X-Men 4 and X-Men 5 in active development

x men 4 ImageRoughly a year ago when Bryan Singer was still attached to direct X-Men: First Class he took part in an interview with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner. It was revealed that Donner had pitched the idea of making X-Men 4 to Singer, with him telling her to “hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now”.

A week later Singer had to pull out of directing First Class due to his commitments on Jack the Giant Killer, but in various interviews since Singer has stated he still wants to direct another X-Men film in the future, and it looks like X-Men 4 may be it.

Obsessed With Film noticed a quote from Lauren Shuler Donner in the latest issue of Empire magazine regarding another X-Men outing, and she revealed:

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it… And X4 leads into X5″.

Given Bryan Singer’s renewed involvement in the X-Men franchise, and what he’s had to say in various interviews, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to think that Singer may end up directing X-Men 4 (and possibly 5) after he’s finished work on Jack the Giant Killer. An X-Men 4 could potentially see the return of original cast members Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Shawn Ashmore and X3 additions Ellen Page and Kelsey Grammar. As Cyclops and Jean Grey died it is unlikely James Marsden and Famke Janssen would be back, but the final scene of X3 suggested Xavier was alive so we could see Patrick Stewart and possibly Ian McKellen return.

Plans for X4 and X5 obviously raise questions as to how it would fit with Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class. If it is a success Fox would likely green-light sequels, and all the cast are signed for more. Would audiences accept two strands of the same franchise (with possibly a few of the same characters) running at the same time?

With First Class only 2 months away hopefully Singer, Donner or someone else involved with the X-Men franchise clears things up during the promotional rounds.

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  • M Colinanderson

    This would work IF x-first class works out great. The stories need to be intense!!

  • http://twitter.com/ShadowSauce Nick Hart

    im all for sequels to the original trilogy but the idea of having a new first class franchise, x-men 4 and 5, and a seperate wolverine franchise all happening at the same time seems a little overwhelming

  • Dragonark11003

    Xmen 3 was so bad hopefully 4 will undo the evil that was Aku. First Class actually looks good, in fact I wouldn’t mind dumping the modern day franchise and sticking with 1st Class if it’s actually as good as X1 and X2

  • Roblj2009

    The only thing I didnt like about Xmen:T.L.S is how The Phoenix’ powers were presented, nothing like what they should be. less shadow and death, more epicness and fire!

  • vailismyname

    Hmmm I’d be down with more xmen movies. My boyfriend and I had this conversation just yesterday about how he would like that they continued with the main series after the First Class film. I’d watch em all!

  • Dcfenoff

    I want Jean to come back for X4 and X5. If you remember she came back from the dead a lot more times than once in the series.

  • Star

    we really really really want

    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix / White Phoenix of the Crown
    James Marsden as Scott Summers / Cyclops would be back !

    and it would be so great villains for X 4 like

    Mr Sinister
    Lady Strike
    Living Monilith
    Giant Sentinel / Master Mold
    Omega Red
    Black Tom Cassidy