First Look at Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

tom hardy bane image Image Filming on The Dark Knight Rises is now under-way, and so is the viral marketing. You may remember the viral marketing for The Dark Knight which had people running around various cities looking for clues, and they were eventually rewarded with a screening of the trailer. It looks like Warner Bros. are approaching Rises in a similar fashion, and they intend to keep fans busy for the next year or so.

Well the first bit of viral marketing kicked off today, and it led fans to the first official image of Tom Hardy (Inception) as Bane!

It started when someone alerted SHH to the official site for The Dark Knight Rises over at All it consisted of was a black screen with an audio file with the sound of people chanting. Someone download it and worked some magic in an audio file program, and the file apparently came up with the term “#thefirerises”. This then lead people to Twitter, and the Twitter account which sent out links to the image of Bane.

You can check out the large version of the image here!

We can expect a lot more of this over the next year. Maybe we’ll get a look at Catwoman next?

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  • Bane2012

    He looks real bad ass! It almost looks like he’s in a fighting ring, or maybe he’s about to fight Batman. I’ll bet that Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns from John Blake to the Holiday Killer as a twist. He’s just working under a disguise to find out who Batman really is. That would just be awesome! 

  • Mr. E

    Am I the only one who notices the glaring eyeball in the center of the picture? I’ve read many posts about this photo and nobody is mentioning it. People are talking about the mask, Tom Hardy’s build, people are even arguing over whether that’s his knee under his left arm. But nobody has made mention of the eye. Please someone tell me I’m not crazy, or suggest a phsychiatrist

    • Ponty Max

      you r not crazy, or maybe we r both crazy!!

      • Mr.E

        Thanks for restoring some semblance of reality to my often times scattered thoughts. Unless you’re one of the ones in charge of scattering it. I’ve got my eye on you buddy…