Box Office: Oblivion opens with $37 million

Oblivion_tom-cruiseTom Cruise returns to the top after 16 months, this time starring in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic Oblivion. A spot below, former leader 42 had a great second weekend while The Croods continued to play strong in 3rd.

So I checked, and the last time we had a Tom Cruise flick at the top of the box office was the final weekend of 2011 with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (in its 3rd weekend, 2nd wide). Since then he was in two other films, Rock of Ages sort of flopped but Jack Reacher did enough for Paramount to even consider a sequel. Now Oblivion is a different beast and not since War of the Worlds has Tom Cruise been in a sci-fi. So how much did Oblivion take? Well, a lot less than War of the Worlds ($64.8 million), but then again, this was more Minority Report ($35.6 million) anyway. $37 million was enough for the flick to climb to the top. That’s actually the 2nd best debut of Tom Cruise’s career outside of a franchise, and looking at past similar performers, I’d wager the film has a fine shot at over $100 million in North America. This coming weekend I’ll probably watch Oblivion, now with much lower expectations then I had a few months ago, and hopefully I’m gonna enjoy it for what it offers (heard both good and bad things unfortunately).

42-movie42 was down some 35.5% to $17.7 million for a 10-day total of $53.7 million. At the very least this should finish in the top 10 sports dramas of all time (Rocky 2 is in 10th now with $85.1 million, so 42 needs to best that, easy).

In 3rd The Croods moved another $9.2 million, bringing the film’s total to $154.6 million. That number makes this the 14th highest grossing DreamWorks Animation production to hit theaters. The top 10 is now just $25.4 million away and, little known fact, out of those 10, only Monsters Vs. Aliens didn’t get a sequel. Ok, at this point the cat is out of the bag, we know they will be moving forward with The Croods 2, adding to their ever increasing lineup of sequels in store for the next couple of years.

The train wreck that is Scary Movie 5 made $6.1 million, down 56.6% (not as bad as I imagined). After 10 days this spoof generated $22.7 million, which is a bit more than half what the previous one (Scary Movie 4) made in a single weekend ($40.2 million). If that’s not bad then I don’t know what is.

Finally rounding out the top 5 was G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel that couldn’t match its predecessor. So $5.7 million more brings the action flick to $111.2 million, $21.5 off the original at the same point in its run. On the other hand, worldwide Retaliation already flew past The Rise of Cobra.