Info on ‘extensive’ Wolverine filming

As you may know some sites have been calling the 2 week X-Men Origins: Wolverine reshoots currently taking place in Vancouver ‘extensive’ and ‘massive’, which to me would suggest something drastic such as reshooting 1/3 of the film. Turns out they are just filming flashback scenes, as Dominic Monaghan revealed. We had word of some possible cameos being filmed and now we have some information on some filming that look place in a school.


From Hollywood North Report

They will be filming an establishing shot of Lord Byng Secondary (16th & Crown) with a low flying helicopter this Sunday from 1 pm to 4:30 pm.

The helicopter will come in west from the Endowment Lands and hover over w 16th in front of the school.

Posted on a forum on Monday:

Today Hugh was at my school (Kits secondary school, in vancouver) and all the movie trucks were set up and he was in the main halls of the school for a bit. Bottom line is they’re filming right now at my school for tonight at least, I don’t know what/when else, if anything.

So despite the reported ‘massive’ reshoots it appears everything was planning and they are filming scenes that they probably couldn’t shoot in Australia and New Zealand. From what I can see it looks more like additional filming rather than reshoots. As for the school, I don’t know whether it could pass as the Xavier Institute, however in one of the earlier scripts Silver Fox (played by Lynn Collins) was a teacher, so it could have something to do with that.

Oh, and Matt Goldberg from Collider who reported these ‘extensive reshoots’ from his ‘source’ just so happened to dislike the Wolverine trailer saying “The Day The Earth Stood Still is bad but not quite as bad as the trailer for Wolverine” and that “The action in the trailer looks ridiculous“. It’s clear the guy has something against Wolverine, which make his article less reliable.

  • rick

    was in the battlescenes in oz hangin to see it for the days we spent shooting its gonna be intense

  • rick

    was in the battlescenes in oz hangin to see it for the days we spent shooting its gonna be intense