Zooey Deschanel to play the first computer programmer

Zooey Deschanel is known for her offbeat roles. Not one to disappoint, she is in talks to play Ada Lovelace in Enchantress of Numbers, according to Production Weekly’s Twitter feed. The film is about a young lady who created the first computer algorithms about a hundred years before computers ever existed. Ada Lovelace worked under a mathematician and wrote notes on his analytical engine. From what I gather, she foresaw the computer revolution long before it actually happened.

Interesting tidbit, but how will it work as a movie? Will it take place in the 1950s and flash back to the 1800s? Will Deschanel play a spacey¬†freethinking¬†type, as she has in films like 500 Days of Summer (my favorite film of 2009)? We are left guessing. To learn about more history-making women, check out Cinematical’s article on the casting announcement.

  • http://hannahnicklin.com Hannah Nicklin

    I'm going to be one of those really annoying people here and try and correct you – is this an altered plot for the movie? Because if not – she married a gentleman William King, who was made Earl of Lovelace – Charles Babbage was the mathematician for whom she wrote the first ever programming language, they were never married.

  • http://devolute.net devolute

    Does she go on to defeat the Nazis?

  • http://thefalloutgirl.wordpress.com shanee edwards

    Ada was married to William King an architect, not Charles Babbage:) Though Babbage is a character in my screenplay.

  • shanee edwards

    no altered plot, just an error:)

  • shanee edwards

    Ha! didn't think of that angle!

  • Realist0

    Babbage was the tinkerer, thinker, and inventor of the analytical engine. She was a glorified secretary. I know this because Ada was female.

  • http://www.thestripproject.com Mystere

    Increasingly loving her music and acting. Ada Lovelace is long overdue as a cultural hero. Can't wait

  • http://www.thestripproject.com Mystere

    Increasingly intrigued by her music and acting. Ada Lovelace is long overdue as a cultural hero. Can't wait

  • http://www.cinemasoldier.com JeffreyVC

    You're right. My mistake. Ada was not married to Charles Babbage. I'm correcting the article now.

  • Matty101

    Zooey is an absolute doll…very smart and grounded with a pair of the most exquisite eyes in film. [Insert cliche about dreamy, expressive eyes here] What's more is she is a remarkably intuitive actress, enchanting singer-songwriter (as half of “She & Him”), and worthy of the attention.

    Love Ya, Z…!!!

    • Jiggo

      Jesus, you couldn’t sound any more gay

  • Wendel

    No, that was another beautiful iconoclastic female programmer, Hedy Lamarr (look it up).

  • http://www.osihardware.com/ used cisco equipment

    she's one of my favorite artist. such a lovely voice and cute smile.

  • Janet V-S

    I can’t wait for Enchantress of Numbers! After that, I would love to see Zooey do Absent a Miracle by Christine Lehner. Two quirkies.