International Box Office: Rise of the Guardians wins soft weekend

rise_of_the_guardians There wasn’t much excitement around the world at the box office, probably because we’re now witnessing the silence before the storm, and by storm I mean The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey which opens tomorrow just about everywhere. But for now, out of all the movies available last weekend, Rise of the Guardians made the most money.

Rise of the Guardians didn’t gross a whole lot, $26.7 million, but it was enough to secure the top spot. Currently the animation has $91.3 million internationally for a worldwide total of $154.2 million. With Christmas right around the corner, Rise of the Guardians will have to make the most out of that in order to recoup its rather large budget ($145 million). Either way, this will fall under disappointment for DreamWorks Animation.

In 2nd place we have Chinese epic Back to 1942 with a $23.8 million weekend. So far the film has $45.3 million, all from just 5 territories (China obviously being on top). According to IMBD, Tim Robbins apparently stars in this film, so yeah.

life-of-pi-2 Life of Pi moved to 3rd place, up 8% with $23.4 million. After just 3 weeks, the Ang Lee adventure has $105.6 million internationally and $168.3 million worldwide. The film has been out in only around 15 markets so far, so expect a lot more money from this one before all is said and done. Over $300 million worldwide sounds reasonable here.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was down 54%, nabbing $22.6 million which puts it at $482.9 million. That’s more than any previous Twilight film by a lot. Worldwide the 5th installment sports $753.1 million, that’s over $40 million higher than the former best, Breaking Dawn Part 1 ($712.2 million). This should end up somewhere above the $800 million mark worldwide, most likely finishing the year in 6th (5th if The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey underperforms, which I highly doubt will happen).
Rounding out the top 5 is Skyfall, a true box office behemoth for the last 7 weekends. With its latest $20.7 million take, Skyfall moves to 656.7 million internationally, the 13th highest of all time. Bond 23 is moving ever closer to the much sought after billion mark, fFor now the film has $920.2 million worldwide, “only” the 22nd best ever.

And yes, this weekend The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey drops into movie theaters around the world, hoping to break a few box office records along the way. So check back here for the next couple of days (weeks) for all your Hobbit box office news.