Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign raises $5.7 million

veronica marsAfter years of waiting fans of the cult TV show Veronica Mars finally got a chance to see a film adaptation of their beloved series; the catch was they would have to foot the bill themselves. The show’s creator, Rob Thomas, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2 million to finally shoot the movie with Warner Brothers handling the finances for marketing and distribution. The campaign destroyed everyone’s expectations making almost three times the already ambitious original goal.

It took less than ten hours for the campaign to hit the goal of $2 million, ensuring the movie would go ahead, but contributors were still encouraged to keep donating. The more money the campaign raised, the larger the budget for the film would be, and with the close of the campaign after one month the final tally was $5.7 million.

On its way to making that 5.7 million, the campaign broke some impressive Kickstarter records, including; fastest to $1 million, fastest to $2 million, most money raised in the film category, third highest all time, and the most backers ever in a Kickstarter project with over 90.000 contributors. The film will shoot this summer with a 2014 release date.