Skyfall Box Office: $1 billion and counting

skyfall-billion People weren’t expecting Skyfall to reach $1 billion at the worldwide box office until its release in China next month, but it’s done it already. Jeff Blake, chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution for Sony Pictures and Gary Barber, MGM’s chairman and chief executive, made the announcement today.

A $4.6 million gross this weekend in the US and a $10.3 million take overseas pushed the 23rd Bond movie over the $1 billion mark. In total Skyfall has made $289.6 million in North America and an even more impressive $710.6 million overseas. A big chunk of its international gross comes from the UK where it is now the highest-grossing film of all time and the first film to ever pass £100 million ($161 million).


What’s most impressive is the huge leap in gross between Skyfall and Daniel Craig’s previous films. Quantum of Solace made $586m in 2008, which was similar to Casino Royale’s $599 million gross in 2006. Over the past few years there seems to be have been a surge in interest, which has generated an extra $400 million+ in box office revenue.

Skyfall definitely got a boost from Craig’s appearance at the Olympics alongside The Queen, especially in the UK where it’s been quite a patriotic year. The time of release, marketing, and it being the 50th anniversary of James Bond on-screen all helped propel the movie towards the $1 billion mark, but I think it’s mostly due to Sam Mendes and the team producing a great movie. One people recommended to their friends and family, and one they can see multiple times (I’ve had 3 viewings myself).

Good luck to whoever directs Bond 24. Universal critical acclaim, awards recognition, and $1 billion+ worldwide will be a hard act to follow.

Why do you think Skyfall has been such a huge success?

  • Joe Lovestick

    So why don’t release the next Bond movie in 2014? So we see it straight away.

    • Liam

      They are currently aiming to release Bond 24 in late-2014.