Aaron Eckhart interested in Battle: Los Angeles sequel

Battle: Los Angeles claimed the #1 spot at the weekend, taking $36 million in the US. With a production budget of around $70 million and international numbers still rolling in the movie looks set to make a profit for Columbia, which can only mean one thing.

In a recent interview Aaron Eckhart was questioned on whether he’d be interested in returning for a sequel, and it turns out not only is the actor ready, he’s already thinking of potential locations.

From Hero Complex:

“I very much enjoyed wearing the uniform of Staff Sgt. Nantz and I’m very proud of this film,” Eckhart told me this morning when he called from Paris. “It wouldn’t be the worst thing to do, that’s for sure. I’m ready to wear the uniform again. Filming this movie was a great experience and I’d be happy to see that experience continue.”

“To me this movie, I put my heart and soul into it. It was the hardest movie I ever made in my life, by far. It was hard not only physically but mentally, psychologically, and it was all real blood, sweat and tears on the screen. It’s not makeup and it’s not made up.”

And what of that sequel? Should we expect ”Battle: Fresno” or ”Battle: Poughkeepsie“? Eckhart laughed. “No, no I’m thinking something more like ‘Battle: St Croix.’ Or maybe ‘Battle: Paris,’ I’ve been looking around while I’m here. It’s funny you have to make it real but you do hate to destroy a nice town. But Paris would be good.”

The spin-off potential from this movie is quite huge. I imagine if Battle: Los Angeles makes a tidy sum the bigwigs at Columbia will be scanning Google Maps for the next possible location.

I haven’t had the chance to see the movie yet so I can’t comment on whether it deserves a sequel. Is anyone who saw Battle: LA this weekend interested in seeing more? If so, which city should be invaded next?

  • ChimChar

    It should be the taking back Los Angeles and working up the coast to take back the other American cities before going abroad, cause that’ll be a bit stupid.

    They should try to develop the characters a bit too, and add more men/women into it.

    • guest

      i agree completely because there are still grounded aliens on there, and it isn’t like they would easily defeat them especially with the smaller numbers, Battle LA should have a sequel taking back Los Angeles

    • Stripes62181

      I totaly agree I was thinking about that it should be Retaking: Los Angeles and then make stuff like battle: paris and stuff like that

      • Zachlee2007

        What about Battle of new york?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=590314435 Sully Sullivan

          they should also develop more of why the aliens are there? kinda see there weapons investigate the tec. in a way, not super indepth like district 9 but kinda in a sense of us understanding there reason more then opinions and guesses made in the movie. just an idea but i agree with the character development 

          • guest

            They already stated why the aliens were there, because they us water as fuel and earth is 60 or was it 70 percent water.

          • Eliudbadillo

            Alins are there because water is scarse on their planet so earth is the only planet with liquid water on the surface

          • Asdfghjk

            There are planets in our solar system that contain water as well, ice to be exact.

          • http://daniocean.tumblr.com Daniel Tinkov

            Yea, it struck me as a bit stupid too. Water is the second most common element in the universe. It is created by star explosions and we have detected it in numerous places in our galaxy, as well as other galaxies. And this BS about being liquid is stupid, how hard is to melt it really? Anyway, the technobabble reason for the alien attack is not important, the movie was cool and i like to see part 2.

          • Myinbox111

            Wrong. The gravity, atmospheric composition and coastal access make Earth the only planet within 500 light years the only feasible option. And yes, an expeditionary unit across light years of space to Earth is easier than landing a mining colony on the Moon Europa.

          • Guest

            Also, water isn’t an element… just saying :P

          • Guest

            um wtf? water isn’t an element? What planet were you born on? The four elements are earth, wind WATER and fire. Some believe thunder as a fifth but whatever.

          • Tobias

            Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen… Not an element… Just saying.

          • DJ

            Water IS an element

        • Justin9427

          Now that soundz good but if u really think about it. The sequal will never end if they had one. I like the nee York idea

        • Donald

          There is already a movie called Battle: New York. It has nothing to do with the storyline of Battle: Los Angeles

    • Jessiebragg84

      I believe it should be about the taking back of Los Angeles, but if you jump to other parts of America you won’t be watching the same actors who made the movie such a real experience. In my opinion the movie would be great if it picked up right where the last one ended. Throughout the movie there should be a turning point just like the first, something awesome who knows leave it to the people who write the movie. the anding would be good if it took the story to another country, i like your idea protect homes interest first, so why not send the marines to canada or maybe mexico.

      • DJ

        It would make the sequal insteresting if there was more enemy ships in orbit around Earth, and they land in the sequal

    • Paffy96

      it should be battle: LA fight back

    • Ezio

      Well you cant make another movie because Staff Sgt Nantz’s enlistment is up and he wants to get out of the Marine Corps. I really loved the movie it is one of my favorites i just dont think they could pull of a sequel with the same characters.

      • Mgballa

        i agree wit u

      • Jonny11b

        Just ’cause an enlistment is up does not mean someone can get out. The armed forces can keep you as long as they need to. as it is, SSG Nantz is stuck.

        • http://www.facebook.com/steven.w.wilgus Steven W. Wilgus

          that happened in 2005 and thereabouts. so you get “out” when you are allowed to get out…

      • Animalrescuer29

        Wrong. Nantz was asked to come back. If you bothered to watch the last seen, he volinterarly went back to fight. And I bet they wouldn’t say he can’t come back considering he and his men defeated the aliens control system in la

        • SFCDragonSoldier

          Nance was “asked” to come back? Heh, LMAO! Only out of politeness…  He was “Stop-Lossed”, civies…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001139885762 Lachlan Hackles

        his paper work wasnt filed and he is still on active duty, they have the authority to postpone his discharge and it doesnt seem like he wants to leave anyway

        • Soap

          so what that doesnt mean any thing

          • Guest

            yes it does…… you an idiot?

          • gangsta bob

            dude planet earth was invaded by aliens i highly doubt leaving military now is last thing hes thinking about…

      • CORY

        just wondering anyone heard of STOPLOSS

      • DJ

        If you noticed from the end of Battle: Los Angeles, you will see Staff Sgt Nantz and his squad preparing to go back into battle…so I believe he changed his mind about quitting.

    • Mrsredmon2001

      I agree with all the comments made take back LA first then other places

      • DJ

        The movie did state there was 12 alien landing sites….so I think it is possible for them to make a sequal for each place.

        • AJ


    • djbell

      yh taking back la but not every american city that would suck and be boring

  • Guest

    They really need to establish a main alien baddie and expand on the aliens. Towards the end of the movie the aliens were looking way too weak. The stormtrooper effect can be taken out of the equation with a main villian.

    • Jerod_franciscus

      But remember there are more of the command centers so once they get mostly all of them there will be a big group of alien to take and they would probably call more of them to attack earth tht would be the movie

    • Belkin17th

      that just seems a little ‘darth vadery’ and takes the beliveablity out of it, its good that there is no communication because talking to an alien race is almost impossible

  • Pedro

    I already watched the movie and being a sci-fi fan I liked it a lot, nothwithstanding some sentimentality in the dialogue and in the backround story. It is way better than ID4 or other alien invasion movies, because the military strategy employed by mankind makes common sense. I especially liked the fact that at the end humanity was still in the beginning of the fight and the outcome of the war was still very uncertain. A sequel should still be in the US. As for the fighting in other parts of the US and of the world the information could be given as newsflash or military reports.

    • http://www.facebook.com/steven.w.wilgus Steven W. Wilgus

      Well said , Pedro. I agree w/ the “newsflash” informing us of other areas and how they are fairing w/ the aliens. Liq water that is EASILY available is extremely hard to find according to NASA and other Exoplanetary sources. Other actors in other areas could be connected if a joint operation to undo alien “internet” or Commo takes place between say New York and LA…

  • Pedro

    As for the aliens I also think they should be stronger so its make sense in the movie, considering they must be a highly developed civilization, more than mankind. Introducing new weapons, tactics and combat maneveurs for the aliens will add to the realistic sense of the movie. And please don’t use nukes in the movie (it was a good choice by the director on this one). rationally, no leader would nuke its own land on the required scale to stop an alien invasion (admitting that the nukes or radiation would have influence in the aliens body and weaponry (which we wouldn’t know). It would be a loose loose proposition. If we nuke the earth what would we be fighting for?

    • SMIFFY_1

      the aliens may be weak but their technology will be advance. doesnt mean the aliens will be stronger and better. its like humans in 200 years time. better equipment still the same vunerable human.. i liked the take on battle LA…

      • Zedd_foxx

        agreed, not every alien movie needs to show aliens are better in every way, this one showed they were week, and even fearful towards the end. I agree they should expand on them more, but I like that the tech was futuristic, while the aliens themselves were weaker (only after we figured out their vulnerable spots).

        I liked how they talked about how the aliens were grunts themselves, and could be experiencing fear, like even though they were aliens, there were to civilizations experiencing the same feelings, and the same tactics.

        good stuff yo.

      • Pedro

        I agree. The aliens because they are made of organic matter should be able to die and be killed. Especially given the combat zones (urban warfare). They have good armor and we can see in the movie that tanks, heavy machine guns and the likes are not much useful. It is a grunt war and i think the technological aspect is important insofar to air dominance.

        • Tyler

          Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Predator, “If it bleeds, it can be killed.” I loved Battle: Los Angelos and hope that they come out with a sequel. I like the idea of taking back Los Angelos and possibly the coast first before going international.

          • AJ

            The coast was a landing point for the aliens .they spread out from the coast .

    • Dave

      Personally id keep nukes as a last resort in the face of total anhilation…..if humanity were ever doomed we may aswell destroy the planet they want so much.

      That said i really enjoyed the movie, reminded me of independance day in that i didnt want it toend so soon. Hope they do make a sequel!

      • Pedro

        I think the best part is one we didn’t even talked about. Seriously, how would the american military (or that of any other country) react to an alien invasion?? Sure there are contingency plans… but not for this! I like the part where they are in the helicopter and the young soldier shouts: Aliens?? That can’t be right? I think the main idea is what would the military do to win the war if they were caught with they pants down? The viewer discovers the aliens as the soldiers who are fighting them do also. But now they should expand on this. I agree with Poo. Maybe they should “find out more about the aliens and why they’re here, expand on the mythos”. But plenty of action also please.

    • Warman199313

      there was no nuke, it was just a copper head high explosive missle, used mostly by navy ships and missle trucks.

    • DJ

      Totally good idea. Like I said to someone else, there could be more ships in orbit that have new technology and new types of weapons.

  • Jorge

    I really wanted this movie to be four hours long because there is a lot to tell. The movie is only a snapshot of the invasion. I loved the style of story telling. My only qualm is that the alien technology seemed to be a bit stunted to give the humans a fair chance at winning. Sure they’re vulnerable, but as far as tracking systems go they should’ve had infrared sensors or something to better locate their enemy. It’s little stuff like that throughout the movie that bothered me, but other than that I would love to see a sequel for this film. There is a lot more story to tell.

    • Pedro

      Jorge, i agree with your point. But for instance infrared detects all body heat (not only human) but also animal and mechanicall heat. These must be always though choices for a director/screen writer. But the film should be longer and show also an expanded view of the war (maybe in news flashes or military reports been given). The action should still concentrate in these caracters and in the US. The aliens can be shown to be more complex and their motives shoulld be explored more a bit. If they are going to do sequels the sky is the limit.

    • Pedro

      Also, concerning the fact that humans seem to have a fighting chance i think the problem is not so much of technology but of numbers. You have an alien invader fighting a land, urban warfare against what: six billion humans! There would be a massive superiority in numbers. Even with advanced weaponry and sensors we could always over power them with numbers. But i totally agree with you: there is a lot more story to tell. This film shows the first 2/3 days of war. Hope there are lots of sequels to tell it to the end (but probably not).

    • Regan

      Jorge let me explain the nature of the alien tech.  First noted is the drop shock method that ALL of the alien military forces used to insert there troops from NO MOTHERSHIP.  This means that they most likely do not have increadibly advanced tech due to the nature of there space travel (Though more so than us) and also that this might be a despairation move.  They might of come from a resorce depleated star system which is why they started with harvesting resorces before they even destroyed such a prominant threat.  This also explains the lacking in numbers.

      • Nickmerritt38

        I agree, the lack of a mothership does explain allot of things. In almost every alien movie there is some kind of mothership were they get most of there power from. That can explain why there weapons were not that powerful or accurate. It could also explain why they were in such a hurry to try and take over the earth, with as fast as the aliens were moving, minute by minute.

        • DJ

          I totally agree. If our planets supply of water was nearly out, wouldn’t we go find another planet that has water before our species perished?

          • Aj

            We would have to have incredible technology to transport that. Much liquid h2o.

    • Sam

      infrared detects heat, did YOU see any of the thousands of explosions and fires around??? they may have had but wouldnt use it with all of the heat being given off by explosions

      • DJ

        The aliens are more filled with water than humans, so I dont think they give off heat.

  • Poo

    not as good as independance day, but 10 times better than skyline which was a piece of shit. Would definetly be good to find out more about the aliens and why they’re here, expand on the mythos instead of all out mindless action

    • Dodieo23

      I believe that Battle L.A. was and is going to fall into one of the top 25 movies spots for 2011 with ease. This movie is original, everyone has a problem that the aliens are not advanced enough well if you didnt realize in the movie there soliders where suited with body armor and weapons to cover there actual organ its possible that the alien tech can only reach a point with there planets natural resources?

      • Alex

        That’s what I thought . Let’s say these aliens resemble ants . They build their colonies using the resources present . Near a beach , they’ll be using sand , further away , regular dirt . Same with the aliens . Towards the end you can see sparks flying off their command center . This could mean that it’s either normal , malfunctions in or near it’s hull or drones attaching scrap to it , for shielding . Think about it , they slap a couple of car hoods to their ship for armor so they don’t have to carry it back from their home(/previous) planet .

    • Alf

      ID4 sucks….this movie was much better and has way more action then ID4.  As ID4 was more of a star wars and war of world knock off.

  • Alexgirlpower

    either La again or Somewhere in Texas close to the shore and it needs more women in this movie

    • Tom

      less women in the movie(unless it’s something uncombat related), leave wars to the men, i hate that females actress that’s in the movie, she’s retarded.

      • Joshuajohn

        jesus yr a real cave man… why not pull yr self out of the 20’s/50’s and step on into 2011… women can do just about ANYTHING a man can do! if you knew anything you would know strength, true strength has NOTHING to do with how big yr muscles are. its what you have inside that counts! it’s called HEART son!  educate your self…

        • Nickmerritt38

          completely, that is just being sexist, if you did not notice Tom, michelle was killing more aliens then u can throw a stick at. She could handle her self. And I think that women that fight in the armed forces are hot too.

          • Eric9182

            the only reason woman dont become a foot soilder is because if a woman was on a battlfeild with a lot of men person effects might get in the way of there mission. either he likes her or she likes him and will try to protect her instead of proccedding on with the mission. sorry for the spelling, thats the only reason i have came up with besides if capture by a human enemy force, she might be a sex slave who knows.

    • Apple_b215

      im a female and im sorry but i dont agree with you Santos was enough already…she was pretty cool in da movie, made me laugh at times esp when she said dis in the end…” Did that hurt?!?!”….but hey, i dont want to see anymore females…esp those that cant act good and jus tryin to look gud on screen…..luv to see part 2 For real. No disrespect girlpower :)

  • Andre Peniche

    Well, it would only deserve a sequel for explanation of what happens next, because the film itself, I’m sorry to say, it’s not that special.

    • Anonymous

      sequels happen not because they are called for but because the first film made lots of money.

      judging by the numbers so far…expect part 2 whether you like it or not

  • Cai

    I saw the movie when it first came out it was awsome. they should focus on taking back New york city since they mentioned it falling in the beginning of the movie. or t hey could follow a story line similar to the ww2 movie wind talkers where they focused on several locations in the pacific theater. they could retake the rest of the west coast like the last person said or they could jus make the movie longer an retake the united states period.

    • Livinloudnicky

      Best movie I’ve seen since avatar! Battle L.A was mind blowing. Who ever didn’t like this is a Moran of a human being and should be killed and eaten by the aliens in the sequel lol. There also probably a liberal pain in the ass and should go hug a tree or something. This movie rocked!!!

  • Cai

    This movie was good in that its very realistic as to how we would probably handle things. i do th ink they should continue to develop the characters as they story continues and also not let the aliens become to weak after all the fact that they can get to us shows that they are stronger than us but allowing us to have a fighting chance is good, unlike that boot leg crap of a movie skyline.

    • Zetusman

      Sequel: Battle Shanghai; Battle Sankt Petersburg; Battle: Nice; Battle: London; Battle: Tokio; Battle Hamburg ; Battle Mumbai; Battle Istanbul, Battle Rio Janeiro; the cities near sea who are defended by rest of top 10 armies of the world

    • cam

      I doubt we would handle it that way… The second we lost air superiority I would expect the United States to start dropping nukes. Good old nukes. The ultimate deterent. You want to invade this planet? BOOM what planet

  • Plob


  • Jsprigg Esq

    (SPOILER ALERT!) Given the importance of water for the aliens, it would be interesting for a sequel to incorporate an alteration in human tactics to exploit such reliance. For example, how well would the aliens’ weapons systems function if their fuel supply was suddenly frozen? I found the movie satisfying from the standpoint that yes, we were getting pounded, but were also able to put the hurt on themwithout some outlandish plot device a la ID4.

    • Frank

      I was thinking along the same lines with frozen water, but in a slightly different perspective. The aliens could set up shop on the north or south pole. Harsh terrain for anyone to “own the air”. They could be melting the caps & amassing twin assault forces, where we would have to go there to fight them. Think Battle: Anarctica. Instead of fighting in another city somewhere in the world with the same familiar feel of the first, it would have a whole different look.

      • Freddie

        I like the ideal of focusing on how the Aliens are going to counter our ability to take out their drones and Command Centers. i would like to introduce more of the military strategy and how the humans and aliens combat one another. Make it real and make it raw! Remember, wars last years, not days and/or weeks (Think WW2). The Aliens are here (maybe more to come) and we are making our stand. the sequel should fast forward a few years into the war, with the Aliens still winning, but humans (leaders, scientist, etc..) learning more about their enemy. I would take nukes out of the equation, there should be no gimmic as to the Aliens weak point. But just out strategies and maneuver them. Like a real war, beat them until they surrender or die. Take out their power supply, take hostages, etc… Maybe also introduce human technology in war and advances during this time. Remember some of our greatest inventions come from war and the money invested in things like the internet, cell phones, satellites, etc…

        Maybe introduce civilian life during this war (like in WW2). hard times, no food, power, etc… Maybe even a mandatory draft. Maybe re-introduce Martinez’ son (Hector) as a 18 (or younger) enlistee going straight into war. Maybe Staff Sgt Nantz is a General or something.

  • Anonymous

    battle: earth

    after reclaiming most of the world’s cities. the armies of the world join for an assault on the final command center (China?).

    there they must stop either the last resort weapon or prevent a call for wave 2 to land…

    something like that would be cool but would mean an end to the series (unless wave 2 lands)

    • guest

      oh yeah thats a good idea. one big assault on the main command center. all the aliens calling for back up and there in a last stand. and were moving in closer and the alien reinforcements arrive. oh man there better be a sequel and if it was to be a 5 hour long movie ill watch it cause this one i didnt want it to end i was like really into the movie. this is a really great movie and a sequel or more movies like this would be awesome. but more a sequel. 

    • battle la

      ya man definitely, i thought it would be cool if even though we know how to destroy there command towers and know the aliens weak spot if like tht was the first if three waves even though we know how to destroy them they would eventually put our military on the brink of exahaution if they had more waves and things coming

  • Cobra Commander

    “Very Nice I Like!”

  • Eatano

    Battle: Tokyo. Everyone’s seen the West get blasted by aliens, somewhere like Tokyo, Beijing or even Moscow would be way more original. And expand on the idea that those aliens were just grunts following orders, the mindless drone thing is way over done.

  • Eatano

    I also like the idea of hostages. Think District 9, the alien and human bargaining for mutual benefit. Maybe defectors, but when one side realises it’s possible you have both aliens and humans selling on information.

    The nuke thing I think for one is just overdone, it doesn’t carry the same power it once did. They did it in the original War of the Worlds which was however many years ago, I think the last film it worked in was Independence Day just because of the night vision cam they viewed it on.

  • War

    I hope they start planning this sequel soon, probably have a location set before this movie came out….what im hoping in the next one is the use of snipers….i would have thought a sniper would be important in a situation like this and could do some serious damage! So a new soldier in 25 regiment should be a sniper (female?) What do you guys reckon?

  • Subiie

    Battle: Pyongyang to be honest, would be fun to see how they’d handle it =P.

  • Frogulec

    the fianl retred of the aliens was kinda suck, sundlly after command center was destroyed they`ve become defenetly to weak and feard, and aliens shooting are also not to good they are very aim less not even one head shot was made by alien in whole move that kinda sux to.

    • Frogulec

      sry for my engliish :D

  • Roblj2009

    I loved this movie, sci fi nuts tended to hate it, but I love military and sci fi movies so this was a very good film imo.

    A sequel would be awesome, with the same cast and a few newbies. Pick up a month later where L.A is back under U.S control and so are a few other cities, but the largest colonies of the aliens are still running some cities, New york is completely over run and the aliens are now blocking any attempt to lock any sort of missiles onto there command ships.

  • Nick Merritt

    It should start with taking back los angeles, then take back san diego and san fransico, then go from country to country from there. But I really think that we should focus on taking back North America first, that is my opinion.

    Over all, I loved the movie! I can’t wait for any sequel to come out, just as long as michelle and aaron are in all the movies.

  • Tom132

    Less sentimental/joke talking more action! I want to see the ‘big picture’ of the invasion like at the beginning of the movie. Watching one squad of marines the whole movie shouldn’t happen again and if… it should be connected to other people’s stories. Cut of squads,air raids (like in skyline), endangered civillians etc. I WANT TO SEE THE INVASION (not only the marines but they are cool too)!

  • Aimee

    I agree if they were to make a sequel then it would be a very stupid thing to do by having it in somewhere like Paris as this film ended with not even having won LA back unless they were to bring a whole new cast but why make another film to throw away an awsome cast? In my opinion they should continue with taking back LA and then Moving onto other states also developing the characters and aliens more

  • RichardBarker1234

    I think they should just by pass all the cleaning up job and show us the tech guys reverse engineer there weapons n ships. Then head out into space and take revenge on there candy assess.

  • Thecam13

    go to china or paris but in the begging show how they took los angeles

  • NetworkError

    Next should be Battle: Moscow or Battle: London

    Or better yet they should show the actions of multiple units… Like USA being cleaned up, French troops going after command centers, new aliens dropping down in London, Moscow launching nukes into the space etc.

    Or yeah, show the beginning of the battles in every location, whatever I just want some cool shootouts :)

    But please no “Super unit gear development” and stuff – keep it “??real??” .

  • NetworkError

    Anyway I bet they were already shooting the sequel without even having the first one done completely – the title just makes you expect a sequel.

  • NetworkError

    Anyway I bet they were already shooting the sequel without even having the first one done completely – the title just makes you expect a sequel.

  • Itonas13

    Just saw the movie, and having studied for director of photogaphy and being a full time sci-fi/fantasy novelist with rather high standards and hard to please I must say this movie was great. Sure a few minutes of it were a bit cheesy, some of the story was wasted on very well known already understood human conditions and could have been used better but over all it was a 9 out of 10 which is rare today.
    With the sequel I agree it must be the taking back of LA and then maybe another city in the US, like NY where they might be having some special troubles for unkown reasons. How ever it must be done very carefuly or the chances of it being ruined to make a quick buck are very very high. What they should show now is the larger picture of the war, with all of the US run away, bloated military budget at work. In movies they never think or can aford to show all the military is capable of. Believe it or not we are an extreamly dangerous and highly armed race that could destroy the whole solar system with ease. And that is just a slight exageration.
    So it would be cool to see massive tank/armored vehicles combat, and massive infantry battles like saving private Rian Normady scene, mixed with independance day as well as that one scene from Sky line when that one bad ass F-117 pilot flies through all the drones to nuke that ship.

    They set up a sweet … well set up to the story, now they juse need not to bulocks it up. :)

  • Will Rod

    Brazil ;D

  • Ehrenburg

    This was a fantastic movie I have already watched several times. Its suspensfull and keeps you on the edge of your seat like the movie Black Hawk Down, which I might add is in my opinion the best war movie ever made and it mixes it with a little Independance Day (but much better). The acting is top notch with just the right am out of character development. The movie takes about 20 minutes before all hell breaks lose and by the end you just feel exhausted. I still can notunderstand why this movie is nit raking in money hand over fist. I’m disappointed that the critics have once again apeared to have scared people away from one on the best movies I have seen in a looooong time

  • sci-fi fan

    second part would be a great idea, because this movie is just great and i think that second part should be Battle : taking back LA and then another part Battle: taking back earth or maybe second one Battle : London or Paris or Rome and then the third last part Battle: reuniting the earth this would be great last part woud be more in usa (LA) but also in europeand asia

  • nightstriker

    It should have them taking back LA at first, then heading off to Europe, for there are way more cities, under attack there, and have an even bigger mothership and more aliens.Then have an ending where it will leaad to a third movie

  • Eifj

    get some really nice architectural landscape. this will show more destruction and change
    but plz show more indepth info about the aliens. the story is way too shallow

  • Logan50283

    I agree with everyone. A sequel about taking back several cities would be extremely cool. Marines on the west coast and have the army fighting in the Midwest and east coast

  • Zevax Manson

    ? I will say two things that many thought. Well, the first if … that a good movie! The second (2): At a time in which the planet is at risk, never seen the Russians, with their nuclear weapons or powerful. Or maybe, just japoneces with advanced technology. I think it would be more fun to see an alliance between countries to protect the planet. Pure logic: If they join the armies, the result is more beneficial. There are alliances for the common war, and for this no?
    This is one of many ideas that go back in my head every time I see this kind of movies. Which by the way, are great to watch them before going to sleep and dream about an uncertain future, like all human beings on the planet.
    I’m from Argentina, speaking a little of everything.
    Greetings girls
    Atte: Zevax Manson

  • Zevax Manson

    Lean mamertos.Voy a decir dos cosas que no muchos pensaron. Bueno, la primera si… que buena pelicula!! La segunda (2): En un momento en el cual el planeta esta en riesgo, nunca aparecen los rusos , con sus armas nucleares o potentes. O talvez, a unos japoneces con tecnologia avanzada. Creo que seria mas entretenido ver una alianza entre paises protejiendo al planeta. Pura logica: Si se unen los ejercitos el resultado es mas beneficiario. Hay alianzas para las guerras comunes; y para esto no?Esta es una de las tantas ideas que remontan en mi cabeza cada vez que veo este tipo de peliculas. Que por cierto, son buenisimas para verlas antes de ir a dormir y soñar con un futuro incierto, como el todos los seres humanos del planeta.Soy de Argentina, hablando de todo un poco.Saludos chicas.

  • Matthew3195

    The sequel should be taking back Los Angeles. More aliens should appear.
    The veterinary woman civilian who was saved should start developping a relationship with the Staff Sergeant.

  • Rbscharf

    Simple as this, the movie wasn’t that great, but it was good action and a fun watch, storyline explanation isn’t necessary because what the hell did they know about the enemy, they learned on the fly. The movie made money plain and simple, and it was fun to watch, and with all the action, effects, the movie only cost 70 mil and made 200+ which equals franchise. Battle : (insert) is the franchise. NO need for discussing LA further, we lost it, and retreated. The most obvious sequel title is Battle: New York , just like Escape from LA Escape from New York. Ideally they should get all new actors, and show another aspect of the war. Honestly I would like to see it bigger scaled than just this, I like the fighting, but I want to see it from Commander and Chief status, Generals, Airforce / Navy / etc So let these grunt Marines be the first story since Marines are first response / attackers anyways, and show the Army Tanks, Airforce skirmishes over more of the Midwest. It’s as simple as doing a short monologue , or briefing in the beginning to catch us up, and introduce the characters as followed. If I owned this franchise, I’d be in the money making business, and do the 3 and out thing. Expand the fighting, and in the 3rd wrap it all up with us taking back United States, or honestly, I’d like to see us lose for a plot twist.

  • Botmode

     very very good movie, probably the best war/ sci-fi movie so far in my point of wiev! would really appreciate a sequel :) i would like it to be in paris. GL

    • Royalist

       First of all a very good movie. Their should be much more movies about this genre. The only thing is and I understand it because it are Hollywood movies is that Sci Fi movies are always pictured in the US. I want to see the situation in Europe. How does the European union respond on all this and will Europe unite in these bad times. Would the military act differently then the Americans. And in general I want to see more world news not always focuss on the US. Hollywood films have more fans then jus the people in the US :p. But btw a movie about LA would be much as fun.

  • Steven

     I loved the movie-saw it here in NZ, however had a few issues with the American military hardware. Vietnam era styled helicopters are a no no, more like black hawkes and apaches. Mini guns for the latter-you wanna ‘light em up’ as well as shoulder launched missiles. And whats with the 50cal? One has to hit the alien in the right to kill?  A 50 should be able to go thru 2inches of steel. Turn the aliens into jigsaw. Apart from that, battle la was a great ‘black hawke down’ action flick!! 

    • Hinowisaybye

      The helos were acctually acuarate, most bases have blackhawks only in storage, and keep the older ones for any imidiate response thats needed, also there is no way to know what kind of metal they are useing on their bodys, or how thick it is.

  • Apollo

    I liked the movie quite alot, im a scifi/military/war kindoff movies and this was just the perfect combination of the 3 kind of movies for me. My vote for the movie would be somewhere between 7-8 (out of 10). But we are not talking here about how good this movie was but about a possible sequel

    I for one would like very much watching a sequel :) 

  • Timothyokada

    battle : TOKYO  

  • http://www.xbomber.co.uk Crash

    I quite liked the fact that you knew next-to-nothing about the enemy apart from that they were stealing all the water, which made it seem quite realistic.

    Not sure you could do the same in a sequel though.

    I’m looking forward to the sequel. Let them give us a slightly less soppy script and more types of baddies!

  • anonymous

    Bring it to Africa, have a Battle: Cape Town or a Battle: Johannesburg, like the aliens will be returning to Joburg for some payback after district 9

  • Jaybernier

    Battle LA should carry on as they still have to clean the city from left over aliens

  • marineman561


    • marineman561

      even if you do it where the ones that had a part in the movie were in china they retreat there nd stuff like that

  • Jaeded Artist

    I think that it certainly deserves a sequel, Battle: LA was a solid movie with very few flaws as far as story arc goes, with the uncertainty at the I’d imagine that the west coast would eventually be saved, but due to the inability to communicate on a nationwide scale, the east coast would become enemy lines with Chicago being the front lines on the march east to take back Washington D.C.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandans2 Brandan Stephens

    i thnk if they make a number two they shouldnt stop there. they should keep moving through america and eventually make a human resistance.. and no main enemy should be used… it would be to much like halo games or other movies.. they should keep it as it is and keep trying to win the world and eventually win but make a good couple of movies out of it.. it can be an almost never ending series with the way they set it up..

  • Sandwking

    I don’t care what they do as long as they stay away from the “computer geek” syndrome where some kid hacks into the alien system and brings it down. Keep up the Saving Private Ryan versus Aliens take.

  • Daniel_k

    battle, madagascar:)

  • Dski1991

    Battle:New York
    Battle:Washington DC

  • Pirakn

    Battle Seattle would be sweet since it’s close to la and has cool landmarks like the needle

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I agree with chimchar. It should be called Battle: Los Angeles 2 Taking Back Los Angeles! Then add like new wepons the aliens have or something. Just make it hard to take back los angeles. I think that would be as awesome as the first movie! Please Make A Second One!!!!!!!!

  • Slaughterer0

    I suggest Mexico City And during the attack have the squad split up into two teams and while team one is securing Mexico City team two is taking out the Oceanic Alien Installation. Of course start the movie off with the clearing out of LA.

  • Themvp33

    make a second one please!!!!!!!! have it a complete battle in LA just to retake over then follow it up to different cities and if possible different countries

  • Choche9925


  • Austindude123

    Battle:Hong Kong is what it should be because it was one of the city named that was invaded

  • Andres

    si hacen una segunda entrega hmmm inglaterra preferiria ver a las fuerzas inglesas que las de paris jaja, pero yo preferiria una secuela de Black Hawk Dawn que puede tratar en el mismo conflicto o mejor no, sino en algo aun mas actual, aun asi Battle LA me gusto mucho.

  • Jimmylondo

    I think as in the movie as they were flying back to LA to continue fighting the war thats where we should finish. But as they continue fighting the squad gets new orders to assist in the Battle: Washington D.C. Since they took down command center LA and soldiers all over hears of what thet did so now washington dc needs the squads help. Retreat, Hell.

  • marine gunner

    good movie but the script was way to corny!

  • Apple_b215

    I wud like to see THE SAME CHARACTERS….The Same! i love them all! for Martinez’s wife to see his letter, the veterinarian and sgt staff Nantz probly a lil romance but anyways…like “ChimChar” says…taking back LA and show other major cities in the World frm foreground “TV News’ etc. My whole family watched Battle Los Angeles and comments made was “I WANNA SEE A PART 2!!!!!!” Definitely.

  • Dam S

    I think it would be great if they filmed in  afganistan and the taliban and aliens form an aliance and the Allies like uk us russia france etc… all have to fight them both in afganistan which has been turned into alien head quaters :D 

  • Babb K-

    I think they should bring it to the UK pref Scotland

  • Nicholas

    I would think New York. But London would also make sense.

  • Neocortex2210

    I love this movie- definately more! I’d be interested to get more story on the strategic picture- the movie had a victory in LA but it doesn’t give a disposition in the other cities…you could go a million directions with it. How about Battle Albuquerque? (where I’m from) hahaha

  • Noiselessninja

    Reading all the posts down low are insightful, reassuring my own thoughts, and some were just pointless haha. The aliens, be them advanced, gives them no grounds for super human. Our own depiction of ourselves years.. eons from now is we have much advanced tech, but still human vulnerability. Same thing as depicted in other movies, Star Wars, the aliens can be shot and killed, Alien, they can be shot and killed, just a little tough due to agility, Predator, shot and killed, have guerrilla tactics, so hard to get good shots. From what I could tell, from looking closely at the film is that they resemble a somewhat jelly fish like anatomical being. Theory to which possibly they built their tech and mechanisms for life support around the use of H2O. If you look closely, the mechanical suit like apparatus they are running around in looks like an exoskeleton to give them support, they have tentacles that run through the legs and arms, and when they did the dissection, there was no vital target in the head region, which left them that one sweet spot to the right of where our own heart would be. The aliens seem jelly fish like in form, and are given that one Achilles heel kill spot.  I would love to see a sequel, after it was well thought through. The statement by some below of that its the same thing with everywhere else taking down the command centers is true, so they would have to probably lead up to something like, a waiting mother ship just in our orbit or something that is commanding the ground forces. Think of Independence Day, main command ships spread all over the Earth’s surface over main cities, but one large mother ship out in space sending down the orders, as well it was mainly a air superiority battle int hat film, those ships were manned, because we saw how easy it was to kill those aliens when they were out in the open. So looking forward to another camaraderie, epic battle, sci-fi sequel to this film, and even opening up a whole new series to this. 

  • Da

    both…make a split in two countries…say retaking los angeles and london. have to two main characters in both countries meet up in the end to retake rome :)

  • Jacob

    Yes, I vote it should be taking back Los Angeles. Really hope to see a Battle: Los Angeles part 2!!

  • guest

    I think it should take back in LA so they can take down all of the alliens and then they should make another one that alliens invade Chicago. the only reason i say this is because i live in Chicago but thats just me. the other places they should have it in the U.S.A. are Miami,Houston,Cincinnatti. if they want it in another country they should have it in paris,mexico,india,china,japan,columbia,germany,poland,new zealand, or korea but mostly all of the soldiers in that country get killed so the marines see this and dont help and once those alliens kill all of the people in that country they will go on to kill other countries and get to the U.S.A and not expect it and get killed but if they go and help they can kill those alliens and stop the invaions for mabey a long time 

  • jruiz8703

    something they shouldve done is like each country make there own battle: ???? like japan make there battle: tokyo or battle:london.  ha it sounds crazy but it would be nice to see how the other countries are handling the invasion. but yeah a sequel shouldnt be battle paris or another country. it should be taking back the west coast and maybe the aliens bring reinforcements. 

  • Sam

    it should be in Philadelphia or DC, have the beginning storyline, but it would just be different because Philadelphia isnt a city many people think of being attacked, but is in the middle of everything and DC would just be a classic capitol attack

  • Dohc_love

    I most definately think it should continue, one for the fact that extraterrestrial life is present in the universe and we should really continue on showing the public what the government constantly lies about, and two because there is show much to add on to from this movie, I mean maybe the aliens sent for reinforcements? maybe more advanced aliens, because now since we know how they destroyed that command and control center, people have already predicted that at the end of battle la, the Army now tells worldwide how to  defeat them so another movie about the same thing this as this one but the only difference is the location, that would get boring, its like video games every next level you get to, its harder, is more challenging, its more cooler. Its about levels, if there should be another one and I hope there is, it should be more  advanced than its original,

  • Nate

    I loved Battle:L.A”. But before going out of the U.S. you need tohave the main characters keep fighting in the U.S. But honestly all you need to do is keep the same characters

  • BOOOm

    I think they should do a movie like Battle: New York, Chicago, CHINA OR RUSSIA

  • Guest

    I think they should retake L.A then push em back to the water and have the Navy Seals get some action!  Definitely want to see a second one!!

  • Celtic05_rules

    It 100% should be Battle: London however they need to remain consistant with the aliens tech.

    Perhaps the film could be about US saving UK’s ass a third time!lol

  • Hinowisaybye

    i think that the sequel could be pulled off perfectly, if it was a video game. I mean think about it, you couuld answer all the questions that are left, and emerse the people even further into the story. you could also go from location to location, rather then just one place. It would be perfect for the story line.

  • Rescarr

    London or Paris would be nice, or How about the Big Apple?

  • Rescarr

    Well how about getting a little bit more physical with the aliens like hand to hand combat – gun battles at close quarters.  Make it as realistic as possible!

  • Rescarr

    How about capturing one or more of the aliens and picking their “brains”? and trying to figure out how they work!

  • Jordan

    How about We are trying to retake the earth back and ANOTHER unknown force lands on the earth, see what I mean? 3 differentArmys

  • Joeman163

    I love this movie so much.  Screw the critics.  If you make it we will come.

  • Zachlee2007

    I agree with moving up in la. I truly think this was very good movie can’t wait to see the next kick ass movie. This one should get a academy award.

  • karma

    Like at the end of battle : la someone says “lets take back LA” The sequel should start in La and once they re-establish a force in LA they should move out to help other cities get back online :)

  • dutchess550

    I love the movie and think it would be perfect for a sequel.

  • dutchess550

    I forgot to ask do the fighting scenes mirror real combat?

  • Dudewhatwasthat

    battle:florida jk but for real make another movie it was so good

  • shamwow

    It should be when they finally push them out but that was the first wave and there’s one more wave and its 3x bigger than the last time they go to a all out war than one of the main characters die they fight all for all of L.A than they fight to the last man  

  • Anonymous

    what about the mid-west like Fort wayne, Indiana (Battle: Fort Wayne)

  • the_pownisher@yahoo.com

    people you need to listen to me right now, to make the 2nd battle la film realer and cooler THE ALIENS FIX THEIR GIANT WEEKNESSES AND USA LOSES AND PEOPLE DIE AND JUST HIDE CALLING MISSILES LIKE THE CHEAP DUDES IN THE MOVIE. MAYBE a crazy idea THE ALIENS COVER OVER THEIR GIANT WEEKSPOT (HEART?) AND STOP PUTTING THEIR MOTHER SHIPS LIKE 20 FEET CLOSE OR LIKE STOP NOT KNOWING HOW TO AIM 3 OF THEM AMBUSHED 7 MARINES AND THEY GOT PWNT wtf is up with that… maybe like it would be like their flying around and like a district 9 thing like they colonize them you kno

  • JCN

    Taking Back Los Angeles 

    that would be so cool 

  • Bradleyjenkins

    they should start the next one off map style. show the areas that have been invaded and the areas tht have been taken back while sgt. nantz narrates what has happened and the status of the world …… thts all i think rite now

    • Anonymous

      It would be better to show that in a scene where some peoples is looking at a tv and the CNN or BBC shows a digital pic of the world.

  • Moon

    i would love to see a sequal to this movie and have it take place in los angeles where they left off. very good movie really like that they made alien technology semiliar to humans. but one thing that i did not like is how fast and powerful the aliens were able to overwhelm the citie. thier our hounds of people in los angele and some of the population has gun so the alien would get much more restinance not onlu from the us army but the gernally powulation has will. pplus

  • Moon

    so the alien would get restinance not only from the us army but also be attacked by the generally populatioln of los angeles has will since a portion of the population has access to hunting rifles and had guns. but other then that left out part really will done movie. plus what about the crimes organization they would not sit still while earth is being invaded by aliens and they have access to decent gun has will.

  • mr. wat

    They should finish up in LA then move on to europe

  • Peperiossalg

    Batalla Los Angeles…parte 2………….debe continuar….éxitos.:!!!

  • Plan S

    Before I even saw the movie I could tell a sequel was planned. The stying of the title is suggestive that the sequel will be in another location e.g. Battle: New York. With the sufficient damage done to LA in the movie there would be point in hunting the aliens. The city would probably be flattened or the remaining Aliens killed during the rescue/clean up operations.

  • Irobinson

    Have it in la were they are try to take it bake but this time add a lot more tank to even the odds

  • Anonymous

    I really liked the movie! Best scifi movie I have seen! I think the best place to make a sequel is in Paris or London. (maybe start the movie by showing the re-capturing of LA, and then it goes back 24h before the contact again just this time in Paris or London)

    They could also make a “spin-off”, a movie about LA, just this time filmed from some normal people trying to survive. (with a video cam, just like in Cloverfield).

    This movie franchise have a HUGE potential!

  • r4wan

    Should be exactly where they left off, and introduce a pretty girl in there for more viewers haha

  • david h

    Enjoyed the movie alot, it wasnt all about guns, explosions and killing you really feel you could identify with the characters and as for a new location i agree with alot of the peeps on here they should deffinatly stick with LA then move up the coast but keep the main cast if they could and go more in deph with there characters. and explaining more about   the aliens would be good to, we might even be able to sympathise with them.

  • Skorpet25

    I think it should show them taking back L.A. but not focus entirely on the Las Angeles as this may start to get boring, but i agree with chimchar so maybe they can focus o New York or some other big city in America, then start going abroad…
    Rangers lead the way, Hoorah!!!

    • Chimerakil

      There should be a beginin with la then they corner the aliens and stealth bomb their asses. then the aliens get pissed and drive a charge all the way to chicago where Obama set temporal hq after dc fell. then they do massive scenes in downtown and normal areas such as the south side with normal houses like the beginin of battle la then they get fired on by drones and there is a huge air battle and there is a regiment of aliens and they fight with a regiment of Marines and the marines kick their asses

  • Terry Dean

    Rather then just “Battle for Paris ” or even another city. Maybe “Battle for London”.Start with the taking back of Los Angles, Then the Call for help Comes in form England’s Prime Minister. ” London has fallen! Need immediate reinforcements…. But just as he is about to say more there is a sound from behind him. But he never gets the chance to turn around. This would make a great First trailer. Besides how many times do we have to save ” Paris ” ? I have more ideals for scenes. Email tyscurbappeal@gmail.com

  • Bmg1002

    Well, in the movie, it said other cities were attacked as well, so maybe it could show the story of the marines in another city, while the Battle: LA events take place.

  • Alfalasi

    Dubai :) its a new city and have great places for the battle , and not much movies been done here except Mission impossible ;) 

  • dutchess550

    I loved the movie and didn’t think it was cliched or predictable as some reviewers said. I wish Kerns and Stavrou had not been killed but that’s just me. I hope there is a sequel.

  • Spencerklaus4


    This is sargeant somthing saying HOORAH. Then he lights up the C4

  • mr boss man

    you know i think it should be all the nations on earth working together and destroying the  alien fleet or something its not like you can make a battle for everything cuz battle LAs ending seamed good enough just taking back LA wont save the world though so i guess theres gonna be a lot of battles 

  • mr boss man

    oh and btw battlefield 3 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sean

    how about battle london , as nice as it is watching countless us landmarks be destroyed in every si-fi / disaaster film (not)  it would be nice to see some of my own country blown up for a change

  • Mishaelmartin

    There shouldent be a sequel. It takes down the value of the first one.
    I’m tired of Hollywood making sequels to great movies that are original ideas. It’s kind of pathetic.

  • Amacolini

    I think Battle LA 2 should go back to taking back Boston first and then going around to other locations of the country that have been take over by the aliens and then go back to LA and then start with other country’s that have been attacked and taken over by aliens and then have some kind of twist involved to in the movie like it not really over that easy like some kind of new  alien weapon we haven’t seen yet that turns the tide of us taking back are country’s.

  • Jack_c_93

    I’de say continue in los angeles…  but also focus on how the west coast in general is starting to be overtaken… maybe see how when the aliens lost main contact they set themselves up to retake it themselves?… or set it up so the first one was set now… the second set 6 months after? considering the war wont be finished in a week or anything. It could help the characters develop an understanding… and it’ll show the stranded aliens uprising? I dunno im just branching ideas… and what happens around the world is shown through the tv’s, radios and so on. and if its popular enough from the second… then start moving on… making maybe not a countries force but turning into the UN force… well theres a few ideas of mine anyways.

  • Soldier

    As long as this movie keeps racking in the cash, there are so many popular cities. They can keep the movie going for as long as they like

  • Werewolf

    Yep they should re-take Los Angeles

  • Nmdchase

    battle: sydney

  • Mark-kuznetsov

    You,know they should do a city that already survived,but barely,because if San Francisco was lost, then whats the point? 

  • Xunxknownsoldier

    VERY VERY VERY GOOD MOVIE i love this movie it deserves its respect for the fact of this genere of movie is either Pass or Fail and this movie was on the honor roll i love all of u guys giving Good reviews cuz it deserves a sequel it really does 100% all the way and this movie can Continue on and on without being boring Shit it ca even be the next Walking Dead type telivision series but yea everyone is right keep the fight in L.A. give lil details on how the rest of the worls is and go into dept on the aliens add some major boss aliens like the “BASSERCURE” from gears of war or like the “Hunters” from Halo all in all i expect to see a Preview or leaked footage by July 2012 cuz i love this movie so much ill go to college earn my way to be a director and do it myself cuz seriouslt i watch this movie once a day cuz it reminds me y im in the army cuz i would do everything they have in this movie -Unknownsoldier

  • Xunxknownsoldier

    Battle: L.A. Rising Sun
    July 4, 2012
    visit Battle L.A.RS .com

    Aha a fella can dream cant he?;)
    Seriously who else plays HALO??? Remember ending of BATTLE LA? ?
    Six “NOBLE” soldiers left known as heros who continue the fight just like noble team from Halo Reach!?? I mean hey just saying lol

  • Joe

    take it to london and show the british forces in a modern combat film 

  • Ahinds646

    Agreed the sequel should revolve around taking back los angeles and the aliens should also be able to communicate with the humans and they should also have more advnaced technology than before and did anyone notice that none of the alien ships had shields yet the U.S military was still getting slaughtered.

  • Tdgfan707

    I think that a nuke would be ok in the final part in the final movie but not launched on the ground launch it into space at a gigantic ship of the aliens

  • rai

    for me it is great to see how the american military fight back against alien and good emotion of the character to capture the audience emotion because it is essential for me.I love action movie specially for this movie i wish the 2nd part they develop more alien character. show their different ability, raises, weapon and technology and add huge alien because it’s awsome.To a human development their ability and more emotion. Gather other survivor who fight also.Show other country what happen how they defeat  and less resistance.I hope the sequel more action and better than 1st.For me Battle L.A. is “two thumbs up”……

  • skdgnwojntkjsagw

    I’m just wondering why a soldier from the United States goes to fight in Paris… They should worry about New York or other major coastal cities in the united states before paris…

  • Russelltheking

    I really hope the make part 2 “taking back Los Angeles”. I loved this movie and would be very intersted in a sequel.

  • Will_baller94

    Battle: Reno

    • Will_baller94

      actually Battle: St. Louis would make way more sense

      • Kc6cfb

        Not really. Nobody wants St. Louis. Not even aliens.

  • skibleediblee

    I wanna see Battle: Earth

  • Dustinr236

    i think it should be taking back Los Angeles. that would make the most since. Because its American soil and at the end of Battle Los Angeles the helicopter pilot said “lets take back Los Angeles”. so that it would make the common sense.

  • Bradmatt

    I live in Australia, so maybe they could us Sydney as the location for a sequel. Just imagine, Australia’s favourite landmark, the Harbour Bridge, with aliens crawling all over it. I liked the fact that lasers weren’t a part of the film. That would just be totally unrealistic.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZSC3QEOQ6D3DHRWM6OSBED7RI Droideka

    I think you should take back Los angeles and then have it take place in another part of california. Like for example, maybe like somewhere in San Diego county or more specifically like Oceanside Ca. Seems like never any movies are made in San Diego County area.

  • Mgballa

    so like they should have the marines goin to take back into los angeles and fight the ground forces who r twice as strong and like maybe we try to communicate wut them

  • Swing13

    They dont have to go LA again can just do the whole four months later or 1 year later. Honestly I think Russia or Paris or Germany would be really cool enviroment to film in. Could have the U.S./Russian cooperation.or have it where maybe they werent right to think its just for earths water. They could go just about any way just either make it a different U.S. city or another country and most of the way they did. it.


    i think new york its a big city  and its perfect for the battle new york and if you do it in New York i will fly there PERSONALLY TO SEE the movie i am a HUGE BATTLE LA  FAN I HAVE THE MOVIE BUT I LOST BUT IT I BOUGHT A NEW COPY AND I WATCHED IT  A 1000000000000 TIMES I HAVE A POSTER BUT 6 OF TEARED BUT I GOT A NEW ONE ITS THE GREATEST MOVIE IN MOVIE HISTORY  I LOVEEEEEEE IT IT IS AMAZING

  • Andrew the Grunt

    When watching this I thought, this director should do the next installment of terminator, with the Human Resistance running similar street battles with the machines while trying to smash hteir main frame and win the war; that caused the machines to send a terminator back in time to begin with.  Cracking movie though, but a little too much American military sentiment and bravsado

  • Jayson

    The sequel should be them taking back LA then moving to another city. Pittsburgh or New York even take it across to Ruissa or some country that needs help

  • Eragon209

    Well if there should be a sequel it should be in the UK

  • monte_dell

    all you nigga shut the hell up. this how its going down. same crew new location. to help regain other cities, cuz AMERICA kicks ass. but at the new city they find a big difference in the aliens. and struggle to ovetake. and fight till none are left. but like every enemy before they fall and get their ass handed to them! wooh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Torrez/100001778040435 Brandon Torrez

    battllle: DC FINAL

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Torrez/100001778040435 Brandon Torrez

    it would be nice to see  the sequal in   washington D.C as the washington     monument colappses as the aliens come in

  • Tommyboy19792010

    It should be a sequel called battlefield: los angeles 2 the rise of hollywood!!

  • Animalrescuer29

    I have watched this 3 times in the past 2 days…I love it! I think it should be about the battle santos went through before she met up with fox trot. That would be Great

  • Jmaine720

    I loved this movie so I hope they come out with a sequel!

  • guest…..

    they should have  more realistic actions of what the way the army acted because you notice the worlds being invaded and they only send in like 10 helicopters i mean if the world was being invaded the army would have more then that .wouldnt all countrys send in there forces to take down the couple 1,000-5,000 aliens invading half the U.S. army could easily handle this.I agree with a comment above that it should take place in new york. LIKE this if you agree that there should be more soliders then the couple 10-20 that fought in battle LA.

    • Jack_angus

      Not really cause in the movie the aliens have invaded all other countries wiping out major parts of air force and land troops so all countries would be focusing on taking back their own soils before depleting the forces further and sending out help missions to other countries.

  • Superhotguy48



  • Leviharper

    I want to see a number 2 the airforce and army can handle la the marines are americas 911 force. I think it should be a different city new york, one in canada or a city in mexico.

  • Philly Freedom

    How about Battle: Philadelphia. It’s a major city of our Independence. It would be nice and cool to see the defense of one of America’s first and most important city of Freedom.

  • Supahustla8732

    It has to start with Battle:los angels taking back the home front. Then if that goes good like how the first one did then I would love to see a Battle:new York. That would be pretty nice too, but don’t kill off the story line. The forces were depleted and they happened to have lucked up in LA. So continue how they turn the tide and take back LA complete and go from there

  • Jack_angus

    I think it should be battle Los Angeles retreat hell, where they move intolos Angeles and retake it moving up the coast taking back everywhere possible, but also commandeering a few of their heavy weapons and turn the fight back onto the aliens. But what evert is I want a sequel definitely!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomb1324

    They should develop the storyline of the battlefield: LA sequel in the same way that the storylines of the resistance games (1,2&3) have developed, with specific characters i.e. the marines in BF:LA fighting through to other locations and meeting up with a ‘resistance/rebel’ force(s) with plot twists and turns determining their eventual success and end goal (paris?) :P

  • Scarykid123

    It would be awesome to make it in paris but on a different hand it would be cool to make BATTLE of ALASKA

    • Nebojsa

      ive always wanted a movie where the armys from around the world would like combine there assets you would see like a hell alote of air fights joined our meet up & groundfights the same whit differents countrys like think jas 39 gripen & eurofighter our maybe some mirages & falcons like were the assist to determ to helpin out each other for this human race top continue i am a very big ufo film lover & even been in to alote of ufo activites my self so i have alote of crazy ideas for a really big epic movies like this were the last forces battle for there lifes

  • Sylent6

    I think It should finish where they left off. Now time has pass, where did they come from, who are they, who’s their leader?? Is are still more questions needs to be answer for a sequel. Let’s hope we’ll see.

  • TheAnonymous

    I think they should take back LA first because the movie ended with them flying back into the city then move on to paris or new york city. I agree that they should add more characters and go in more depth with the aliens I think that could make the movie more interesting

  • Belkin17th

    it should be battle: London. cos we in brtain speak english quite well and im sure that would reasure the american audience or mabey even battle europe like in the call of duty games where it switches between countrys

  • Belkin17th

    how about this? no one has been able to get in contact with anyone inside the uk for …. along time and the royal navy has requested an american recon team goes in to try and make contact with the british government (who better to send than the us marien who took out an alien command and control center with just a few men and women. along the way they meet the british resistants made up of the SAS and Royal Marines and assist them in taking out a command and control station in london and a british city in the noth glasgow, after its done the british paratroopers that are waiting aboard the royal navys ships can go in to retake the uk accompanied by the royal air force

  • Belkin17th

    so battle: UK

  • Geratl_2000

    Battle: MEXICO!

  • guest

    Yea take back los angeles..but dont spend too long on it. then move on to somewhere else…i would want to see Battle London.

  • Brownsfantw64

    The great lakes. Battle of Cleveland. A city that has been beaten down so long but still refuses to quit.

  • Pte Jenkins

    I would like to see LA taken back as you never saw what happened to the aliens and weather they took bk LA or nt plus i think a good place will be UK as USA n UK get on very well plus we have near enouth the same tactics as USA do as im Ex Mil and i would like to see London taken over and destroyed in a movie as u dnt get to see that as much

  • Bob


  • Mr P

    I think there is great potential for further films. Maybe Battle: Los Angeles 2 (B:LA2), going with the obvious and carrying on the story of taking back LA and the characters from the first film.

    Personally I’d like that, but either incorporate into B:LA2 or as a third film, add another city or country with at least one member or all of the original squad going in to be a leading assault squad in a platoon or company. Canada could work well but films like this are never based in Canada. 

    The obvious options are Paris, London, Moscow, Sydney, Munich, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, New York, Berlin, and other main cities. Some less obvious cities that would be interesting are Madrid, Barcelona and Rome.

    I think something like Venice, or Cairo (Egypt, but already used in Transformers) or maybe Shanghai or Ibiza and Japan would be good.

    As long as they mix in a Global or National aspect I think it will be epic, including an epic National revelation and the leading on to the Global impact would work very well.

    • todd

      washington dc?

  • Joey1200

    how about we move away from america for once and see how the troops in another country do, i’d personally like to see the second one in London but failing that it would be cool to see what aliens do in an active war zone like Afghanistan 

  • Rondrikas

    The sequel should be taking back LA in the beginning then show some new tricks from the aliens towards the end. Along he lines of the aliens feeling if they cant have the earth then we cant and the main characters with some new character go on a mission to stop them at all costs. 

  • Txslaughter

    Houston should be the next location

  • Soap

    i agree that it should take place in other citys.like Londen, and then the aliens destroy seattle

  • Dheymenson15

    Muito show queria que tivesse o 2

  • Dustin_csy

    It should start off in the middle of a wining battle with reinforcements from neigboring citys. maybe 30mins in la then have the same team head to dc in the request of the president to help push the enemy back from 3 citys on the east coast. Miami, newportnews/hampton, and dc. For once we need to see stuff happing in other citys besides the same places like all the other movies like to do.

  • Lockett

    I think It should be them reclaiming LA because they still had plenty more left to fight besides they all left back out at the end of the movie. Battle LA :Retreat Hell: would be a cool title lol

    • Shane

      just using a bit of military knowledge here, but the army would finish retaking los angeles while the marines begin to attack another city, then the army would finish there and the marines would move. I think the next movie should be about Ssgt Nantz and his troops attacking New York, just my opinion though.

  • Dirtbikeracer891

    First you have to finish los angeles . I mean continue it on to part two you can’t go to a different city without knowing what’s going to happen next it los Angeles. Yes they took the ship down and then is shows then going back to take over los Angeles. I think the next title should be taking back los angeles. Or somthing like that so people know that the movie is going to continue .

  • Kody_b_1

    Are they even going to make a sequel

  • bolonie pig

    I think the aliens should fly to new york and make the marines investigate there it is up to you if you like my idea just remeber i am 10 years old a child

  • Extremebass2324

    Battle: Down Under “australia ahaha :D

  • Darkforceb

    I think the movie should called Battlefield: USA The premise being that yes we know how to take out thier ship to ship aircraft by destoying the communicator ship, and we had the aliens retreating, however LA was just the first wave. The aliens mother ships have now arrived over several US cites, but the aliens have adapted, making it more difficult to get to the ship communicator, the main communicators for all regions are located in deep under water, one in each ocean. This would also involve the Navy, the Army , the Marines and the Airforce all working together toward a common enemy. The other countries have not been invaded yet as the aliens know the US was the biggest threat
    this would also allow for Mig’s to fly over the USA and other intriguing events. As other countries lend thier support.

  • djbell

    (darkforceb) how would they know the usa is the biggest threat – plus their said at the start they(aliens) attacking all over the world not just usa

    I think it should carry on as taking back la (battle:LA Rethreat Hell)
    Then maybe in the last 20mins or 10mins go to another city

    I think london would be good plus with the olympic village it can be set at the same time as the games

    But usa (team from first them) should go in to help the uk after all we are only small not as huge as america

    it would be like ww2 again side by side

    then 4th film uk and usa team up to free the rest of the world

    Or do it like if the next city was the same date as the la and just showing they side of the takeover

  • Eliezer

    de verian de aser una segunda parte por q para ver a los soldados a recuperan a los angeles

  • Eliezer

    of Asher they would see a second part for q to see the soldiers to recover the angels

  • Jay

    Open the movie with hair raising action back in LA with the same soildiers. About 20 minutes or so in the movie, make to where an elite team needs to be assembled for a special mission. Half of the team can continue fighting in LA while the other half gets briefed on this new mission. Plot it to where each team has to destroy a major alien asset in order for the mission to be successful. Add some new weapons / uniforms on both sides.

    A tank battle would make it interesting also. M1 Abrams vs Alien tanks in the desert. That could be the first line of defense for the new mission.

  • Sam

    Battle LA 2: Taking back Los Angeles
    or just
    Taking back Los Angeles

  • Nelly

    Battle: St. Louis <-

  • Katmomma3

    Yes, a sequel would be great. Paris is a good choice.

  • Shane

    I loved the movie. I think the sequel should be about Ssgt Nantz and his marines regrouping and then retaking another u.s city. I think they should elaborate on the characters also. Im not a conspiracy theorist or anything but i wouldn’t be suprised if Battle L.A was a recruiting add by the marines. I just find it interesting that two fairly realistic military movies, each about two different but similar branches are both fighting aliens (Battleship, Battle L.A). Whats next, Air force pilots fighting flying saucers? food for thought but that would be pretty cool.

  • Nicholas Gaul

    They need to take back LA and clear the Ca coast. Like others are saying.

  • William

    Here’s an idea: Since Frisco and San Diego have supposedly been conquered by the Aliens, let’s have those battle groups with their command and control centers converge on Los Angeles. The Us Fleet can take out the C&C from San Diego using ship, sub launched missiles and aircraft. They use Tomahawks and Harpoons on the C&C while the SM3’s and aircraft missiles fend off the enemy aircraft until the C&C is destroyed. The enemy ground forces will continue on to Los Angeles. At this point the Naval forces head to Pearl Harbor to reload armaments. They are hoping that some ships from teh Med and from Bremmerton will be able to get to LA in time to help with the C&C coming down from Frisco. The US military in LA is desperately short of men and aircraft. The airforce is taking planes out of mothballs and museums in order to have enough aircraft to do any good. The ground forces are determining where they are going to deploy and how much of their forces will be guarding intersections, etc. Now you have a convoy of former military, from several different age groups and wars, along with cowboys, and other various forms of rednecks, coming in from Fresno, Bakersfield, and just Angelenos that are volunteering to defend those areas, or go out with the troops, whatever it takes to save their country from the (space) Aliens. These folks are bringing their AR-15’s, AK-47’s, M-1A’s (Civilian version of the M-14), and even M-1 Garand’s to help out. We should also have more grenade usage since they work so well against the enemy and someone besides Santos needs to get low on Ammo. The movie will have the soldier and even civilians fighting and dying but emerging victorious at the end of the day. But as night falls, word comes that the C&C from Frisco overcame what few ships the Navy was able to send against it, and it is going to be in LA in just a few hours…. Which leads to Battle for LA 3….

    • William

      That was supposed to ships from teh Gulf of Mexico, not the Med, would take too long for that…. Maybe in BFLA3

  • MitchNZ

    Loved the first movie, reckon there’s great potential for another movie!

  • Ricardo

    I think they already got back Los Angeles. If you guys didn’t listen to what the other guy said. They got their lives saved by the marines who defeated the command center. I think. I don’t remember what the other person said.

  • Donald

    I am thinking that if every command and control thing is destroyed, then the aliens would retreat back to space….so i think the next movie should be in tokyo or london or paris

  • bump

    It should be about los angeles still. Same actors and everything and the aliens pull out more different technology and tactics and strategies. And different alien types would be coo, and maybe some communication from the alien thats leading the attack to the US government would be neat.Also get more into why the aliens are there.

  • Todd Deneault

    I think it should take place in Washington d.c. or in new York city because those are 2 major city’s or in Europe or Asia

  • Todd Deneault

    I think u should make battle of the countries

  • todd

    im thinking maybe it should be a mission for staff sgt. nantz and his team to rescue the president in d.c. and i think new york city,london,austin tx so u could maybe put the alamo in the movie and i like ideas about other countries its just that are soilders hav to be in it

  • todd

    put snipers in the movie

  • todd

    invade ny or washington dc

  • john

    yes, the next chapter will need …this is a great movie. the sql is must

  • http://mylifesucks.com Thomas

    more like Moronic
    Battle: Los Angeles sucked – they should not have made the 1st one..
    A sequal, #2 must be a joke ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.fletcher.52459 John Fletcher

    Are they even planning a sequel still? I’d love to see the story continue, Battle Miami or New York…. or ya Paris.

  • dugdug

    Good movie all around, I’d look forward to a squeal for sure.

  • leemamo77

    I think they should show in brief the marines taking over America maybe 10min into the movie. Then backing up their friends in Europe, specially France it would give a bit of twist into the movie.. maybe the brits should join taking Paris back.. To give it a more twist maybe the Russian could form a alliance with the aliens for world domination. so it Columbia pictures could bring out 3rd sequel.

  • Guest

    Battle detroit please lol