Will another original cast member return for X-Men: Days of Future Past?

x-men-jean-grey We know Famke Janssen will return as Jean Grey in The Wolverine as she’s been featured in the trailers and even had her own poster. But can we expect the character to appear in X-Men: Days of Future Past also? Let’s speculate!

The IMDB cast and crew list for X-Men: Days of Future Past has been updated and it says Lauren Mary Kim will be a stunt double for Famke Janssen, as you can see below.


IMDB can often show inaccurate information when a movie is in pre-production or filming, so this could be an error. Saying that, the listing could easily be true and have been updated by whoever represents Lauren Mary Kim.

If Famke Janssen is indeed in X-Men: Days of Future Past then it could be in a variety of scenarios. Flashbacks, more hallucinations/dreams by Wolverine, or perhaps there may be an alternate timeline situation going on. Director Bryan Singer tried to recruited as many original cast members as he can, so has he managed to squeeze Jean Grey in also?

  • Ravster

    Any news on James Marsden returning as Cyclops? That’s all I really care about tbh.

    • http://filmonic.com Liam

      Apparently he was spotted on the same flight from Montreal with Halle Berry. Nothing more than that.

      • Ravster

        That’s good to hear. He was wasted in the previous movies and his death felt random and unnecessary to me.

        I’m hoping the script calls for a badass Cyclops because Marsden would nail it.