Transformers 4 aiming for 2014 release

Update: Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed the 2014 release to MTV, and said Michael Bay will return as director. He also said it will essentially be a reboot with a new cast and a whole new story, although some familiar faces may return.

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Although Transformers: Dark of the Moon was said to be the final film of the franchise, we all knew deep down that the billion dollar box office revenue and all-out popularity would be too valuable for Paramount to pass up. So even though we know the inevitable fourth installment in the series is coming, everything else has been unclear. Where will the story go? Who will be replacing Shia LaBeouf? And will Michael Bay return as director?

Well at least one question is clearer, that of the release date. Thanks to Coming Soon, we now know that Paramount is aiming to release Transformers 4 in…2014.

Even though no day or month was has been specified, it’s safe to say the film will most likely be released in the early summer of 2014, in order to continue the trend of the first three films.

What may come as a shock to some is that Paramount and Hasbro aren’t following their normal rapid-fire trend of releasing a hefty dose of Transformers in 2 year cycles, and are instead leaving an extra year of breathing room. That may be to allow extra time for Michael Bay to finish other projects, including the Dwayne Johnson/Ed Harris thriller Pain and Gain, but it could just be because Paramount already has it’s summer 2013 slate occupied (Star Trek 2 anyone?).

No matter the reason, the fact of the matter is Transformers 4 is a reality, so don’t pack up your merchandise just yet. Now that Paramount has essentially given themselves a deadline, our unlimited questions (Will Jason Statham star? Will it be part reboot? Will there be robots blowing stuff up?!) will soon be answered. So mark your calendar, folks, because Transformers 4 is coming to theatres in 2014.

  • Obrien619

    Best news I’ve heard all year!!!

  • Terrycart

    Hope it can be a good movie as the fourth part, I hate the Transformer 3.

  • UofMSpoon2

    What a disaster. The third wrapped things up, but there should be a 15-20 year mandatory wait period before you reboot something.  If it’s a sequel that continues, fine, but 3 years is nowhere near enough time.  I thought 5 for Spider Man was to short.