Expendables 3: Nic Cage, Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes in talks to join

jackie-chan-expendables The Expendables movies are well known for having an all-star cast of action stars and adding even more stars in each movie. Jean Claude Van Dame and Chuck Norris joined the cast in the sequel and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis saw their roles elevated. Now it looks like the inevitable third film may follow suit by adding; Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes and Nic Cage.

Chan, Cage and Snipes certainly can all bring something different to the table if they sign on for Expendables 3. Between the three of them Snipes usually plays the most serious roles and may be the new villain, although I could also see Cage having fun playing an over the top evildoer. Jackie Chan on the other hand is a good guy for sure; he famously refuses to ever play a villain. I just hope that none of them get the Liam Hemsworth treatment.

Expendables 3 has been in development since before even Expendable 2 was released and, according to Dolph Lundgren, will begin shooting this September for a 2014 release date.