Insidious Chapter 2 wins in record breaking weekend

Insidious2hr1Friday the 13th: The random holiday that comes once, twice, or maybe even three times a year. This is a time where a low budget horror film can get that extra bump—if they advertise it right. Insidious Chapter 2 has done just that by taking down $41 million over the weekend according to estimates. This would make it the highest opening for a horror film on Friday the 13th, beating (of course) 2009’s Friday the 13th which had $40.5 million. Depending on the final count, it may even break the September record of $42.5 million held by Hotel Translyvania.

There is no doubt that the novelty of the date had a part in the film’s success– it has been advertised on television for weeks now. However, TV spots have also promoted the movie as “From the director of The Conjuring” which had a huge success over the summer. When you combine that with the moderate cult success from the first Insidious, it’s no wonder the movie was a hit.

In second place is Luc Besson’s The Family, starring Robert Deniro, Michelle Pfieiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones. A cast like that would have undoubtedly topped the box office 15 years ago, but today they will have to settle for $14.5 million on a $30 million budget. Riddick dropped 63% for a $7 million weekend, bringing its total to $31.2 million. Director David Twohy mentioned two more possible sequels to the franchise, but these numbers are starting to make the possibility an uphill battle.

The Butler and We’re The Millers are starting to settle with $5.5 and $5.4 million each. The Butler has just crossed the $100 million mark while We’re The Millers just passed $130 million.

Here is the weekend top ten according to estimates:

No.Movie Weekend Gross Total
1Insidious Chapter 2 $41m $41m
2The Family $14.5m $14.5m
3Riddick $7m $31.2m
4The Butler $5.5m $100m
5We're The Millers $5.4m $131.6m
6Instructions Not Included $4.2m $26.5m
7Planes $3m $82.9m
8One Direction: This is Us $2.4m $26.8m
9Elysium $2m $88.3m
10Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $1.8m $62m

  • Scotsman of Loch Ness

    “Friday the 13th which had $40.5 million.” — was that the original total, or has it been adjusted to present day rates?