Wreck-It Ralph and The Last Stand get retro advertisments

Wreck-It Ralph and The Last Stand both have strong connections to the 80s, albeit for very different reasons. That’s why it’s particularly cool that both movies have released 80s style ads.

The Last Stand is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first starring role since Terminator 3 back in 2003, the same year he was elected governor (The Expendables 2 was a small ensemble role). Now that his term has ended it seems like Arnold is back to acting. IGN had revealed a new poster from the New York Comic-Con that hearkens back to Arnold’s glory days, when his most iconic films were released including; Terminator, Predator, and The Running Man. The poster is reminiscent of those times and movies, with Arnold portrayed as a larger than life action hero. He’s even wearing the Terminator shades.

Disney has also released a vintage style trailer for Wreck-It Ralph. The trailer is actually an ad for the fake video game in which Ralph appears, Fix-It Felix Jr. It actually looks like an old commercial that someone recorded off T.V. using a VHS tape back in the 80s. Wreck-It Ralph is about the video game villain from Fix-It Felix, who as it turns out is a pretty nice guy. Ralph leaves his retro game and begins jumping to other fictional video games including Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush.