X-Men: First Class sequel to shoot in January

Following the success of The Hunger Games Lionsgate is obviously eager to start production on the sequel, Catching Fire, but before playing Katniss Everdeen Jennifer Lawrence starred as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, which 20th Century Fox is now developing a sequel to.

Recently there were reports that both studios were in conflict over Lawrence’s schedule, with both hoping to start shooting their sequels later this year. Now according to THR “Fox is informing talent agencies that the studio plans to begin shooting its in-development sequel to X-Men: First Class in January”, which means Lawrence is free to shoot Catching Fire in August-September.

While X-Men: First Class mainly focused on the Xavier/Magneto story, Mystique had a great character arc in the film (“Mutant and Proud”), so we can probably expect the character to have a similar presence in the sequel, maybe even more given that Lawrence is now the most in-demand actress around. All this franchise action is great for Lawrence as it means she doesn’t have to worry about becoming unemployed anytime soon, but it also means she’ll have to keep the training up for another year at least.

Matthew Vaughn is returning to direct the X-Men sequel, and Jane Goldman recently confirmed she’d be retuning to work on the script which Simon Kinberg has been developing over recent months. All the cast are signed to return, and with The Wolverine set for a July 2013 release we can probably expect the First Class sequel to hit sometime in 2014.

  • gmanthebrave


    I read that Fox has pushed the X-Men filming back to January
    for a later release date.  I love the
    X-Men franchise, and I think the second time of watching was just as good or
    better than the first.  A co-worker at
    DISH told me it was free on the dishonline website, and I watched it last
    weekend.  I think the acting and script
    writing is what made this movie great since the “epic” concept wasn’t as big as
    the first three.