Veronica Mars movie confirmed

veronica marsYesterday we told you that a Veronica Mars movie was dependent on fans donating to a Kickstarter campaign, with the lofty goal of $2 million, the highest goal ever in the Kickstarter film category. The campaign, which had a month to reach its goal, has already done so and it took less than a day.

Veronica Mars is considered one of the biggest cult TV shows of recent years, and many still hold a grudge against The CW for cancelling it after only three seasons. The show was a unique combination of teen drama and film noir which followed Veronica Mars, daughter of private eye Keith Mars.

The campaign has not slowed down since reaching its goal; fans are still encouraged to donate as more money means a more robust budget. How much money the project will ultimately take is anybody’s guess, as mentioned it already broke the record for money taken in by a film for Kickstarter in only a few hours.

The massive outpouring of support has proved that there definitely is a desire for the film and as creator Rob Thomas implied, with enough money raised Warner Brothers may even consider a sequel.