Two villains added to A Good Day To Die Hard

Production is about to begin on the 5th installment of the Die Hard franchise A Good Day to Die Hard, which will see Bruce Willis reprise his first iconic rough and tough role as loose cannon cop John Mclane. While that’s probably the major draw here, it goes without saying that the villains, in this franchise and any other action movie, are just as important.

Variety confirms that Sebastian Koch (The Lives of Others) and newcomer Yuliya Snigir will be the latest villains to give Mclane a run for his money, named Komorov and Irina. Things will be even more interesting, as Mclane will be the one out of place this time around, being forced out of an American setting and into an overseas frenzy deep in the middle of Russia, paired with his son Jack (Jai Courtney).

While early rumors pointed towards yet another member of the violent Gruber clan being the latest antagonist, it’s clear from the casting that if the two do end up being the primary villains, they will just be much more basic foes. The most recent script written by Skip Woods (Hitman, Swordfish) has Mclane travelling to Moscow in order to get his son out of prison. But then things get a little more complicated as the father and son duo are forced to become pawns in a global terrorist plot.

So, again, on paper the two Russian villains may turn out to be just typical terrorist archetypes, but, as we’ve seen from the franchise, what it ultimately comes down to is the execution, the chemistry between the characters, and of course the action scenes. If Willis and Courtney have the right amount of on-screen chemistry, we just might have an entertaining turn of events a la Die Hard With A Vengence. While it’s still early to tell, it’s easy to see that A Good Day To Die Hard could be a great addition to an already solid franchise, when it hits theatres on February 14th, 2013.

  • Die Hard fan

    I hope he stick with a Berretta, How about a new Berretta Px4 45acp.

  • P Harney1

    I don’t really care what type of gun McClane uses, as long as he’s shooting, punching & kicking terrorist ass left & right. I’m pleasantly surprised by the casting so far (it seems Fox is steering clear of A-listers in favor of lesser known, talented character actors). As long as they don’t go overboard with CGI, keep the story from sounding like an episode of 24 & go back to its deserved R-rating, this should be a worthy sequel. I’ll see it either way.