Check out Fox’s 3D projection event for the X-Men: First Class DVD/Blu-ray release

Yesterday Home Media Magazine mentioned that 20th Century Fox’s promotion for the X-Men: First Class DVD/Blu-ray release would involve the studio’s biggest marketing campaign since Avatar, which suggests they’re proud they’ve finally make a good X-Men film again, and that they really want a sequel.

One of the big marketing events took place yesterday in Hollywood, outside the historic Roosevelt Hotel, and featured an X-Men: First Class 3D video wall presentation featuring characters from the film and 3D imagery that seemed to transform the building into a movie screen.

Watch the impressive technology at work below:

The technology appears to make solid structures change shape and reveal images that are not really there, such as water flowing from windows or cars emerging from within the walls. It has been around for a couple of years, but is now catching on in promotions.

Pearl Media takes laser measurements of a building to get a realistic view before creating a 3D image of the fa├žade. Animation becomes an overlay. Software renders both pieces together. When complete, a “high-powered projector” projects the image on the building.

You can now purchase X-Men: First Class from Amazon via the links below: