From the creator of Entourage comes…Bad Santa 2?

Bad-SantaA sequel to Bad Santa has been in development for years. Various scripts have been written but none that Miramax has been too happy with so they’ve brought in Doug Ellin to rewrite the film and possibly direct it as well. Ellin is the creator of the hit HBO show Entourage.

Billy Bob Thornton has been eager to get Bad Santa 2 going for a while now, especially since he hasn’t made much noise in recent years and the first film was his biggest hit as a leading man. Aside from the mentally disturbed man he played in Sling Blade, the boozing and thieving mall Santa is Thornton’s most iconic role.

The only hiccup in starting production could be Ellin’s involvement with the movie version of Entourage. Ellin wrote a script to bring the HBO series to the big screen and he is set to direct that one as well. If that project gets fast-tracked first it could be a few years out before we see Bad Santa 2. However, if Ellin writes Bad Santa 2 in time they could always hire someone else to direct his script.

The first Bad Santa is the crudest and darkest Christmas comedy of all time. It’s become somewhat of a cult classic and much like Billy Bob Thornton, us fans are eager to see a sequel as well.

  • Adshusteresq

    Hope they make this the first one was great

  • Anonymous

    I must admit that i’m far from happy with Steve Pink as director of the sequel. I was hoping for Shane Black but now it seems to be confirmed that Pink is their top choice.