Upcoming Marvel Movies 2014, 2015 and Beyond

avengers With Iron Man 3 hitting $1 billion worldwide and ‘Phase 2’ of Marvel’s movie universe under-way, I thought it would be a good opportunity to run through all of the upcoming Marvel movies set for release in 2013, 2014, and beyond. This is purely Marvel Studios, so future X-Men, Spider-Man, and Fantastic Four films aren’t included (even though they are happening at Fox and Sony).

Upcoming Marvel Movies 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – April 2014

chris_evans_as_captain_america Anthony and Joe Russo, two brothers who have direct episodes of Community and Arrested Development, will direct the sequel as original director Joe Johnston won’t be returning. The title reveal at ComicCon gave fans a big clue as to what to expect in the next film, which will be set in modern day following on from the events in The Avengers.

The Winter Solider storyline in the comics involves Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), who fell to his apparent death in Captain America: The First Avenger. Bucky’s cold-preserved body, minus one arm, is found by the Russians, who take him to Moscow and give him a bionic arm. Bucky has no memory of his identity so they reprogram him as a Soviet assassin, and is kept in a cryogenic stasis when not on missions (and hardly ages as a result).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will follow Steve Rogers, aided by The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), as he tracks down the Winter Solider. Samuel L. Jackson and Cobie Smulders will be back from S.H.I.E.L.D, and Emily VanCamp will play the new love interest.

Guardians of the Galaxy – August 2014

Guardians_of_the_galaxy_2014 The Guardians of the Galaxy are “a team of superhuman and extra-terrestrial adventurers dedicated to the safeguarding of the Milky Way Galaxy from any force that threatens the security or liberty of its various people”. The team includes Star-Lord (a human interplanetary policeman), Drax the Destroyer (a resurrected superhuman warrior and nemesis of Thanos), Groot (a plant monster who can control trees), Gamora (a dangerous female assassin who has a preference for knives and swords) and Rocket Racoon (a genetically altered racoon who can fly a plane and carries a laser pistol).

The movie is a big risk for Marvel, but if it works for them like The Avengers did it has the potential to be huge. It obviously doesn’t have the build-up Joss Whedon’s movie did, but audiences will no doubt turn out for the first real superhero movie set in space. Plus there’s the kick-ass raccoon.

James Gunn (Super) will direct, and a summer 2014 release date has been set. Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, and Zoe Saldana round out the cast as Star-Lord, Drax, and Gamora.

Upcoming Marvel Movies 2015

The Avengers 2 – May 2015

quicksilver-scarlet-witch The sequel to The Avengers is already in development and a script is in the works. Joss Whedon will return to direct and The Avengers 2 villain is thought to be the Mad Titan known as Thanos. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will be new additions to the roster, and Whedon says he has “a greater opportunity to dig into the relationships in the second one”

Ant-Man – November 2015

marvel-antman-logo Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) has been attached to direct Ant-Man, which follows a brilliant scientist who invents a substance that allowed him to change his size, since 2006. Wright has written various drafts of the script over the years with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, and at ComicCon Marvel revealed some unfinished test footage of Ant-Man shrinking and enlarging whilst fighting a group of guards in a hallway.

The reason it has taken so long to get moving is because Ant-Man isn’t a tent pole film for Marvel, but they still want to make it and have taken time to get the script right. Plus Wright has been busy with other movies such as Scott Pilgrim, and will next shoot The World’s End with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, completing their ‘Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy’. Ant-Man is currently set to be released in late 2015, and the script is currently being re-worked so that the character can fit within the Marvel movie universe. Could we see Ant-Man pop up in upcoming Marvel movies?

Other upcoming Marvel movies

Runaways – A movie following a group of six kids whose parents are a criminal group of mob bosses, time-travelers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders, and telepathic mutants got very close to filming in 2011 with Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) at the helm, however Marvel put the movie on hold to focus on The Avengers. Screenwriter Drew Pearce said in October 2011 that Marvel were happy with the script, but it was just a matter of waiting for them to give the movie the go-ahead.

Dr. Strange – Writers were hired to pen a script in June 2011. Very little movement has been heard since, but Marvel Studios’ President of Production Kevin Feige said last year that he hopes to see Dr. Strange in ‘Phase 3′ of Marvel’s movies, and hopes the movie comes around “sooner rather than later”.

Black Panther – References to Black Panther were spotted in Iron Man 2 (where Nick Fury shows Tony Stark a digital map which pinpoints various metahumans across the globe) and there was speculation Black Panter would be one of Marvel 2014 movies, however nothing was confirmed or announced. At ComicCon Kevin Feige said creating a world like Wakanda would be “a little more difficult” and the character shares “a lot of the same characteristics of Captain America”, so it may be a while before we see T’Challa on the big screen.

Iron Fist – Rich Wilkes (xXx) was given the job of writing a screenplay for Iron Fist in 2010. Nothing has been heard since so there is a possibility it has been put on the back-burner while Marvel focuses on it’s more popular heroes.

Which of the upcoming Marvel movies are you anticipating most? Are there any other characters you want Marvel to develop for the big screen?

  • chifan777

    Hope Adam Warlock is part of GoG.

    • Juan more time

      Let’s get Mar-vell into the script. He was always the focal point of the Thanos war. Follow that storyline and you bring most of the marvel universe in.

    • Spibmeister

      He’s not.

  • Patrick

    what about Deadpool? isn’t that in production??

    • http://filmonic.com Liam

      Deadpool is at 20th Century Fox (but still a Marvel movie). There hasn’t been any movement on that for a while.

      • http://twitter.com/ManAboutIt Man About It

        Fox may have irreparably ruined Deadpool with the direction they took in Wolverine. The real deal DP won’t be until rights finally revert.

  • R3last

    Yes, after creating Asgard, Wakanda is just completely impossible. /sarcasm

    • http://twitter.com/ManAboutIt Man About It

      For real, how is a place like Wakanda so hard to explain? Like there isn’t a stand in anywhere in the world for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/askylitdom Dominic Haggerty

    I would hope for a Thunderbolts film. It’s basically bad guys being good guys undercover. It’s over 150 issues long! A She-Hulk film or short would be good

  • disqus_0r7yeKMgvU

    Shit, isn’t the world goinna end before these movies come out?

    • SOD3000

      Nice…now dats a tut..

    • http://filmonic.com Liam

      Evidently not :)

  • Devin

    Daredevil reboot/sequel
    And I wanna see more elektra in some movies

  • DASinAstin

    I would enjoy some kind of trilogy involving the avengers, fantastic four and the x- men. I’m sure we can come up with some intergalactic force threatening the earth.

    • Z

      Thats a great idea. They should do that with the upcoming Thanos. Not like you can take Thanos down in just 2 hours, the time of a movie.

      • Craven

        Thanos wants to be taken down though, hence the end sequence. He wants his embrace with his love, Death.

    • Smokey

      Onslaught maybe?

      • brickfakt

        It would be Marvel’s greteast film but …think about it…. $$$$ you’d pay for the actors like Hugh Jackman…Halle Berry, Tobey McGuire, Jessica Alba and I’m only naming the one who had the big payroll yet ….Impossible to do ….or at least …they could do it for a cause….but don’t coun’t too much on that !!!

        • SARSinfected

          Tobey Mc What? leave that crybaby out of the Marvel universe! Such a Movie would be awesome but it will never be released in this World..

    • Jake

      Do you know Captain America and Johnny Storm are played by the same person. And Fantastic Four is not owned by Disney, so they can’t be in the same movie.

  • Greyson Hollow

    i just hope some how the young avengers get some for of screen time. i guess if they continue to hid references in the movies..ant-man would be our first inkling to that happening…. Stature!!!

    • Smokey

      Get rid of hawkeye(hes crap) and bring back wolverine and spiderman.(Ultimate versions) and this time wolvie better get a bloody costume could you imagine spiderman in a pair of jeans and leather jacket? YOURE A SUPERHERO!!! wear a bloody costume! plus Wolverines Ultimate outfit would suit the new armour look instead of spandex…

      • Donni

        Except Spiderman’s at Sony and wolverine’s at Fox. Marvel can’t focus on them because that’s not their department. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. It means they have to look back and bring in not as well known characters and give them more depth instead of chucking those two at us and calling it a day.

      • Justcallmecookiee


  • isthisentertainment

    Any movie that they could put Apocalypse as main villain

    • Smokey

      maybe…uuh…age of Apocalypse?

      • cliffords243

        Yay its called glacatics remember that guy eater of worlds that cant be killed

  • random person

    The new Avengers movie is going to be called Avengers 2: Uprising and it might come out in 2014

  • Ewd1414

    i woulde like to see adam warlock and his alter personality magnus.

    • harry


  • Ted

    Can’t do a movie just about Iron Fist, must be Iron Fist and Power Man that would bigger hit

    • connor

      if they do both in one movie it’ll probably end up being heroes for hire tbh, that way they’ll be able to squeeze in misty knight, shang chi and other unpopular heroes in order to avoid having to do separate movies for each of em, don’t get me wrong I’d love to see them each in their own movies but i just can’t see marvel doing that as it wouldn’t be cost effective, at least not at the beginning, maybe once they’ve gained popularity through the movies

    • Justcallmecookiee

      Nuuuuuuu Iron fist is bae!

  • Mark

    I would like to see a movie on shield. That would be cool.

    • http://twitter.com/ManAboutIt Man About It

      That’s going to be an ABC series if it gets picked up.

  • stylemaster

    submariner would be awesome

    • Pancho

      i agree and the rock could play Prince Namor

      • tideman89

        Please, the Rock is not a good choice for Prince Namor, not even close. Maybe see him as Luke Cage, Power Man, but even then he would need some make-up help (facial hair)…

        • MICHAEL


      • MICHAEL

        GOOD IDEA!

  • mark henry

    I Would like 2 see ironman thr33

  • Me

    A future avengers movie with THOR, BLACK PANTHER AND VISION

    • willybuck

      the Vision was definately one the best avengers ever, probably their best issue ever was Even an Android can Cry. Heck i say a Vision movie would be totally cool

      • Iciclefan

        Difinately – The Vision is awesome and has powers that are different from the others – can’t beat a bit of fisting!!

  • jeremyb.

    Iti is time for a crossover movie, Spider-man and Daredevil would be a great start.

  • Jss0096

    Carnage/venom Or cable/bishop

  • Tom

    A namor,sub mariner, ms marvel,new xmen trilogy featuring apocylpse and the four horsemen (with archangel,not angel) ,dr strange,and everything leading up to……………………The civil war story with everyone involved.3 parts,3 hr movies.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DrumsSkateMusic Callum Florit

    They really need to do a reboot of Fantastic Four !

  • http://www.facebook.com/christian.longo.14 Christian Longo

    A Hawkeye movie and more avengers in the 2nd one

  • CptNemo

    Marvel Studio’s has a Perfect opening to make a Hulk Vs. Wolverine Live Action Movie… Both Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Jackman can reprise their roles and it can still lead up to Avengers 2.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1472253086 Colin P. Collins

      As long as it’s two different companies managing the movies, it won’t happen.

  • super dan

    cant wait 4 a new hulk film hurry up with it

  • ziggyvae

    I’d love to see a movie of Kang the Conqueror. I mean that could open Marvel up to so many things. I think it’d be a good opportunity to bring in the New Avengers, and maybe even Young Avengers.
    And the Galactus arc too because they could bring so many heroes in for that. I just want to see as many heroes as possible make it to the silver screen.
    I’d also like sell my soul for an Avengers vs X-Men movie.

    • MyTyGrl

      An Avengers and X-Men movie,,,I believe I’d be in the soul selling line right along with you…hehe…

      • Tommybones

        Well… sure thats great and all… but do you really think anyone will be able to deal with Thor or Hulk? like don’t get me wrong x-men are sick and all… but…no

  • Frankie

    The Defenders movie is coming. Ant-Man is a backdoor, the Iron Fist and Dr Strange movies in production will end up being shelved in favor of having them join Ant-Man and Namor as the Defenders. They will take on Kang The Conquerer in the aftermath of Guardians of the Galaxy vs Thanos. Ant-Man’s movie will feature Doc Strange, Namor and Iron Fist in small roles/cameos setting the whole thing up. Think the lead up to the Avengers but much more condensed. I can almost guarantee this.

  • Hazzimodo

    I would trade the avengers in for a runaways movie any day

  • http://www.facebook.com/ngt77 Nes Trinidad

    i’d love a crossover movie like spiderman with the Xmen or the Avengers etc…

  • drewster

    Batman vs Spawn…bring Spawny back…it’d be cool

  • Maria

    I would love to see more women superhero movies! Give the girls something! I would like to see a vixen, wonderwoman, or etc!

  • Darby

    How about some Canadian content – throw some Alpha Flight in somewhere?

    • Zaca

      Hell yeah. Or even Cloak and Dagger.

      • willybuck

        yep,that be cool

  • Dutch

    I would like to sumit music to music supervisors for a coupla’ pre-production “Superhero” movies! Can anyone please assist!???

    • http://deleted Dutch

      Financial consideration will be offered!

  • +r0j@n

    I’m hoping for a Dr Strange movie or maybe a Nick Fury movie.(Without David Hasselhoff this time…) Sam Jackson is awesome as Fury. He needs his own movie.

  • +r0j@n

    oh…. and, seeing as how Punisher: War Zone sucked much ass, they should bring back Thomas Jane as Frank Castle. He was the best Punisher. And “The Punisher: Dirty Laundry” short proved that he is still interested. He filmed it out of his own pocket and it is AMAZING. Check it out if you haven’t already…

  • http://filmonic.com Thomas Eller

    Could they make Colbie Sanders into a hero possibly spider-woman or wasp. It would be interesting. They do need another female hero since male heroes are increasing in productions.

    • John Phillips

      Wasp will be in Iron Man 3 – she’s not Colbie though, imdb Iron Man 3, you’ll see who it is.

  • Tanner

    How about an epic, “Secret Wars” from the 80’s. Or, on a smaller scale the Kitty Pride and Wolverine miniseries.

  • Romeo

    I love the idea of socerer supreme, panther, falcon, iron fist, and ofcourse ant man, pym particles are a big part of the marvel universe, also wasp goes hand in hand with him adding another female hero. All awesome charcaters maybe throw in captain And ms. Marvel two of the most powerful heros.

  • Romeo

    Spider man, x men, f4, and dare devil should all be reebooted and incorporated aswell essential people in the marvel world. Peter Parker,and Baxter being two of Marvels great minds. Also I wanna see some iron spider action. Guy who sugested iron fist- power man dual movie very good idea. I would like to see Falcon him and cap teamed up often, panther also cool to see and fun fact panther gave falcon a vibanium knit suit, brothers gotta stay together. Definitely wanna see some female characters, scar Jo needs a friend, It would appeal to females alot more.

  • dodle

    Guadians of the Galaxy is a garbage story, WHO makes choices like this?! They have so many better characters/storylines to choose from…..

    • John Phillips

      From what I read, they will likely tie in Thanos to show how bad ass he is, so they don’t have to spend a lot of time building him up in Avengers 2. Makes sense to me.

  • Antionettesg

    I hope they bring out some of the female marvel characters like the scarlet witch, Jocasta, she-hulk, ms marvel and even tell some of there back stories. I think it would be cool seeing that people don’t really realize how many avengers there have been both male an female

  • VShadow

    If there is going to be a big fight with the avengers 2 get spider man to help out once then he leaves. Lets see wolverine walk by. We should at lease see other heros walk by. Maybe see marvel women going to work for sword. We dont need all heros to be born to be ooo thats how they got there powers or what ever. If we dont know marvel go out and buy the comic to under stand before watching it.

  • Odoggs

    They need to implant Thanos now, and transition to the Infinity Gauntlet series. Anyone who remembers that comic where he creates an entire army of marvel clones to fight the entire Marvel universe. It also had all of the Cosmic Beings (Galactus, Eternity, etc). It would be an epic series that wouldn’t be rivaled.

  • VShadow

    Sorry forgot to say. You know how long these movies are going to take to make up to avengers 5. I heard samuel j has a contract to do more and robert D J too.
    Character that wont make past the next five year if fox and sony owns. These guys need the avengers in the long run who defeats galaxes who meets the inhumans and the watchers. The fantastic four , yellow jacket, ironman meet with these vilians and heroes.

    Wolverine how many people does james not kill to make origin 10. James hawitt killed the doc in xmen . His story at the end is seeing sabertooth funeral and finding out he has a older bother that knew everythinf about him but wolverin kills him not to ever know the past

  • VShadow

    Spell check any one galactus

  • willybuck

    WHY NOT MOONKNIGHT! awesome comic from way back!

  • Soppie

    Just think when all these movies are finished with there productions… What will we watch and what will we be looking out for? I really do not know what we are going to do. Just to think what awesome DVD collection we will have, you can stack them as your replacement comic book collection… But I don’t think it will take the place of the original comic books? What do you think?

  • Vampiricus

    I would like to see a deadpool movie with cable in it. Or even a moon knight or deathlock movie. Spawn reboot. or how about a Lady Death live action movie that can lead to an Evil Ernie movie. Yes i know the later three are not marvel but still.

  • Marvel1OKC

    Marvel movies that I would love to see would be: 1.)The Invaders – Set in World II fighting the forces of Hitler. Who doesn’t love World War II movies !
    2.) Luke Cage Powerman – I think this would be a huge hit, and of course he could also be part of future Avengers movies.
    3.) Spiderwoman – Jessica Drew

  • j. l.grimes

    How about the scarlett witch

  • j. l.grimes

    How about the scarlett witch. it has endless pos.

  • Big D

    Can anyone say Shang Chi?

  • Gabe

    The Marvel universe is hotting up to be the biggest rollercoaster ride to ever challenge the big screen! It’s already succeeded with the franchise of the Avengers tie-ins, and will really make an impact in its second wave of movies. I just hope the directors can do them as much justice as the first stage of films. We’ve seen brilliant adaptations of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Hulk, in my opinion all very good, watchable movies, brilliantly used for the big build up that was the hugely successful Avengers. I’m looking forward to the next couple of years, but I’d like to see more characters appear and thrown in the roster. For example, NOVA would be an amazing inclusion to Gaurdians of the Galaxy, then released as a main character film. Also, I think they could work with Moon Knight, another vigilante that has a great back story, and something of a rival to DC Batman, possibly too similar a character to take a risk with, but nevertheless, interesting. And a major storyline surely, The Registration Act that created Marvels big winner ‘Civil War’.. a tall ask, difficult to pull off I’m sure, but would really bring a wealth of Marvel characters to the table.. :)

  • ali

    Since Marvel is building Thanos as a major villain, it makes a lot more sense to create a movie featuring Warlock and the Infinity Watch. No other group is, IMO, comes close to the Infinity Gauntlet storyline as Adam Warlock and his group.

  • james

    x-men vs avengers

  • Bill H

    Since the studios are doing several re-boots, how about re-booting “The Shadow”, “The Phantom” or even “The Flash”? Yes, “The Flash” would be a re-boot! It’s been on television several times!

    • damasta414

      The Flash was actually a movie too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.c.garza1 Lisa Cherie Hossfeld

        That’s what would make it a reboot silly face. Besides, Flash is DC soooo….

        • Pancho

          thats why marvel has quicksilver….nuff said

  • Andre

    It’s funny how when it comes to a Black Superhero movie that it’s so hard to “create a world like Wakanda would be a little more difficult”. It wasn’t difficult to make avatar’s world. it wasn’t difficult to make tron’s world. It wasn’t difficult to make thor’s world.

    They just can’t get away from their antiquated stereotypes. Black men who are actually smarter than their counter parts and respect women and can kick serious but…well damn it’s just not possible. No wonder I stopped reading both marvel and dc books…

    And for the record, Black Panther is a better fighter than Captain america and just as Brilliant as Tony Stark….

    • bradman077

      Dude really? You’re going to make this about race. And wow I was unaware that Avatar was such a cakewalk. You realize that these movies are not being made by the kkk in back woods Tennessee right. Your comment may have been relevant 50 years ago but come on man Americans don’t hate on black men like they used to. Now they hate on the middle eastern folks. Its not because he is black its because he its kinda lame and wouldn’t make marvel as much money as films like The Avengers or iron man. Not trying to offend you just dropping some truth on ya. Think about it. If it was because of race then that would create massive amounts of publicity upon the films realese. Any publicity is good publicity. I’m sure that they wish it was a race issue man because unfortunantly racism would sell well.


    • Bob

      Since you want to make this about race then I will as well. Seems there isn’t anything that’s always been white can stay white in today’s world. Black peoplehave a hidden agenda to undermine everything that is white in todays world. When is enough enough? I have great pride in my race which is white and should have the right to watch an all white movie, have all white award shows, have a channel called white entertainment and so on and so forth just like black people have without being called a racist. Maybe it should be called preference. I should have the option. You have the option. How about a magazine called Ivory? Works for me. Reverse descrimation is alive and well it’s just that white America is not speaking out enough against it. In 20 years we’re gonna need our version of Martin Luther King to stand up and speak for us and our preferences that we should have the right to. United we stand divided we fall….

    • John Phillips

      The truth of the matter is that black super heroes are just not popular… they are too unreal. Sports heroes are more realistic and young blacks liken to them more easily than fictional heroes because sports is often their only realistic hope of succeeding. Not to mention that fact that if you go to a toy store and look at the action figure section or even dolls, the black dolls fail to sell. A black superhero film wouldn’t sell – not because whites are racist but because blacks are not interested in them. For the record, I have purchased several black action figures.

      • Jai Taylor

        John is honestly true. I mean, as a african american young teen (18) I look up to men such as Lebron James and Bo Jackson than T’Challa and Falcon. I mean, I love Black Superheros. I’ve always had a thing for EVERY single one. But its just so hard to relate to them. I do believe that Marvel has started way to late on the Black Superheros. That If they would have started earlier things would be different and young black people would look up to them but now that its 2013 and all most black young people look up to is Music and Sports. Its REALLY REALLY hard to grab their attention with Comics and Superheros. Im just saying, I never grew up hearing about Black Panther. Instead it was Batman for me. So I never knew a black superhero existed, but now thats possible. Dont worry about it man. Just let it play out. Hopefully they make the movie soon..Id love to see it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.harris.54966 Andrew Harris

      i was hoping to see Donald Glover from community as the amazing spider man but what can you do marvel doesn’t no what sells i guess. and black panther come on,

    • Jkmo

      He is NOT as smart as Tony. Read the official Marvel intelligence ratings: Black Panther is a five, which makes him a genius. Tony is a six, which makes him a super-genius. T’Challa is in the same ballpark as Charles Xavier, another five, but Tony is playing another game altogether.

    • James

      What about an ASIAN SUPER HERO… all these Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Karate, etc… came from Asians… WTF…

  • ComicWiz

    Alot of people are expecting a potential Hulk vs. Juggarnaut movie

    • damasta414

      Are these the same people expecting to win the lotto? First time hearing someone mention this as even a possibility.

    • Pancho

      YEAH…hell yeah

  • Mike

    Dead pool

  • rigster

    Anyone wana go DEEPER into Marvel and start working on a beloved comic book series of mine and make a movie on the NEW MUTANTS???

    • rigster

      ….Or even another awesome series tht has long been forgotten like the POWER PACK???

    • damasta414

      They need to remake that Generation X movie to make up for that travesty TV movie they did.

  • Footbgiants

    MARVEL should do the Silver Surfer or the Inhumans.

  • RAW

    I want to see a good wolverine movie not that low buyer movie they gave him I mean a good one the only thing that was Goo about it was wolverine of course and sabertooth give these two guys another movie and throw in omega red and deadpool not Ryan Reynolds give us a new face

  • RAW

    Not buyer I ment buget

  • http://www.facebook.com/Ganjatronical Kevin Drew Tuber

    What about DEADPOOL the merc with the mouth!

  • big base

    I would like to see a prince namor movie. It would be cool to see if team marvel could take on the challenge of creating beliveable and realistic looking action and fight scenes under water without overkilling the cgi.

  • Ghost

    Will doctor strange black panther ant man the wasp spider man and wolverine be In the upcoming avengers move

  • howlx


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1472253086 Colin P. Collins

    The “lesser characters” have a better chance of showing up on/in the SHIELD TV show, should it get picked up (and unless it sucks total donkey balls, it should). That would be the most optimal way to test the waters for a great deal of them. Just sayin’….

  • guimhj

    Heroes For Hire could be a TV superhero drama on a moould likethat of buddy cop shows. I wish…

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.harris.54966 Andrew Harris

    i want to see Jon Favreau direct a new DareDevil movie with as vast a background to work with as DD and maybe have jamie foxx as electro like he will play in the second amazing spider-man

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.harris.54966 Andrew Harris

    i want to see Jon Favreau direct a new DareDevil movie with as vast a background to work with as DD and maybe have jamie foxx as electro like he will play in the second amazing spider-man

  • Luke Duncan

    i have to see carnage in a new spiderman or avengers movie

  • Luke Duncan

    Apocalypse would b badass too

  • D

    in Andres defense dont they pretty much make a world like wakanda in pair of kings?

  • Squealer

    Captain Britain! but it will never happen :(

  • Carly

    I have no clue what to expect for Avengers 2 but I’ll bet it will be exciting, though I wonder what would happen during the middle, since a lot of times, in action movies, there’s a nail-biting climax, and I REALLY hope that The Avengers have an idea on how to defeat Thanos, though, judging by the powers Thanos has, they’re in trouble.

  • gc21128

    I need to the dread dormammu really bad……Dr Strange will be an awesome storyline…..especilly the origin…..

    Also the inhumans totally need to be in a movie…..

  • SLB

    I just REALLY want a Young Avengers movie.

  • JAKE


  • Sarah

    I really think they should do a movie about Black Widow.

  • Greg

    Please, please, please let’s have a Dr Strange movie!!!

  • Wolf hunted 28

    Luke cage

  • Pancho

    the submariner…Prince Namor…the rock could play the part…nuff said

  • Pancho

    the submariner would be a great movie to watch… the ROCK could play Prince Namor

  • http://twitter.com/ManAboutIt Man About It

    Marvel really needs to just go on and call the Ant-Man movie “Pym” instead.

  • TONY

    what about a Namor movie ?

  • Mopo

    F4 and Spidey will be huge if they go there

  • Byron ten Westenend

    I really want an Iron-Fist movie because in the animated serie “Ultimate Spiderman” He is an favorite person.
    And in the game “Spider-man Friend or foe” He is also a favorite character. My oponion is that he earns his own movie let him take a shot on the screen. i think it sells well.

  • pmrocket

    why not bring em all together (heroes, villains, and production companies) and make Secret Wars?

  • charlie

    I like to see a Ms Marvel movie or maybe a spider-women movie

  • charlie

    HOW about a Captain Marvel or Captain Britain or maybe even a Captain Universe

  • Marion mahoney

    The actor that played spawn should be cast fr the black panther movie. And why not a movie about marvel and DC characters in a movie together just saying hint hint.

  • craig

    i’m really looking forward to THE AVENGERS 2.I know this movie will be huge at the box office.

  • Rhea

    What about Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel? I heard that there were talks for it

  • sezgrez

    The obvious answer is Marvelman; Marvel has promised to produce a movie of Britains greatest superhero – but when? Those that read the original Warrior Comics thirty years ago must – like me – getting a bit long in the tooth by now?

  • johnty80

    marvel frickin rules baby

  • cfitztown

    ,it’s a high tech jungle

  • cfitztown

    I would like to see Ms. Marvel.How hard can it be to make Wakanda,it’s a high tech jungle.

  • Philip Ollerenshaw

    Hulk vs Superman would be a good kickass movie

  • Zack Kimball

    wheres the trailer for gog? come on already!

  • jeffrey v

    I would love for them to go back in time before he died of cancer and do a captain marvel powerbands and all

  • jeffrey v

    even better come !
    on with the silver surfer

  • greygargoyle

    They should make moonknight, spider man with mysterio in it, a Thor movie with absorbing man, avengers with fin fang Foom, something with grey gargoyle.

  • steve

    I can see the secret wars storyline being an epic three part movie series similar to star wars, matrix , and hobbit movies.

  • InspectorGadget80

    ok someone please tell me who is Iron Fist? and Marvel should of have been making DR. Strange and BLACK PANTHER. Been dying to see Black Panther since i saw him in the Spider Man animated series during the 90s.

  • Unforgivenile

    Cable would be interesting