Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back…as a comic book character?

Arnold Schwarzenegger put himself back onto the acting circuit last month after spending a number of years in politics, and offers were bound to pour in. Sylvester Stallone will probably want him for The Expendables 2, and James Cameron has spoken about wanting to work with Schwarzenegger again at some point (most likely post-Avatar trilogy).

No announcement has been made as to what Schwarzenegger’s comeback role will be, but at “The Arnold Classic” (an annual fitness event hosted by Schwarzenegger) the returning actor said he’s working on…a comic book character.

TheArnoldFans attend the event and got the chance to ask what projects are currently sitting on his table:

“Well, first of all it’s more 15 films, obvious ones from The Terminator to remakes of Predator and The Running Man and all of those things. Then also a lot of original stuff too. But I am also packaging a Comic Book character right now. I’m going to announce that sometime by the end of March or the beginning of April.”

I’ve no idea which comic book character he intends to play, but I guess we only have a few weeks until we find out.

Adrien Brody revealed last year that Arnie was supposed to make a cameo in Predators but he was a bit busy being governor of California, so that never happened. 20th Century Fox are currently working on a sequel so Schwarzenegger could appear in that. We also recently heard that Universal were planning another Terminator movie with Fast Five director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan. Getting Schwarzenegger back is probably a priority for them as The Terminator is the actors most iconic role.

Which movie do you want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger return with?

  • Edgarafelce

    finally….hes back!

  • Streder

    Be awesome if he was in the new Total Recall remake as George with Kuato in his stomach.


  • RockFanBull

    I wanna see Arnold in another conan movie, another predator movie, another terminator movie, put him in the G.I.Joe movie. Put him in what ever movie. ” It’s not a tuuumooorrr arrgghhhh. ”

  • Dare-Devil

    I just wanna see him on screen thats all matters to me nothing else…..

  • Hugo Danner

    JJJJJJJaaaaaa if he weren’t so old, he could had played me Hugo Danner in a movie in the 80’s! I’m betting he indeed does play Sgt.Rock. Too bad Marvel wasn’t making movies in the 80’s. With the technology we have now for CGI also. Instead of the Terminator, we would have gotten to see to see Ahnuld as Deathlok the Demolisher. GGGGGGaaaaa..GGGGGGGaaaaaa……GGGGGGGaaaaa I doubt we’ll see most of these movies made now. Ahnuld’s small now compared to the 80’s, he’s 65 or 66 & health issues too.