David Goyer writing new Superman movie?

Update: According to AICN who called Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures the story is not accurate, and the project isn’t at the script stage yet.

Update 2: Variety say that “Goyer pitched a more action-packed idea that involves Superman battling arch nemesis Lex Luthor and super villain Brainiac”. It seems the original report was correct after all.

Update 3: Now IGN are saying Jonah Nolan will be co-writing the script with Goyer, and that Christopher Nolan will executive-produce. Warner Bros. have basically got the Batman team to work on Superman, which is very exciting indeed. Batman 3 should begin to gear up after Chris Nolan has finished work on Inception .

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Following the announcement that Chris Nolan will be overseeing the production of the new Superman film at Warner Bros., there has been a lot of speculation about what direction the movie will take. Will it be darker, ala The Dark Knight, or will Nolan and Company guide the Man of Steel toward a brighter light?

While those questions can’t be answered just yet, we do have some news that might give us an idea of what to expect. David Goyer, the co-writer of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, has been brought on as the writer for the movie, and Latino Review‘s source confirms the long-rumored title: The Man of Steel.

The site claims that Goyer is just helping with the story for the upcoming Batman 3, so work on that script shouldn’t interfere with his writing for Superman. Even if this isn’t the case, I think the guy is talented enough to pull off multiple scripts at the same time. Just look at Kurtzman and Orci: those guys wrote Star Trek, Transformers 2, and were producing multiple films (and a TV show!) all at the same time.

According to their source, Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer are definitely out of the running as actor and director. While no director is signed on yet, word is that Lex Luthor and Brainiac are part of the story and the film will not cover the origin story. Could this finally be the Superman movie we’ve been waiting for? Things are certainly looking that way; this could be a great turnaround for the Man of Steel after the bitter taste left in the public’s mouth from Superman Returns.

  • http://twitter.com/Rezv1000 James Rodrick

    Great..i seeing superman movies till my childhood,i am a big fan of this superman series movies.i am happy that David Goyer writing a new script for Superman.

  • annawoods04

    Interesting. It seems like having Luthor involved would just sort of be a given, but I wouldn't be surprised if the chief villain was Brainiac. Maybe Luthor would be made a pawn of Brainiac or some such deal. From what I understand about the character, they could easily make Brainiac a recurring element in future films.Either way, it's definitely a new direction, though I hope the studio reneges on their choice not to give Brandon Routh another crack at the part. Of the problems in Superman Returns, he wasn't one of them.

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    • Robert Mei

      I completely agree, Brandon Routh was not the problem in Superman Returns…..the introduction of a super-love child was the big issue.

      He did a very good job and if he was given another chance at the role, I have no doubt he would be able to make it his own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Travis-Anthony-Scott/1056331871 Travis Anthony Scott

    i liked “returns”. it introduced the concept of him having a child, but that was never explored! im so tired of reboot, reboot, reboot! spider-man is one hell of an exception, of course.
    gotta say, though: i am waiting for intense ass kickery from an angry god of a superman.

  • Lockdown

    The Man of Steel. Cool!

  • DrManhatten

    another bullshit rumor probably spread by WB 2 see what interest there is in the movie like the rumor last time that Tim Burton was doing Superman before Bryan Synger

  • http://aol.com/ Damar Knighten

    I think goyer and nolan should brighten up superman like he was back in from the 78-86 superman films but this time have the emblem a little bigger like the photo above and make it where the emblem is on the back how it should be on his cape, and i like the belt emblem was pretty tight. Also make one about the death and return of superman lioke the game off of snes or make the next one where he does fight brainiac but at the same time have him beat criminal asses that try to attack him and other villians cause in superman returns he got his ass whipped bad that sucks, i wouldn't mind seeing some part where he would fly off fast that u would see red fgo quick like flash ,plus make it like he can use his powers on supervillians and normal villans, most of all get a actor that looks like superman and between christopher reeve and tom welling, dean cain, the guy from the superboy first season john somethin, Give us fans the superman we been waiting for and when hes clark kent he doesn't always have to wear a suit and tie or have him wear normal clothes . When he turns into superman as well or at least have fight scenes like matrix reloaded but none of that slow mo shit all the time.
    Give us action flick better than the new batman begins and dark knight.

  • http://www.bedsidealarmclock.com/ alarm clocks

    I think someone should call Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison. Those guys know how to write Superman! I am pretty sure Superman wouldn't really need to combine heat vision and x-ray vision as if you use heat vision on something long enough.