New Movie Trailers 2014

Here you will find new movie trailers for films set to be released in 2014, 2015 and beyond. The latest upcoming movie trailers are posted in HD, usually from YouTube.

Sam Raimi, Clips and More from Poltergeist


The new Poltergeist remake is here and so it's now time to maybe watch a few clips from it, as well as a featurette dedicated to the producer (Sam Raimi) and director (Gil Kenan) of this reimagining … [Read more...]

Learn More about Tomorrowland


Tomorrowland is out tomorrow (actually tonight) so let's find out what's the deal with this original Disney flick by watching the four featurettes below. … [Read more...]

Survive the 2nd Trailer for Pixels


The second trailer for Pixels is out and if you didn't like the first one, this won't change your mind regarding the film. Or maybe it will if you're a fan of trailers featuring Queen songs. … [Read more...]

Believe in the 2nd Trailer for Pan


Warner Bros. released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Peter Pan live-action adaptation, simply titled Pan. It's definitely visually stunning, but I don't know if I'm ready to believe just yet. … [Read more...]