David Yates and Steve Kloves taking The Stand?

David Yates Image It was a risk giving David Yates, a TV director at the time with no experience working on big-budget fantasy movies, directing duties on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but luckily for Warner Bros. the risk paid off.

Yates stuck around for 5 more years and ended the franchise in epic fashion this summer with Deathly Hallows: Part 2. Naturally the studio wants to keep Yates close by, and the director may be about to re-team with Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves for an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1974 novel The Stand.

According to HitFix Warner Bros. is in negotiations with the duo, and it is “a priority project for the studio and for Vertigo Pictures” so the deals are likely to come about quickly. Having Yates and Kloves adapt The Stand makes a lot of sense. It’s a book, it’s dark, and it could potentially take place over several films. They’ve covered all those areas (very well) with Potter.

The Stand tells the story of a full-scale apocalypse, driven by the accidental release of a biological weapon and the ensuing struggle of good versus evil carried out by the world’s final survivors. The original version of the book was 823 pages long, but a “complete and uncut” edition was released in 1990 with a whooping 1,141 pages.

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  • Abc

    I’m sorry, Yates (along with the other Potter directors) was garbage. Those movies could have been infinitely better.  Only HP7 Part 1 was worthy enough to call itself Harry Potter, and even then just barely.