F. Gary Gray drops Captain America 2 for NWA biopic

Recently, a shortlist of potential directors for Captain America 2 was making its way around Hollywood, and one of the names on it – director F. Gary Gray, to be exact – just removed himself from consideration for the superhero sequel. Gray has found another directing gig, reuniting with Ice Cube for an NWA biopic fittingly titled Straight Outta Compton. The director and rapper have collaborated before on music videos in the past, and this feature film will tell the origin story of the rappers that pioneered gangsta rap and almost singlehandedly shepherded a subculture across America back in the 1980s. So who’s left on the shortlist for Cap 2? Read on to find out.

Those left in contention for the director’s chair for one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are The Adjustment Bureau helmer George Nolfi, and “Community” producers Anthony and Joe Russo, plus whoever else Marvel is meeting with that hasn’t been reported in the press yet. Despite the fact that I enjoyed The Adjustment Bureau, I think I’d pick the Russo Brothers for this gig based on how much I love what they’ve done with their TV work, including “Community,” “Arrested Development,” and “Happy Endings.” They’ve also got action experience coming up with Dwayne Johnson, directing the former wrestler in a pic called Ciudad.

But there’s always the chance of Marvel blindsiding us with a surprise choice, and that may not be such a bad thing, either. Who would you like to see direct Captain America 2? And for the NWA fans out there – are you excited to see a biopic of the boys from Compton?