International Box Office: The Avengers becomes the fastest film to ever reach $1 billion

The impossible was made possible and The Avengers managed to cross the $1 billion mark worldwide by the weekend. A lot more about this and how maybe The Avengers isn’t the only fastest film to ever reach 1 billion, right after the break.

Now here’s where the above title turns misleading, you see, having made $1 billion in just 19 days, The Avengers is not exactly the only fastest film to hit that number. Both Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 reached that number in 19 days. But there’s a catch, Harry Potter and Avatar opened internationally and in the US on the same week while that wasn’t the case with The Avengers. The superhero film had been out in the US for just 10 days when $1 billion was reached. So while technically The Avengers has to share the title for fastest to hit $1 billion with the likes of Avatar and Harry Potter 8, its performance was more impressive. Anyway, with The Avengers hitting $1 billion, it’s the 5th film to do so for Disney. Now consider this, no other studio has more than two billion grossers (Fox and Warner Bros.).

After two phenomenal weekends in release, The Avengers was, as expected, once again on top with $93.8 million. So that’s a total of $627.3 million internationally, a new record for superhero films. At this point $800 million seems like a given, add $600 million or so from North America and The Avengers is bound to make at least $1.4 billion worldwide before it leaves theaters. That will make it the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, not too shabby.

Dark Shadows was 2nd with $37.3 million from 42 countries, a decent start, although less then it was expected. Worldwide Dark Shadows sits at $66.3 million, a fraction of the $300 million it kind of needs in order to at least cover the $150 production budget. When all is said and done, I can see Dark Shadows with $250 million or more worldwide, so the situation won’t be as grim as it looks now for Warner Bros.

In 3rd place American Reunion gathered $14.6 million for an international total of $143.4 million. That means the 4th theatrical American Pie film has officially passed the $200 million mark worldwide, impressive considering it had quite a rough start. Now that the film has definitely recovered its budget (cost $50 million), maybe a sequel can happen at some point.

Battleship, opening on Friday in North America, was 4th with $11.1 million. So far the film has grossed $215.3 million and unless it can make close to $200 million in the US, Universal will lose money on it.