Will the X-Men sequel be upping the sci-fi?

With the cast, director, and release date (July 2014) set for the X-Men: First Class sequel our attention will naturally turn towards where the X-Men and Magneto’s gang are headed this time round. As is the case with these types of films, story details are scarce, but word has hit the net that 20th Century Fox has registering a title for the movie, and it has led to speculation that the sequel will involve alternate timelines and mutant-hunting robots.

From AICN:

One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

Fans of the comics will be familiar with this title, which appeared in a two-issue story arc in 1981, however for those who aren’t aware here’s a quick summary from Wikipedia:

The storyline alternates between present day, in which the X-Men fight Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and a future timeline caused by the X-Men’s failure to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. In this future universe, Sentinels rule the United States, and mutants live in internment camps. The present-day X-Men are forewarned of the possible future by a future version of their teammate Kitty Pryde, whose mind traveled back in time and possessed her younger self to warn the X-Men. She succeeds in her mission and returns to the future, but despite her success, the future timeline still exists as an alternative timeline rather than as the actual future.

I can’t see them following this storyline exactly as it was in the comics, but if this is where Matthew Vaughn and co. are heading then I would be very happy. Vaughn previously hinted that the opening could involve Magneto controlling the bullet that kills John F. Kennedy, so perhaps they’ll use Kennedy’s assassination as the event that kicks the Sentinels program into gear.

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has been talking about using the Days of Future Past story in an X-Men film for a while now, and with the bar for superhero movies being set even higher with The Avengers maybe an ‘epic’ X-Men film is what the franchise needs.

This direction does raise the question of whether members of the original X-Trilogy will be involved, and whether Fox will use the alternate timeline to carve out a new direction for the First Class trilogy instead of sticking within continuity.

Does Days of Future Past sound like a good idea for the next X-Men film?

  • Scotsman

    The one member of the origional X-Trilogy that could still be in this timeline would be Wolvie since he was in the X-Men: First Class movie.

    • X-fan

      And Professor X and Magneto and Beast and Moira… come on… don’t be a Wolvie only fan

    • Thinman213

      I assume you meant re-cast and I’m all for that. Do we really need to see a 50 year old Famke Janssen as Jean again? Keep Hugh and re-cast the rest of the team!

  • B

    storm can also be used since she was shown briefly as a teenager!

  • riley

    haha sticking to continuity

  • e

    i think they should make an age of apocolypse movie

    • Greg


  • The Great and Powerful Turtle

    Where im happy to see your enthusiasm for the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST im afraid it has nothing to do with the next film by Mathew Vaughn…the rumours are its for a possible fourth X-Men film

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QJAEKW2NJMK6GON2HV3JF6CD2Y Smai

    No,no,laa,niet,nay,etc!!! They can’t even get the continuity right already and they want to tackle this!!!??? Hell no! They’ll be tripping all over themselves trying put all this together while trying to throw in as many random characters as possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.serpa.9 Matt Serpa

    days of future past is a must!!! but dont do it as a first class sequel… make it as a new story that comes after last stand. in the first class days the xmen are no where near as entertaining as the first trilogy. do u first class sequel have magneto fuck shit up end it. then to days a future past with michael jai white as biship and danny trejo as Forge! blockbuster break right there!

  • Film Fan

    They need to do two films back to back for this Title, and jump from the past to after last stand and back to right after first class.also bring in the Sentinels,Beak,Cyclops,sinister,Apocalypse, and show how magnetos team, and xaviers team came to be what they where in x-men 1.

    • Barack Samson

      Beak? Really?




    • http://www.facebook.com/troy.martinez.50 Troy Martinez

      I agree. Bishop and Cable are a must if they are to make a film adaptation of Days of Future Past. Sinister and Apocalypse would be icing on the cake.

      • BRUCE

        Exactly my good man!!!! As we used to say in mailjolnir make mine Marvel!!!!!


    • Jason

      As a VERY long time X-Men and especially Wolverine fan, I’m hesitant to get excited over any X-Men related movies anymore. My problem is that no matter what people do with the characters, they don’t get them right. However, I believe a Days of Future Past has the potential to be a good movie. The reason why I’m posting this as a reply is because the only problem with the idea of having Bishop or Cable in this type of story is because they didn’t exist in the story line when Days of Future Past came out. I say if they don’t follow the story as it was intended, then to hell with it, put everybody in the movie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768069601 Alec Grimes

    They should stick with continuity most definately. First Class was set in the 60s, and we heard the sequel would be set in the 70s and the third, set in the 80s. It would be a perfect lead in to the original trilogy which took place in the 90s and so forth.

    • X Eclipse

      The original x-men film was set in the not too distant future…which since it came out in 2000 we can assume its set in our time if a little earlier.
      Personally if they decided to do an adaptation of this story using first class and original trilogy timelines…that could be pretty awesome…it would work better as an x-men 4 though….a pretty awesome one at that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thestyxcrossing Blake Simmons

    I just want to see Sentinels. We’ve gotten 4 X-men movies and no (real) Sentinels on the screen. What X-men fan doesn’t want that?

  • Dominic

    that sounds good! or they can do the Age of Apocolyspe! i want the original cast back! bring Jean Grey back too. i would also like to see Gambit in this film too!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.arielle Elizabeth Arielle Mathews

      I think Gambit was supposed to be in X-Men 2 or 3, but they ended up scrapping him. It pisses me off. Gambit is an original character, and ALWAYS in the TV adaptations (except the very first show and kitty pryde).

      When he was in Wolverine: Origins, they screwed up and didn’t get his eyes right. They “glowed” red, but was never the back/red that Gambit fans love.

  • Ratchet

    I think a days of future past movie would be awesome if done right and it would give and opportunity to mesh the cast of the first three x-men movies with the cast of first class. Continuity be damned.Maybe even do it as two movies (like Singers rumored x3 was supposed to be) just to do the story justice.

  • SeaB

    What they need to do is just forget about that first trilogy, cause it was not very good, and reboot the 90’s and after. Film the first class trilogy side by side the reboot and bring them together for a Days of Future Past, Which would be the last film in the first class and second film of the reboot. Then they could do the story line justice and make it EPIC!

  • Vol’Jean

    If they want to make that epic of a change, Magneto and The Brotherhood shouldn’t be the Antagonists of this upcoming film. If Vaughn and the team couple The Days of Future Past with a new “bad guy” (or group of “bad guys”), The upcoming film could be the best X-Men installment across the board.

  • sam

    I just want an xmen reboot where characters stay where they did in the comics not jumping all over generations like the movies. Hell even recast the same actors just start over and make a huge franchise that constantly moves forward

  • dante

    They need morph, sinister , and sentinels

  • Thinman213

    If you’re an X-men fan as I am you’d love to see some real Sentinels. That being said, what I think would be really smart would be to take a cue from Avengers an go big. Why not explore one of the unseen parts of the x-men universe and travel to the Shi’ar empire? Professor X would meet Lilandra, Gladiator and Corsair & the Starjammers! Why stay in a small box when you can set the stage and capitalize on the excitement of the Avengers/Thanos !!!

    • korbermeister

      it’d have to be waaaay to heavy with cgi a la Green Lantern. If you want to go to space with the x-men and add the prerequisite mutant gravitas then retell the story of Jean/Phoenix, starting from her initial appearance in Jamaica Bay, NYC thru the m’Kraan crystal to the confrontation with the Shi’ar to her suicide on the Moon. Now that’d be a movie!

      • Thinman213

        I’d be all for that, as long as we don’t have a fifty year old Fanke Janssen playing Jean! BTW the cgi wasn’t the problem with Green Lantern, that would’ve been poor casting and an incredibly slow/boring script !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/andy.s.martin.5 Andy Savage-Rumbaugh Martin

    They should do this as the sequel to first class as it would mean that they make a whole new continuity without the original trilogy being completely disregarded.


    Kenedy – Magneto thing is like an old school X-men urban legend been hearing about It since I was 15..,35 now. Sinister and Apocolypse is a must Sentinels ignored this long is heresy, pivotal canon develop from these storylines is esential to understand the substance of these books. And personaly I need to see the Juggernaut done proper and , that other weak rendition was by far the worst. Come on the freakin JUGGERNAUT is insane!

  • Carl

    X-Men first class was 100000000000 times better than the other X-Men movies. Let’s see if they can continue the story and be somewhat epic. The storyline of the comic books is truly magnificent.

    • I am the smrt

      well they could have did without that girl who had butterfly wings and s&M out fit. that was just useless. Lastly Beast looked pretty week. kind of like a cute stuffy. and he was not muscular at all. he looked wimpy. they could have made him look a lot more cooler. There was quite a bit riding on that whole part of the story as it took up valuable time. so when he appeared i could hear everyone snickering….Beast looked like he was from doodlebops…lol it was bad. if they did that part right and got rid of the whore looking superhero with wings then the movie would have been a masterpiece.

  • disqus_0r7yeKMgvU

    Scale. Scale. Scale. The modis operandi in Hollywood is to do it bigger, but not necessarily better. We shall wait and see.

  • Matias Sierra

    Hi Well think is an awsome news! the best plot that x-men comics have, is days of future past because of its dramatic and cience fiction content, with intense battles with the sentinels and “nimrod”.. the supersentinel t1000 terminator XD! its obvius that the Avengers movie teach a lesson to Bryan Singers superhero vision, of what a superhero in realworld must be, this look like the movie will be a mix up with comics, but at the same tine respecting  the characters version of the movies, so anyway, could kitty of the future the kitty of the last stand movie, more older off course , send his mind to the past, to meet xavier in 60 or 70, to tell him the message, that someone will kill kennedy, cusing the sentinels program? or maybe the better idea will be, bishop from the future travelling  to the past along with and older wolverine  to stop the assasination of f kennedy, because in the movies an early matthew vaughn idea for the second movie script was the assasination of kennedy killed by a magic bullet controlled for magneto, they maybe change senator kelly for kennedy.  So in this hipotetic sketch of my imagination…here it goes

    Xavier and emma frost are in diferent teams but early, they sart to have strong psychic waves, coming from a powerfull teenage mutant… jean grey… in troubles in high school with her powers out of control, xavier reach her and rescue her,  before emma  frost that want her to join to, the brotherhood of evil mutants, so  Charles puts mind barriers to her phoenix entity, causing all the problems to sleep for a time then  she join the xavier gifted people or whatever ajaj.. then jean testing  trough cerebro see that a tennage scott summers is
    haunted by horrendous mutants the  marauders  in an orphan, she get inconscious cerebro is to strong for her mind, beast is in africa with Moira in a mission looking for a younger adult Ororo Monroe, that is in troubles, controlled by a powerfull mutant ,shadow king ,so the teams are split , with two major threats, then gambit  who knows xavier but he is a thief trough marauders knows that sinsiter contact somehow to magneto to tell him a message adn eschange for something taht we dont know yet but is huge, so  gambit knows the plans of the  brotherhood of evil mutant, command it by magneto, they plans kill kennedy, from the shadows, gambit knowing this  try  to reach the message to xavier but is cheated by MISTIQUE ,to late they can’t stop the asassin of kill kennedy, and at the same time the other x men team havoc bangie, colossus and jubilee, try to stop sinister  to kidnap to Scott Summers xavier knows taht scot is a important mutant for his x team ..,havoc and bangie and colossus must  defeat  sinister  entire team of marauders , they rescue  ciclops , havoc get badly wounded and get incounscious he dont  know that scott is his younger brother so here are the origin brothers explain, trough xavier s mind rreads, sinister and his team scape in a ship,   then the movie go to moments early, from the assasination, and bishop arrives to stop magneto,bishop tells him that if him kills kenedy everything will be lost, in a  powerfull battle between  bishop and magneto emma read the mind of bishop and she see all the horrendous and true future, so bishop defeat magneto stop the kenedy asassination and scape back to the future, then emma project the vision get it from bishop on the magneto minds and shows that all the future  bishop predict is true,  after that  bishop  comes  to the future thinking that it fix all the chaos, but then he realizes that the sentinels and the chaos is still there and worst, so the kennedy death didnt stop the apocalypses  the movie ends.
     then we have a secuel or a follow up to the last stand, call it x-men DAYS OF FUTURE PRESENT  where is set in the poss apocaliptic future , running with haunting sentinels, adn deseperate mutants  and all the major mutants dead and humans alike, in this hipotetic movie bishop, has to travell to the past to stop a phoenix/Jean that kills xavier,  in that moment we know that sinsiter capture jean grey  body after x men 2 and change her mind to unleash his phoenix side, to kill all the x men team and xavier the major target,  because without  xavier the mutant and human Raze couldn’t make it. in this movie cable comes in late from the future saying that they can t fix the time line till defeat to APOCALYPSES
    i hope you enjoy it its not perfect but i waiting some of this Regards XD!!

  • garbled

    out of….5 xmen films…not one has mentioned the sentinels??? thats bad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/terry.tumahai Terry Tumahai

    this time line idea is very tricky, because if they do this, they will have to show the deaths of ALL the other heroes in the Marvel Universe. I have this series and it is heart-breakingly sad from start to the end of the story. People, will feel very different after they see how things turn out.

    • Rich Hoskins

      Patrick Stewart or Sir Ben Kingsly as Prof. X
      Josh Duhamel as Scott Summers – Already experienced at fighting Giant Robots (P.S. The real Scott, not the pathetic Wimp he has been portrayed to be in the previous films)
      Mark Wahlberg as Wolverine – Right attitude and physique and most of all the right height
      Hank McCoy – Alfred Molinda
      Storm – Keri Washington
      Kitty Pryde – Lilly Collins
      Armor – Han Ji Hye
      Bishop – Tyrese Gibson
      Emma Frost – Blake Lively
      Magneto – Harrison Ford
      Scarlet Witch – Eva Green
      Quick Silver – Ryan Gosslin
      Polaris – Dakota Fanning
      Toad – Michael Cera
      Blob – Billy Gardell

  • tiberius funk

    Yes, Days of Future Past is a classic and one of the best X-Men stories. And I think all fans of the X-men comics will agree that the apart from X2, all the movies have sucked – they haven’t got a lot of the characters right and there have been some major continuity errors. Wolverine: Origins, had a few redeeming features, but generally speaking was a load of crap. Personally, I liked X-Men: First Class. If Warner is determined to go ahead with a Days of Future Past story, I definitely think have a X-Men: First Class sequel showing Magneto and the Brotherhood being behind the Kennedy assassination is the right way to go. This sequel could allow the introduction of Kitty Pryde (or possibly another young mutant) and be used as a direct lead in to the Days of Future Past movie. That movie could hopefully restore the much sought after continuity that us fans crave, in a “time can be rewritten” kind of way, while still allowing for future storylines. They could retcon, recast and reboot the first 3 movies anyway they wished if they did it this way.

  • Kevin

    I think this is a good idea, I told some friends before that they should do this eventually so that they can fix all the crap that they did to mess up The Last Stand

  • newnoise522

    heres an idea. what if the movie starts off with the remaining cast of x3 10-15 years into the future of where x3 ended. set in a dark future due to the events of x3 the government has made it ilegal for mutants to live with out being redgistered (a nice way of saying segrigated with haveing to where colares that take away there powers) with the mutant that are seen a dangerous being sent to genosha. A mutaint resistants that consists of storm, wolverine, beast, colossus, iceman, bishop, forge and a very old and week magnito are quickly being exterminated by the governments sentinal army. In a last ditch effort to avoid this dark future and save mutaintkind from extingtion forge builds a time machine thats powered by magnito. on the night that forge plans to send storm and beast back in time the sentinals attack the resistance head quorters. both storm and beast are killed in the attack and forge tells bishop to go back in time and with the last of his strength magnito uses his powers to force wolverine into the time portal before in closes and magnito dies ( like he would has in x1, I see this as a fitting way for magnito to redeem himself for all of his mistakes ). Then BOOM!!! the rest of the movie takes place in the late 1960s as a sequel to first class where wolverine and bishop try and worn xavior and magnito of the world thats to come if they dont join forces to prevent it. ” now i like this idea for a few reasons, 1. I enjoyed the first 2 x-men movies. sure they weren’t identical to the comics but i took them as just another alternite universe, and i love jackman as wolverine. 2 I don’t like the idea of remaking the same movies every couple of years to make them better like the spiderman remakes(Hulk, punisher, superman, Did you know there already talking about the next batman movies WTF). 3 . I hated the third movie. the makers of that movie took the series and butchered it, but they left it screaming in pain with the bullshit endings. so i what to finish it off with a bang and take my favorit part of the xmen movies “wolverine” in the past and let him and the first class xmen go on to redo the series. I call it a ” seprill ” , its part sequill part prequill and a fresh start but not really a reboot you and i and hugh jackmen will remember!

    aaand im drunk and dont feel like spell checking sorry

  • mitch-o

    What I want to see is finally some sentinals but they are not the biggest threat only one of the threats to Mutantkind. They need to bring in Apocalypse and MR SINISTER !! have Mr Sinister involved in the 1970’s-1960’s since he was there with Xavier in those times as a professor himself being insterested in Mutant evolution and how Mutants are the next stage in evolution thus he targets the X-Men and others powers to collect for Apocalypse and his 4 Horsemen. now Apocalypse is the biggest threat and in the future he is behind all of this and proceeds to have humans & mutants fight each other well everyone fighting each other so only the strongest survive to still be alive under his rule. Magneto & his brotherhood hafta team up with X-men to save the world from Apolcalypse and the governments sentinels with help from time traveling Bishop and Cable. Jean Grey and Scott Summers are the parents of Cable who is the last Heroe to fight Apocalypse so Sinister is ordered by Apoc to captured them to get rid off Cable. Now Xavier is saved from being killed by Phoenix JeanGrey in the future. I would love to see the x-men universe expand to the Sh’iarr and starjammers but that can wait or tie into an apocalypse theme as they are warning the earth of his threat and arrival in the future. Also they killed the leader of the Hellfire club in First Class so no need to tackle the Phoenix storlines again since they failed in past movies to include all of the storylines. A lead up to Apocalypse future wit Sinister being the main villain in the first movie after fIRST cLASS would be great or perhaps tie up the sentinels to Apocalypse and sinister future. Any way they go I hope they do what Avengers failled to do with including as many characters as you can without worrying about wasting the majority of the movie time to introduce the characters to casual fans who dont care if you teach em bout deez characters. let them read online wikipedias to find out the facts of the characters and move on with the marvel x-men universe to give real fans what ehy have wanted since da 1st movie. Gambit is a must and a real Juggernaut being CGI ‘d like they did with the Hulk in Avengers would be a huge hit for casual fans and x-men fans !!! If done correctly they could make like 5 movies just about the Apocalypse storyline even dating back to the First class time infact they could go way way back to Ancient Egypt to give us a look into Apocalypse starting out point and how he comes back and has others do his bidding untill he is ready to take over and this is need for all the Mutants to come together and fight him for the survival of the entire planet. They could use the first few movies to introduce all these characters and villains and storylines to finally end with the arrival of Apocalypse and the biggest cinematic comic book movie fight ever !! even could include other supers like the Avengers and cosmic being from other planets to come and help put a end to Apocalypse !!! that s what they need to do not just some stupid big robots and the government as the only villains to the x-men.