More on X-Men: First Class director. Leterrier, Slade, and Carl Erick Rinsch in talks

Earlier today we heard that 20th Century Fox had offered X-Men: First Class to Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn. Now Deadline are reporting that Vaughn may pass, and that Fox are currently in talks with a number of other directors and will make a decision next week.

Some of these names may ring a bell:

Fox continues its search, talking to a strong list of directors that includes Timur Bekmambetov, Louis Leterrier, David Slade, Daniel Espinoza and Carl Erick Rinsch. A decision will be made next week on the director with an eye toward a late summer or early fall start.

Bekmambetov is the director of Wanted, and he is probably looking for new projects seeing as though the sequel is in limbo. James McAvoy would actually make a good young Magneto.

Louis Leterrier recently directed Clash of the Titans (but won’t be returning for the sequel). The film did well at the box office but the reviews weren’t good, so I don’t particularly want him near the X-Men. David Slade is close to finishing work on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and while the recent trailer looked okay I’d prefer Fox to get someone new that will bring the franchise back to X2 levels.

The two interesting names are those we aren’t too familiar with. Daniel Espinosa is a Swedish director whose latest film, Snabba Cash, is being remade by Warner Bros. with Zac Efron. HeatVision say he has been talking with Bryan Singer about directing First Class over recent weeks, however due to his film becoming the talk of the Berlin International Film Festival Universal, Benicio Del Toro and Leonardo DiCaprio are keen to get him to direct their movies. Here’s the trailer for Snabba Cash so you can see what all the buzz is about:

Carl Erick Rinsch is a commercial/music video director who recently directed a short film called The Gift, which we posted a few weeks ago. The short created a buzz among studios and they engaged in a bidding war to develop it into a feature film. I’ve embedded the short below:

After X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine the X-Men franchise needs a talented upcoming director to make something more than just a popcorn flick. Out of the names mentioned above Carl Erick Rinsch gets my backing because he fits the criteria brilliantly, but I guess we’ll find out next week.

Who do you want to direct?