Adam Sandler Was Approached For Inglorious Bastards

Last week it was confirmed that Brad Pitt would lead Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards, making things a bit more interesting. However, the film could have been even more interesting if Adam Sandler wasn’t busy making more crappy comedies and had a role in the film. Sander confirmed to that the rumours are true and he was in fact approached by Quentin, has read the script, but had to decline the offer due to conflicting schedules.

“Yeah it’s true. It is, and I read the script, it’s fantastic. But I’m shooting at the very same time. I won’t be able to do it. [….] not going to happen, but I did read it. It is awesome. […] I know Quentin for a long time. We’ve been talking about doing it for years, for like five, six, seven years.”

No word on who he would play, however seeing Adam Sander and Brad Pitt being directed by Quentin Tarantino would be something to see, especially if they were both brutally killing Nazis!

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