International Box Office: Hunger Games already close to $600 million

catching-fire-hunger-gamesThe Hunger Games sequel maintained its lead around the world with another outstanding weekend which pushed the movie to almost $600 million worldwide after only two weeks in release.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire grossed $90 million, bringing its international total to $276.5 million. Looking back, The Hunger Games posted $283.2 million overseas by the time it left theaters, a number Catching Fire will absolutely blow past. As it stands we might be looking at well over $400 million internationally. Once we include the possible North American final total, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire could very well hit $900 million worldwide. You think that’s a stretch? Already $580.2 million worldwide says otherwise.

Gravity came out two months ago and since then there hasn’t been a single weekend that saw the movie below $20 million internationally. As amazing as that sounds, this feet was achived mainly thank to smart release scheduling and above all else, a phenomenal product that turned into a must watch (in 3D no less, very rare this days) for just about everyone. With $26.5 million over the weekend and a total of $365.6 million internationally, Gravity has surpassed even the wildest predictions and is now at $615.6 million worldwide, ranking 2nd for Warner Bros. in 2013 (behind Man of Steel).

Frozen arrived in 16 countries to a solid $16.7 million weekend. Comparably (same Walt Disney Animation Studio and release window) Tangled ended its run with $390.9 million internationally and while expecting that or more from Frozen might be too much to ask, it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Back in 2010 Tangled opened in Germany with $2.3 million (though on a different date) while Frozen took home $6.8 million now. In Spain it was the other way around with Frozen at $3.4 million while Tangled moved $5.7 million (again, a different release window). This weekend Frozen opens in a few more markets with France, UK and Russia being the biggest.

The White Storm, a new Hong Kong action flick, debuted with $12.9 million in China( and Hong Kong).

Thor: The Dark World rounds out the top 5 at $12.2 million. The God of Thunder is now up to $592.3 million worldwide on its way to as much as $650 million by the end of its box office run, but unfortunately not the $700 million I initially anticipated. That much is out of the question now.

  • fred

    You could be right about ‘Thor’ reaching 700 million worldwide, it still has a chance but it’s beginning to look more like a longshot. Because Japan is the only remaining territory left to open, it won’t have multiple territories left to give it weekly boosts down the road it could use. I still think it get’s to at least the high 600 million mark in the end, but don’t know about beyond that. In any case the film will have more than a 200 million worldwide growth on the original which is pretty damn good, a nice healthy improvement on the original at the box office.