International Box Office: Elysium is back on top

Elysium-2With Jurassic Park falling to about $7.1 million from last week’s $28.9 million and pretty much nothing else new worthwhile in theaters at the moment, Elysium came back to the number 1 spot.The Neill Blomkamp sci-fi took another $17.9 million around the world, bringing its international run to $97.7 million. Obviously the film will hit $100 million sometime this week which is good and might just end up being enough. See, Elysium grossed $80.5 million so far in North America with maybe $15 million or so left to go before it leaves theaters, add the film’s current international total of $100 million plus $40 million or so (still has a few markets left to open) and we get $235 million worldwide, give or take. That barely doubles the $115 million budget but considering just how many box office misfires we’ve had in 2013, I’d say Sony dodged a bullet there and what’s most important for them, it will bring in a profit. What that means for us is Neill Blomkamp continues to get lots of money in order to bring his creative projects to the big screen, win-win in my book.

In 2nd we have a concert movie, yes, another one of those, titled One Direction: This is Us. This had $14.5 million from 53 markets for a worldwide total of $32.9 million after only a week. Good result for a $10 million flick but expect massive drops in the coming weeks, as it always is with this genre.

the-conjuringThe Conjuring came down to $12,1 million but at the same time went up to 3rd. As far as horrors go, The Conjuring is having an incredible run with $109.5 million internationally and $243.6 million worldwide. A sequel is in the works making this the 3rd franchise to happen from director James Wan’s hands (Saw and Insidious are the other two).

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters moved $11,4 million to claim $82.6 million internationally and $139.2 million worldwide after almost a month in theaters. Give it another month and it should double its $90 million budget.

Monsters University rounds out the top 5 with $11 million, just enough for the animation to pass $450 million internationally. Worldwide Pixar’s latest has $715.1 million, that’s 4th overall this year. Meanwhile rival Despicable Me 2 is at $823.2 million worldwide, 2nd highest in 2013.