book:

“In fact, [Lucius' ending] wasn’t planned. It was a decision made about how Lucius should end his bit in the story and we’d been leading up to it for a while and David – the lovely director – came to me and goes “What are we going to do with you that’s really great? How are we going to do the ending?” And one day I came up with this thing and he went “gasp Oh that’s it! Oh that’s it. It’ll be great.”

We shot some particular bit but I still had months left to film. And I went to the trailer and took my wig off and the First Assistant came to me and said “Jason I’m just looking at the schedule and I noticed that, actually, we don’t need you now.” And I said “Why?” and he said “Well because that thing you decided to do means you’re not in that scene or that scene or that scene.” And I went [jokingly] “Ahhh! I’ve changed my mind!”

Did they decide to kill him off? Will Lucius be sent away somewhere? I guess we won’t find out until next year when Part II is released in July. While J.K Rowling ended the series brilliantly in the books, most of the focus was on Harry and we didn’t really get great send-offs for other characters that have been around for the past 10 years. I don’t mind if they change a few things around if it means the characters get some closure they deserved.

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  • lucascott

    when reading the books I was struck by how neglectful and emotionally abusive Lucius came off. something they seemed to enhance in the movies. It would be a perfect touch to me if Lucius pulled a Lily Potter and jumped in the way of the killing blow Draco hinted would be his punishment for not killing Dumbledore.

  • Lucius-Fan

    NO! If Lucius doesn´t die in the book (which is a good decision!) he should NOT die in the movie either! That would be cheating on the fans! If they dare to change a survival into death, i´ll leave the cinema!

    • Scc160

      That’s because you like to indulge evil. That man is a disgrace for a father and human. And his son is also quite unbecoming. They dont’ give a sh!t about about other peopel, the good people, and delight in their torture, fear, and downfalls. It was the biggest tragedy of the last book that Rowling didn’t kill off 1 of the Malfoys or sent one of them to jail!

  • Lucius-Fan

    NO! If Lucius doesn´t die in the book (which is a good decision!) he should NOT die in the movie either! That would be cheating on the fans! If they dare to change a survival into death, i´ll leave the cinema!

  • Sweetblood Diabetic

    My life will seriously be over if Lucius dies. I have NEVER thought of him as an abusive husband or wife. In the seventh book, JK Rowling makes it perfectly clear that he DOES love his wife and son. They can’t change that!

  • Katie Davies

    As much as I like lucascott’s idea of Lucius throwing himself before a killing curse to save Draco, this would break my heart. Lucius is my favourite character. If he dies, I will cry WAY more than I will at Snape’s death, and, hell, I might even attack a few people. I also agree with Sweetblood Diabetic. I don’t think he was ever depicted as an abusive husband or father, and nor do I believe he deserves to die D;

  • Luciuslover

    Okay, I’m sorry…but he should NOT die. If his death wasn’t in the book, then it shouldn’t be in the movie, Deathly Hallows part 1 was pretty spot on…it pretty much followed the book. I know they want to make part 2 epic, but changing the plot line isn’t the way to do it. I think Lucius should live, as should the rest of the Malfoys. Plus, I have a major crush/obsession on him so I’ll be devastated if he dies. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.

    • Katie Davies

      Lol, this exactly^

  • Lilith

    they better not kill him! D: