Hugo Weaving joining Cloud Atlas?

Back in February it looked like the movie adaptation of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas was moving forward following speculation that Bay Films (Michael Bay’s production company) were producing alongside Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

None of this has been confirmed (other than listings on its IMDB page), but the project is obviously in development and the latest speculation suggests The Wachowskis will be re-teaming with their V for Vendetta friend Hugo Weaving for the film.

According to a tweet from book publisher Hachette Australia:

Actor Hugo Weaving has said he is working on the film adaption of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas with the makers of The Matrix!

To date the only confirmed actress is Halle Berry, who is set to play Meronym, a member of the last remnants of technologically-advanced civilization. Berry said last year that she expected filming to begin this summer. Tom Hanks is also thought to be confirmed, but there is the possibility Weaving could be replacing him as both actors are in their 50s and the film follows several different characters over several different settings.

Here’s the synopsis of the book:

The story presents six narratives that evoke an array of genres, from Melvillean high-seas drama to California noir and dystopian fantasy. There is a naive clerk on a nineteenth-century Polynesian voyage: and aspiring composer who insinuates himself to the home of a syphilitic genius: a journalist investigating a nuclear plant: a publisher with a dangerous best-seller on his hands: and a cloned human being created for slave labour. These five stories are bisected and arranged around a sixth, the oral history of a post-apocalyptic island, which forms the heart of the story.

Some have said the book is un-filmable as it spans thousands of years and over several genres, but The Wachowskis aim to achieve it with a budget of around $80-$100 million. Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) will also be co-directing some segments.

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