Watch: table read of the sex scene from Superbad

2007’s Superbad became an instant classic upon its release. McLovin shirts were spawned, catch phrases were repeated ad nauseum, and suddenly all references to the movie started to induce eye-rolling for me instead of laughs. That’s what happens sometimes when a movie gets too popular too quickly, launching into the public zeitgeist so fast that your mom is quoting it.

But now that we’re a few years away from the hype, a video of an early table read has surfaced and reminded me of just how funny and iconic that movie is. Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s delivery is still the best part for me. (For those that don’t know: a table read is where the actors sit down and read the script aloud together; it happens before almost every movie but rarely makes its way onto the internet.) Check it out after the jump, but beware the NSFW language (and stay away from the links posted in the video).