Independence Day 3D re-release cancelled

Everything from The Wizard of Oz to Jurassic Park is being re-released in 3D, so it’s a bit surprising that Fox has decided to hold off on their planned re-release of Independence Day. The movie made over $800 million back in ’96, but it hasn’t exactly aged considerably well, often brought up only mockingly. Even so 3D re-releases have been a cash cow for studios and there is no word yet if Fox will save this one for later.

I’ve been pretty vocal about 3D re-releases in the past, but I was neither excited nor disappointed about a 3D version of ID4. It really isn’t an untouchable classic or one of the best action adventures in recent memory, like the films mentioned above. Fox obviously isn’t entirely turned off to 3D, as the re-releases of Star Wars II and III are now set for next September and October, respectively. The films are sure to get a boost in box office sales due to the upcoming sequel trilogy being developed by Disney.

The cancellation may be a bad omen for the long rumored sequel to Independence Day, which has been reported to actually be two movies called; ID Forever- Part I and ID Forever- Part II.

  • Dan

    One of my all-time-favorites from the 90s but the trend of releasing old movies in 3D is such a huge profit due to the low production price. It really is like a new cow ready to be milked for a long time.

  • reallycoolname

    Yesterday i bought a Uwe Boll movie re-released in 3D. Haven’t watched it yet, i’m scared….. But thats only a blu-ray re-release, i guess you mean theatrical re-releases. Anyhow, would somebody please (re-)release me?